Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 26

prad3 26 01.5

YEEEEES BELL JUMPED TO SPACE NOW THIS IS PRETTY RHYTHM. I have tons of things to say and praise about this episode.

prad3 26 beru prism live transform

I know I said this dozens of times now: the director said he’ll do his best to make this the best Pretty Rhythm season, because it’s the last one he’ll be working on. I used to think he and the staff wouldn’t make it, but now… I still don’t think it’s at the same level of greatness of Aurora Dream or Dear My Future, but we’re getting there. Pretty Rhythm is easily the best anime of the the season every season since it started. The things that made me love Pretty Rhythm are the comedy, the drama/romance and the crazy amazing over the top jumps, and two out of three of these points were omnipresent and overwhelming in this episode. I’m looking forward to future jumps to space and dimension breaking. I’d say that the episode didn’t exceed my expectations, it met them, because I know how awesome Pretty Rhythm can be.  It went exactly like I imagined last week: Bell jumped to space, Kouji confessed to Ito, Rinne and Juné finally met.

prad3 26 01.7

Bell’s Prism Live was fantastic. They cut a small part at the  beginning of her Jounetsu no Million Rose jump, but it made her jumps looks even more dynamic. I love how she dashed like a mecha just before starting her jumps too.

prad3 26 01 beru slide violin

She even did the wink while sliding thingie.

prad3 26 beru mugen phoenix jump gif

Her Mugen Prism Phoenix reminded me of MARs’ Mars Phoenix. I have to admit Bell’s one looks much cooler. Now imagine how stunning Mars Phoenix would look with Rainbow Live’s CG. The way she repeated “Ai no ueru ni kodomo no beru ni sayonara” during her jump reminded me of something I wanted to point out some time ago but forgot: They sure like to repeat lines in this season. As an example, Hiro already said “The only one who can sing Kouji songs the best is ME!” or variations of it at least three times.

prad3 26 02

In her jump, she’s wearing the clothes of previous heroines. Rotating clockwise starting from the top right, there’s Ayami’s maid outfit from her time in Sprouts, the Pure Premium Wedding coord which was Aira’s dress at the Prism Queen CupReina and Jae Eun’s clothes from their time in Sproutsone of Mia’s casual outfits, Aira’s yukata from episode 36 of Aurora Dream, Hye In, Shi Yoon and Karin clothes from their time in P&P.
That was a great dose of fanservice from the staff there.

prad3 26 03

I just realized that their unit name, Bell Rose, is well, “belle rose” in French. Even though Akai Meganee did say that it means “beautiful rose” in the previous episode, I only noticed it now. I guess I’m so allergic to french put in just to sound cool in anime that I didn’t consider it. I didn’t want to. Now that I think about it, Bell is probably called Bell as in “Belle”. While it is a French name, it’s rarely used anymore now though. There’s Belle from the Beauty and the Beast, though not sure if she’s called Bell in the original English version as well. Anyway.
One more thing, the fact that Oto designed their outfits made me realize yet another difference between this and the first two seasons: there’s no characters who are designers in the cast, and they don’t talk about the clothes that much anymore. I’m not a little girl though, so unlike the lack of comedy I don’t really care.

prad3 26 05prad3 26 ito kouji


prad3 26 04 rinne hugging naru

I totally didn’t think that Naru actually liked Kouji. Kinda sad for her. But well I’m happy Ito and Kouji got together and so fast too. I love how the romance is done in Pretty Rhtyhm. Sometimes I even appreciate the simple fact that there’s actual romance, instead of most shows these days called romantic comedies, with no romance and no comedy. I wouldn’t be surprised if with just this one kiss, Rainbow Live became the anime with the most kisses in this season. Anyway, similarly to Rizumu and Hibiki, Ito and Kouji are the first couple to get together in Rainbow Live. I really hope Wakana wins Kazuki in the battle with Ann.

prad3 26 07

I like their rainbow fluorescent colored boots things.
They say it’s been six month in the show that Naru started working at Prism Stone, just like how much time the show has been airing. They’re still synchronizing time in the show time in real life, like the first two seasons.

prad3 26 naru ito ann happy rain prism live transform

prad3 26 happy rain jump gif

The three Prism Lives at the same time and jump were really cool, I still liked Bell’s performance the most though.

