Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 12

prad3 12 01

Wakana’s song is okay. At least it’s much better than Otoha’s. I really disliked Otoha’s song. Anyway, the best part of Wakana’s Prism Show was that shadow effect making her look like a cat. Really neat.

prad3 12 02

This episode makes me realize there’s something really wrong with Beru. I remember that back when the show was announced,  the character I was the most hyped about was Beru, as I really like her design. One thing was making me sad though. Since she plays the role of the rival, I was thinking she would probably be a typical rival type girl, always looking down on others. I thought she would be a spoiled kid, or an arrogant person. When the show started I realized she’s actually a pretty nice girl. However after meeting Naru, she slowly show signs of being irritated, jealous of her. Now, this episode made me realize that perhaps she didn’t start acting that way because of meeting Naru, and that she’s such a horrible person from the start. Wakana can do 3 jumps in a row, she said it herself before going on stage, and Kazuki did say that “She ran away” when she didn’t do a third jump. Wakana didn’t try it and used the safe way out instead because Beru scared the hell out of her, telling her that their school Edel Rose doesn’t allow failures, implying she’d get kicked out if she does fail. What if Beru always use these kinds of tricks to make sure Wakana never gets ahead of her? In any case, I was speculating last week about what could have made Beru do such an evil grin, and I have the answer now. A really bitter answer.

prad3 12 03

Ann’s Prism Show was nice, she did the magical runway sliding thing Rinne first did in episode 4, and I loved how Kazuki screamed BUUUURNING to encourage her. Seeing this season’s version of Popun Candy Rocket was nice too. Sadly she failed her landing and crashed.

prad3 12 06 Ann's face after hearing someone call pretty rhythm a worthless kids show

She had a really good look there just after getting off the stage. I really love it. Rinne ended up comforting her:

prad3 12 07prad3 12 08 prad3 12 09

I was fairly surprised that she lost. I was sure of her victory last week. Seems like all their hopes rest on Naru now. Maybe she’ll manage to use Rinne’s power and do 4 jumps in a row or something, because I can’t think of any other way for them to win while having such a gap in the scores. I still think Rinne will play a part in the tournament. There’s also the possibility of Naru loosing, I’m sure the staff have the guts to do it.

 prad3 12 11

I really, really can’t wait for next week. We’ll finally get to see Beru do a Prism Show! Like I was saying earlier, Beru was the character whose design I liked the most when the show was announced, and she’s currently my 2nd favorite character, the first one being Rinne. Even if she turned out to be quite cruel and manipulative, I’m looking forward  to her performance. Also, the preview makes me even more hyped, with Rinne actually crying and Naru cowering in fear on stage. It’ll be the end of this 3 episode long tournament arc, and the first climax of the show.

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