Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future – 02

Anata ni kirameku kurownu wo!! (A crown shining for you)

Miya’s dashing through the hallways to be first arrived at training. She wants to be number one at everything. She starts training with Reina, Karin and Ayami when Penguin sensei tells them they need to get ready for stage, Miya gets into delusion mode and think they’re going to climb the top of prism show, mountains. Penguin sensei say they won’t actually go on stage, but will watch MARs. Miya isn’t happy about that and asks him when they’ll be able to perform already. He tells her they can’t as they can’t even do any prism jump. So she says that if she can do one she can perform. She starts to get angry at Penguin Sensei when Jun, poorly disguised appears. He tells Miya and the other three girls to call him “nice onii chan”, Ayami recognizes him immediately but Reina and Karen tells her not to tell Miya, as she the only one dumb enough to fall for his disguise. He tells them that if they want to fly, they need wings, ON THEIR HEARTS. Then leave, saying “saradaba” then correcting himself to “sarabada”. (His role was always being the guy giving advice to the girls with his cool poems, so I’m not surprised they finally made him dress Tuxedo Kamen style, nice thing they’re parodying it though. How he got his cape stuck in the door was hilarious.)

Miya is wandering in the streets, wondering what having wings on your heart could mean, when she is called by Aira. Miya gets surprised and immediately spells out her intentions. She says she’ll definitely beat Aira and get to the top of Prism Stars. Aira claps and tell her to go for it. Miya says that she should’ve said something like “I won’t loose!!” or “I’m the Prism Queen!!”. Aira tells her to say it again so she can answers that. Miya is surprised by how easy going Aira is and flees, screaming that she’s number one. Aira thinks that Miya is a really cheerful girl.
Miya goes back to the training room, Reina is mad at her when she learns how she talked to Aira, but then Karin asks them all if they want to go to the Prism Shop today to take a break, as they’ve been training non stop these days.

At the shop, Ayami wants to buy a dress but doesn’t have any money, Karin tells her she’ll  take a photo of it when they get called by Shou. He asks them if they’re students in Pretty Top, as he can tell because of all their stuff. Ayami recognizes him and his about to call his name when he stops her. Meanwhile Miya and Reina run into Aira again.

All six of them move into a backroom. Miya and co remembers that there’s a new shop opening right besides Prism Shop today, saying it’ll be a rival. Shou says that he’ll just keep selling clothes fit for Prism Shop, without changing his ways. Miya is pumped and tell him his shop definitely won’t loose to that newcomer. They all go to check out the shop. The clothes there are cute but in a different way than the ones at Prism Shop: they feel more mature. Not only that, Aira can hear the clothes voices. The shop’s designers Yunz greets them (the guy on my 1st pic). He says that it’s an honor to meet such a wonderful person. Miya is all flustered, but he’s talking about Aira. Aira asks him how do he knows her and he answers that MARs is famous worldwide. He asks her what kind of voice can she hear from the clothes. She tells them that the clothes are cool, sexy and that it’s like if they’re looking for something. Yunz tells her that it seems like his own feelings got transmitted into the clothes. He tells her that she’s right, every piece of cloth here is looking for someone, a woman fit enough to wear THE CROWN. Hence Dear Crown, the name of his shop. Aira is starting to get all red about this when Shou intervenes and introduces himself to Yunz. Yunz asks them all if they’d like to have a tour of the shop. Shou seems against it (LAWL) when Miya suddenly screams, as she cannot bear anymore the fact that someone like Aira became prism queen. She challenges her.

Miya is sitting near the river, speaking with Haien at phone. Haien tells her that she’s about to finish her training soon so she might come over to Japan. The next day, Reina is mad at Miya for putting them into this mess while they still can’t even do a show. Karen adds that they have no song, and no jump either, something that Miya completly forgot. Karen tells her to not sweat it, they’ll get to debut soon. But when, in weeks, months, or years?? Miya asks them is they really want to become Prism Stars. Reina says that’s why they’re training for all this time. Miya takes her and runs off, to their dream!
They go watch Aira training, and Miya remembers when she saw Aira jump the Aurora Rising Dream. She go talk to her when she finishes, asking her how can she be SO AWESOME on the rink while the rest of the time she’s doozing off. Aira asks her why does she wants to become a Prism Star so much. Miya says there’s no reason. It’s just that it makes her excited, so she wants to become the best. Aira says that she’ll become best for sure. She has a straight heart. Aira was on stage and made her debut before she even realized it, without knowing what her dream was, while Miya already knows, so the road is a straight one. Aira tells her she’ll be able to do a great pretty Remake in the future.

MARs is performing. When they’re done the announcer says that Aira got a surprise for the audience. Yunz appears and gives Aira a crown he designed and thank her for this wonderful show. He tells her that it’s the Goddess crown. After watching her show, he realized that she’s the goddess who gave him inspiration. A Muse. Shou gets jealous and runs on stage.  Shou introduces himself as Callings’ Shou but then retracts himself and reveals he’s the designer of Prism Stone. (Now that I think about it it’s true that even thought Shou got over his “guy designing women clothes is weird” issue back in S1, he still never revealed to the public that he’s a designer). He also gives Aira a present. Miya gets jealous at Aira for having two guys courting her and runs on stage too. She says she’s way too envious of her and mange to do a Prism Jump using these feeling, the Kirameki Future Star. Kyouko is watching , saying she can finally use that girl, and starts to prepare her schedule.

(It’s kinda weird how Miya managed to do a prism jump with impure feelings like envy, that’s kinda taboo in anime, like how Yuusei need to have a Clear Mind to do Accel Synchro, like how Goku can’t do the Genkidama while in Super Saiyajin, like how Domon couldn’t use his full potential until he stopped getting angry all the time. Miya has special eyes though so maybe that’s the explanation.)

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