Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 17

prad3 17 rinne


prad3 17 dear crown general manager

Bell was asked by Dear Crown’s general manager, the woman above, to do a show over at their shop.

prad17 01

Bell’s mom is called Ritsu/律. Took me 15 minutes to find that kanji. It means “control” or “law” so it’s a fitting name for a tiger mom like her. She’s voiced by Soumi Yoko, who also voiced Kei in the two previous seasons. They’re similar characters, Kei was also a very strict mom with Kyouko and Jun but was still a great mom. Ritsu is downright horrible. We’re in Pretty Rhythm though so there’s a good chance that she will change and recognize all the efforts Bell is already doing, and stop pressuring her like crazy.

prad3 17 05

Bell and Wakana are childhood friends. That’s why Wakana still stays by Beru’s side even after what she done to her. Wakana knows that even if she changed for the worst recently, Bell used to be a good girl. She won’t break her shell just yet though and won’t make up with Otoha just yet, she didn’t get her penguin either.

prad3 17 03 young beru wakanaprad3 17 beru room bearsprad3 17 beru 2nd cour clothes full cosplay reference

Come to think of it, it’s pretty funny how I call Bell and Wakana childhood friends while they’re technically still childhood friends as they’re just 14. They really don’t look 14 years old at all. How old were they during the flashback anyway? It’s like Saint Seiya’s anime all over again, with Seiya looking 18 while he’s actually 13 and the flashbacks scenes from seven years ago making him look like he was 13 while he’s actually 6.

prad3 17 03

We finally got to see Juné. That heavy looking drillhair. Drillhair is the best. Speaking of which, you could see her penguin with her, and you can also see it in the OP. Hijiri never heard about Prism Live before Naru did it though, so I think either her penguin can’t do Prism Lives, either she never bothered to use it as she’s a good enough Prism Star without it. She did get bored from tournaments after all.

prad3 17 02

Next week will be about Hiro being a douchebag. I can’t wait to see what he’ll pull off next. Speaking of which, a few posts ago I criticized the show for using the 1 episode per character formula, but I take it back. This episode had “Bell” in it’s title but it did a great job showing a bit of everyone. It’s nowhere near as bad as other kids shows, where if they do a character centered episode, the main plot literally stops and the other characters will barely get development in it and you can pretty much skip the episode if you don’t like the character in question. In Pretty Rhythm, all the characters always get some bit of attention, and the plot goes on. If I skipped Otoha’s episode two weeks ago because I dislike her, I wouldn’t get why Bell collapsed this week, as Otoha’s departure from Edel Rose screwed up her lifestyle.

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