Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 23

prad3 23 rinne teacher full

I was wondering how come they haven’t played the “Rinne is going to school” card yet.  Completely forgot it was summer vacation. The teacher was voiced by 三宅麻理恵/Miyake Mari, who voiced So Min in Dear my Future. She actually already talked back in episode 3 and maybe a few other instances but back then I didn’t use to check the seiyuu list in the credits. If you’re wondering about it, the family name written on the blackboard before “Rinne” is “荊/Ibara”. Just like Ibara Chisato, the shop owner. Coo used her name to register Rinne at school. Rinne is cute, but the the teacher is really cute too.

prad3 23 01prad3 23 02

I knew they’d show grown-up Wakana with her hair down at some point but I didn’t think they’d do it so soon. I hope it happens again and a lot.

prad3 23 03

Kazuki is dying his hair.

prad3 23 ann full

Wakana really isn’t a bad person. She immediately forgave Ann once Kazuki explained things out. It’s not unnatural to forget about things and warp memories from your childhood. She isn’t a bad person, but I still think she’s the kind of person that just “don’t care”. You know, just like her penguin not caring about how she’s playing with it, or back in episode 19 and how she just didn’t care when hearing about how Hiro duped Ito and Kouji. She really is a cat.

prad3 23 wakana fresh fruits basket gif 01 prad3 23 wakana mezame no flower waltz gif 02

prad3 23 04

I could swear they already used this shot in a previous episode.

prad3 23 06

Overall that episode surprised me. The staff comforted me, showing they didn’t loose their touch for good drama. Now, with both Oto and Wakana hunting Bell in order to friendship her hard, seems like next episode is THE episode I’m waiting for since the start of the show: Bell will stop being a bitch. Seeing how Ann and Wakana’s conflict turned out, I’m expecting really good things for next week. Now the best thing that could happen, is that not only Bell changes, but her mom too. Would be great if they both get slapped and see how wrong they act. Unless her mother stop pressuring her, Bell can’t change anyway. The tournament will probably start in episode 25.

prad3 23 05

The director said on twitter that “The thing Wakana uses in her prism live to hit the xylophone isn’t sticks, but Chupa Chups.” Apparently they’re called “Chupa Chupa Candy” in the Pretty Rhythm world though for copyright issues. My sides hurt from laughing.

prad3 ann episode 23 pic by odeco twitter

Drawn by Matsuura Mai/Odeco

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