Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 19

prad3 19 01

Okay so I was wrong about Ito and Kouji beings siblings. Like I always say, if something isn’t predictable, it means it managed to surprise me, so it’s not a bad thing that my guess was wrong. I can’t help but feel they’re related though. From the flashbacks in this episode, my newest theory is that Kouji’s dad and Ito’s dad were bros and in the same band, and the traffic accident which cost the life of Kouji’s dad is the same accident which crippled the hand of Ito’s dad. In any case, it seems Kouji and Ito will end up together after all. By the way, Ito’s mom was voiced By Asumi Kana/Aira.

prad3 19 dat wakana face

It’s nice that the conflict between Ito and Kouji got resolved immediately. If it was similar to some of nowadays shoujo manga or another kids anime, it would have took 5 episodes for Ito to listen to Kouji’s explanation.

prad3 19 02

We finally got the whole story about Hiro and Kouji’s duo debut. They did sing Pride and not another song for their debut, so I was wrong about Hiro stealing 2 songs. The thing that surprised me the most is that Kouji and Hiro were actually friends, I thought they didn’t know each other before the Edel Rose administration decided to team them up. This means there’s a high chance that once Hiro stops acting like trash they’ll reform their duo unit. Or even make it a trio with Kazuki. Things will be interesting. About that, it seems it’s also the Edel Rose executives who decided they’d sell better if they say that Hiro is the songwriter. This means Hiro actually didn’t think about double crossing Kouji himself. Still doesn’t change the fact that he went along with it though. I thought it was Dear Crown’s General Manager who could have come up with it, but I mixed up Edel Rose and Dear Crown, she’s not part of Edel Rose. Speaking of her, she’s voiced by Yonezawa Madoka, who also voiced Serena and Jae Eun in the previous season. I miss Serenon’s kansai ben and manzai… I have to admit Jae Eun wasn’t too bad either. My favorite DMF Korean girl is still Shi Yoon though. I mean, SHE CARRIED A LION TO THE TOP OF A MOUNTAIN AND THEN RODE IT MULTIPLE TIMES AND EVEN ON THE OCEAN. I will never forget this.

prad3 19 episode 20 jikai june

Next week starts the Tokimeki Days Session arc and we’ll FINALLY get to hear Juné’s voice so I’m really looking forward to it. Since a lot of the side characters are voiced by seiyuu who already participated in the previous seasons, I wonder if this will also be the case for Juné. I’m betting on Akesaka Satomi, who voiced Kanon and Chae Kyoung. I really want to see Rinne and Juné do a Prism show together, and do ten jumps in a row or something. I’m pretty sure they’ll go above four jumps near the end of the show, since every girl can already do three jumps in a row.

prad3 19 op beru team

I was right about the new shot in the OP being Bell Oto and Wakana dancing together. Notice how they dance with their penguins. Maybe they won’t be able to do prism live for the Tokimeki Days session so they’ll try this instead? Or another way of doing Prism Lives?

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