Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future – 04

Haato no Kakumei! Prism Act!! (The heart’s revolution! Prism Act!!)

Miya is shaking Haien, asking her to spill what’s a Prism Act already, when Totally Not Jun Disguised appears. He congrats them for their debut, but it’s too early to be rejoiced. Three years ago, after the awesomeness of the Aurora Rising was rediscovered, the world of Prism Shows started to aim for new heights, and that’s the Prism Act. Miya is disappointed to learn that there’s another power level right after the Prism Jump when she just learned to do them, but is actually ultra excited about it.  Yes! A maiden’s future is infinite!  Jun makes his leave, telling Miya his name, the Prism Ace. Miya, Reina, Karin and Ayami leave the stage, Haien follow them thinking they’re all full of energy. Mion was watching them, saying she’ll SWITCH ON the heart of Prizmmy, and is lamenting on Jun wearing such lame clothes. She actually doesn’t hate them at all though (So Mion is still in love with Jun after all these years, poor Wataru).

Near the riverbank, Karin is helping Miya train her dancing, while Reina asks  Haein an explanation about how to jump a Prism Act. Haein says you first have to jump all the Prism Jumps in your performance, perfectly. She then tells Ayami and Reina about her usual schedule. She wakes up,  trains, eats and runs to school, while training, rests a bit there, train as soon as school is over, eats dinner then trains. Actually she trains while eating and sleeping, she does it all the time. Haein tells them there are girls who trains even more. Karin cheers everyone up, saying they’ll manage to do a Prism Act somehow. Haein tells her she’s like an older sister. Karin admits it’s a habit of her, as she has lots of little siblings.

Karin arrives first at training. Suddenly some new girl pops up. She’s introduced as the 2nd transfer student, Chi Yun. (Lawl Koreans, everywhere). Jun tells Miya they’ll do their next Prism Show at the end of the month. Karin will be the center of it and will jump all the Prism Jumps. Miya gets all jealous over it. Miya reminds them that while they’re in the same group, they’re still rivals, and she doesn’t want the center to be someone as carefree as Karin.

Karin isn’t sure about her ability to do the Prism Arc, when suddenly Chi Yun pops up again.  Karin explains to her she has to do the show anyway, as everyone has high expectations.
The next day, at training, Karin is shaking, and doesn’t dance well, she’s too tense, thinking she has to jump at all costs. She totally jumps and crashes herself on the floor.
She apologizes, saying it’ll be bad if she’s the center, she can’t jump for now but she’ll do it for sure at the show. Miya confronts her , asking her how come she’s laughing and carefree as always while they’re in trouble. Miya says she’ll decide her future by herself. Karin keeps saying she’ll do something about it…

At Dear Crown, Haein and Chi Yun are talking with Yunz, asking him if he found the thing he’s looking for. Yunz answers he almost did, looking at Aira’s pic on a magazine.  Yunz asks them why they’re so gloomy. They should cheer Karin up by staying with her at lessons.
Chi Yun is at training with Karin. She tells her she used to be unable to jump Prism Jumps too. She was getting nervous and shaking, telling herself that as a big sister, she should give a good example. Karin asks her how did she manage to jump again. Chi Yun tells her the stage is herself, her future belongs to her, she has a good team to support her. It’s okay to stop being the big sister and rely on others at time.

The day of the show. Karin is having fun again and chains perfect Prism Jumps. Everyone watching gives her tons of Fans Calls, and she manage to do a new jump, she gets into some tunnel but she didn’t get to the end of it. What would have happened if she did?  Mion will tell them the answer. She skate, gets into the tunnel. And after some pretty funny desert act, she does along with Aira and Rizumu the Prism Act, shining Oasis Trouble, going into SPACE.

Jun congratulates her, saying it’s Mion’s act, showing her skills to the world. Karin is pumped, imagining how she’ll get to do something this awesome if she gets to the end of that tunnel. Mion says Prism Acts are great, using the power of your heart like that. It’s the REVOLUTION OF THE HEART after all.

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