Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 03

PRAD3 ep3 03

The last introduction episode. We got to know more about Cross/Suzuno Ito (Komatsu Mikako) I think it was the best out of the three: we got to see what she does at school (skipping classes), the relationship with her dad and how she helps him out with the Live House, and though it was very short, her love interest. She also got the episode with the most deeper elements, like the fact that her mom died when she was younger and the piano she used to play now gather dust, or that her dad was a famous guitarist before he hurt his fingers and now spends his days lazying around and drinking. Though it wasn’t their dedicated episode yet, we also got to know a bit more about Beru and her friends.

PRAD3 ep3 07

The scene with Ito playing guitar with a band was really cool. I wonder how the relationship with her dad will develop. She’ll probably have less time to fill in for a missing guitarist for bands who play at her family’s Live House once she starts working at Prism Shop. Her dad will probably get angry over it, while she’s actually working so she can buy back his guitar… I’m sure they’ll be able to make great drama out of this.

PRAD3 ep3 05

Her dance scene was also really gorgeous. I think the staff made some kind of mistake there. Out of the three, Naru’s performance with the guitar was the less outstanding, even though she’s the main character. I hope she’ll get to do more amazing things later. One thing to note is that besides the Prism Live segment, Naru, An, and Ito all had the same choreography… I guess it makes sense in-show as it was a choreography made for the evaluation to check whether you can do Prism Shows or not but I hope we’ll get to see a new dance and song soon.

PRAD3 ep3 06

Next episode, the Prism Stone shop will finally open and we’ll get to see the girls’ first day of work. Also, that feel when they’ll reveal the owner of the shop is actually a penguin…

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