About Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future


Well first off, I won’t be doing summaries of the episodes anymore. I had a lot of fun doing it but I don’t have the time to do it anymore. Sorry to disappoint anyone who’s actually reading them. To be honest, I always disliked episodic blogging for various reasons, but I like Pretty Rhythm so much that I still did it. Check the wiki if you want more details on the plot, and wait until Kitesubs catch on with the subs someday if you don’t watch it raw…

I barely have the time to even watch the show. I just caught up to episode 26. The last episode is 31 as I’m writing this. I’m not doing summaries anymore, but this is my blog, and I just need to fanboy about Pretty Rhythm somewhere.

I have to admit, besides my studies, the reason I got so much behind on Dear My Future is because some episodes at the start of the show were pretty mediocre. Even Aurora Dream wasn’t that boring at the beginning. Or more like, it’s not that Dear My Future’s startwas boring, it was very uneven. Let me explain.

Since it’s a sequel, scenes featuring the older characters were very entertaining (like Aira x Shou scenes) while some others weren’t really interesting (the Korean girls centered episodes). In these episodes, they barely introduced the K girls, and made them interact with their Japanese/Prizzmy counterpart. I think the main reason these Koreans girls/PURETTY centered episodes of the beginning weren’t so good is because the scriptwriters were saving up material on their background to expose it later. And I think I’m right: During the summer festival arc (episodes 16-21) PURETTY finally got really interesting. Overall, the show only started really taking off at episode 14 with the new opening, and after that, the summer fes arc. I really love the Korean girls now, Shi Yoon first. After all she CARRIED A LION ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN.

In episode 24, the identity of the show’s mastermind is hinted at, and the whole story is revealed in episode 25 & 26, with Kyouko’s mother’s first appearance in Dear My Future. I don’t want to spoil anything because I want the people reading this post to start watching Pretty Rhythm. But Kyouko really is the true heroine of Pretty Rhythm. Who would’ve thought we still didn’t know the whole story behind her and Sonata’s rivalry, behind Prism Show and Prism Acts, and what’s the deal about the Greatful Symphonia. My mind was blown. My mind wasn’t blown that hard since playing Mugen Kouro/Infinite Space on DS this summer (haven’t wrote a post about it yet).

I had to rewatch episode 26 twice to fully understand everything. The whole plot twists kinda reminded me of the 7th Kara no Kyoukai movie when you think you already knew everything about what happened before Shiki’s incident while you see that there was actually still a lot more things hidden.

If the scenarist planned to do these plot twists right from the start, I have to admit he’s a genius, and if it continues like this, Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future is probably going to become my favorite anime of 2013, succeeding it’s prequel Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream that I consider as best of 2012.

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