Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 14

prad3 op2 rinne gif

Stolen from 2ch

The new OP is really good. The song isn’t anything great like always, however the animation sequence is so gorgeous, and really well calibrated with the song. I love it. It’s my favorite OP along with Dear My Future’s 3rd one now. There’s also tons of new things to speculate with.

prad3 14 01

The first half of the episode was rewind. At least they commented over the footage so it’s not too bad. And if I remember correctly, s2 Dear My Future didn’t have a single episode of rewind. I’ll take this opportunity to say that I don’t really mind rewinds in anime. I know some people completely skips them, but I don’t happen to do so. Most of the time there’s actual new things too, like commentary.

prad3 14 02

Himuro Hijiri’s visit at the Prism Stone shop was pretty well done. He even apologized to them for the fact that Prism Lives aren’t in the rule book and how it screwed over Naru and co at the tournament. He wants their cooperation in order to make Prism Show regain their former excitement and brilliance, and stop the domination of Edel Rose over tournaments. We also got to know a bit more about Amou Juné. Basically she was the best Prism Star there was, but as no one could beat her, she slowly got tired of it and stopped appearing in tournaments. Himuro said Prism Live can avert the grim future Prism Shows are heading to, and it pretty much links up with Rinne and the scene after that.

prad3 14 03

The biggest bomb in this episode is of course Chisato telling everything about Rinne. I was expecting something like this since the first episode, but it was still a pleasant surprise that they actually did it. I’m hyped as crazy with the plot now. Basically Rinne really is a dimension traveler. She’s the princess of the Prism World and came from it as a messenger to the Rainbow Live world, in order to show them Prism Lives so that Prism Shows get cool again. Usually she goes from world to world to help without showing herself, but after the incident in episode 1 she lost her memories when she got to the Rainbow Live world. Also, if you’re a S1/Aurora Dream hardcore fan and think S2/Dear my Future and S3/Rainbow Live are bad, prepare to get ULTRA MAD: As Rinne is the princess of the Prism World etc, it’s supposedly thanks to her that the heroines in S1 could do the Aurora Rising, or that they could do the Greatful Symphonia in S2. Speaking of which, if they knew they were about to do that, maybe they could have made Rinne do a cameo during Dear My Future’s ending, like how Miya and co had a cameo in Aurora Dream’s ending.

prad3 14 aurora rising greatful symphonia

So Rainbow Live literally takes place in a parallel world from S1 and S2. I still can’t believe they actually did it. I’m really happy and can’t wait how things will turn out now. Also, this now confirms that Akai Meganee really is the same person from the first two seasons. If you haven’t seen Aurora Dream and Dear My Future, I highly recommend watching them now.

PRAD3 14 0

Next week is an Otoha centered episode (the girl on the right, you know?). I hope this episode will change my opinion about her as she’s my least favorite character for now. I gotta admit the dress she wears in the new OP looks good on her though.

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