Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 11

prad3 11 01

I couldn’t stop laughing at the beginning, with Ann thinking COO and Chisato were doing lewd things. Seems like the penguin’s human body is a robot of sorts, as COO was trying to adjust her body temperature with a wrench.

prad3 11 rinne COOL

Rinne cosplaying as COO was also hilarious.

prad3 11 03

Ito’s dad is a really good guy. At first I thought he was alcoholic scum but then he showed a really good side of himself in episode 7.  This time, after hearing about Ito skipping the tournament, he TOLD his daughter good:

Ito: Hey dad. That guitar isn’t accorded correctly, the sound is so-so.

Ito’s dad: That doesn’t matter, a mediocre sound like that is fine. In the end, you’re a helper, you’re just going to play with that band so they have enough people.

Ito: What are you saying?! I’m doing this seriously!

Ito’s dad: Is this where your dream is? Anyone can help and fill in for a missing band member. This isn’t your dream. Or are you saying your dream is to always be a replacement? Don’t you have comrades needing YOU right now?

  prad3 11 02

The other set of impressive lines of the episode came from Beru’s lips. She went full evil mode now:

Beru: “I’ll make them realize it all. The dreadfulness of the monster lurking in the tournament, how it feels getting crushed by the pressure and kneel in front of the audience, the fear that will prevent them from ever recovering and participate again.”

That scene too was really well played, with her rose flavored tea slowly getting redder, making her reflection disappear.

prad3 prism rule book

Otoha is a really good Prism Star, she can do two jumps in a row. Now the biggest twist of the episode wasn’t the fact that she beat Ito, it’s the fact that she beat her by a large margin. The reason is, Ito did a Prism Live. While Prism Lives look incredible and everyone in the audience was baffled, no Prism Star ever did it before, even less in an official tournament. In fact it’s not in the Prism Show rule book. Which is why the whole Prism Live part of her performance didn’t contribute to her score. Prism Lives are being discredited because no one saw it before, judges included. I really wasn’t expecting this kind of twist.

prad3 11 mysterious guy

If things goes that way, Ann and Naru are also screwed. It’s the first time ever I see this issue being addressed to in a show. Imagine a duel in YuGiOh following common sense, where the hero’s opponent would suddenly stop the duel and disqualify the hero because he just used a card no one ever saw before.  In this episode of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, this is exactly what happened. The girls will probably have to make Prism Lives a staple for Prism Shows, and get it into rule books. Seems like this will be an important plot point. Surely the mysterious blond guy which showed up will play a role in this. Maybe he’s a representative of sorts for Prism Shows, as he seems interested about Prism Lives. Of course he could also be a villain but I highly doubt the staff would go for something this cliché.

prad3 11 episode 12 preview evil beru smile

Judging from the preview, next week is going to be crazy. We already know that Wakana beat Ann last year, that she can do 3 consecutive jumps and that she’s the best Prism Star currently at Edel Rose, after Beru. I highly doubt Ann is going to win with normal means. Now, my guess is she’s going to try to push her limits and do 3 consecutive jumps, barely managing to beat Wakana. However, she will hurt herself and for the rest of the tournament, Rinne will participate in her place. Which is why Beru got this evil grin as she’ll be able to fight Rinne. I can’t wait for next week.

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