prad3 26 08prad3 26 09


prad3 26 handshake naru beru

Happy Rain are the ones who won the tournament, with 16 200 Carats. Bell Rose got 15 400 Carats if I heard correctly. Remember that Bell actually never practiced together with Wakana and Oto for the tournament, and yet they still did pretty well. Also, nice contrast with how Bell didn’t shake Naru’s hand at the first tournament and how she did now.

prad3 26 10

And then there was Hiro. I was always wondering how he would react once Bell stop acting like a bitch. First off it seems like he’s still planning to use Kouji in order to get songs, as he’s happy that Kouji got with Ito as it’ll make his songs “even more polished”, so he still has an ace up his sleeve. Secondly, it seems like he just won’t stay put and accept the fact that Bell’s being happy and isn’t lonely like him anymore.

Hiro: “Congratulations Bell, you managed to surround yourself with friends and start your ascension to heaven. However, a nameless flower blooming on the roadside will never attain the splendor of a blooming rose. In that case, I just need to keep going until I become that one flower at the top of the mountain, unattainable by anyone.”

I’m not sure if I ever said that I miss Jun’s poems, but Hiro filled that gap quite well in this episode. His words there were as cryptic as some of Jun’s poems, except without the engrish. My guess is that the reason he wants to become a star so much is to catch up to Bell? I think the nameless flower refers to himself and that Hiro actually knows how much of a bastard he is and suffers from a case of self-loathing. A bit similar to how Bell’s mom thinks she’s not worth anything without her daughter. In any case, I hope they’re not going to make Hiro into the final boss without a good plan. They don’t necessarily need a villain, Aurora Dream showed this quite well, so I hope they don’t force him in this role. Well, gotta admit he kinda already is, with all the bad things he did so far.

prad3 26 11prad3 26 12

This scene, the imminent confrontation, this cliffhangeeeeeeeer. With the scene with Hiro right before this one, it seems like next cour will definitely focus on Hiro, Juné and Rinne. I keep dreaming of a Rinne vs Juné fight and there’s a chance it’s going to happen already?!! After seeing Bell’s Prism Show, Hijiri said to Juné that “a Prism Star of  the same category as you was finally born”. But is it really so? I think Juné was holding back when she still used to do Prism Shows.  The fact that one of the main characters, Bell, already managed to do four jumps while we’re only halfway through the show only reinforce my theory that we’ll see more than four consecutive jumps. You can do it in the game, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t do it in the anime. I’m sure a full powered Rinne with her memory back or a serious Juné could do 6 or 7 jumps in a row. And there’s a chance it’s going to happen next week!!! I’m so hyped.

These last three episodes were the best. That was the best cour climax of this anime season. By far. Then again I’m not watching much this season, though I don’t think anything would top it. I haven’t watched some of the endings yet either. The only other cour climax I’ve seen for now are Senyuu, which ended, and Gifuu Doudou, which is still ongoing. Both were pretty good. I have yet to watch Aikatsu’s and Fantasista Doll’s endings.

prad3 2014 calendar cover

Next week, we’re getting a new OP and ED animations. I’m really looking forward to the OP animation. Mostly because if they’re going to introduce new characters, they’ll show them in it. Also, it seems like they’ll do something similar to the shuffle teams in Dear My Future and create new duos, as you can see on the 2014 calendar cover above. OP3 of Dear My Future is my favorite opening animation out of all Pretty Rhythm OPs, with Mia and Hye In clashing and dancing together in space. OP3 had many good animators working on it, like Jun Arai, so I wonder who they asked to work on the OP this time.
Just like BOY MEETS GIRL, the song for OP3 is an arranged cover from an already existing song, CRAZY GONNA CRAZY, by TRF. Speaking of which, I said around the time the show started that the first OP, BOY MEETS GIRL, was made by WORLD ORDER. Well, their version is actually also a cover. The ones who made it are also TRF. They released it in June 1994. TRF was created by Komuro Tetsuya, of TM Network fame, who did the third OP and first ED of City Hunter.

If you think you’ll miss EZ DO DANCE, don’t worry, there’s a good chance they’ll sing it in future Prism Shows. I’m also looking forward to the new casual clothes the girls will be wearing for this third cour. Also, the unavoidable Halloween episode. The peacock penguin that was with Rinne in episode 1 will finally come back too. He seems like a funny character, a good opportunity to liven up the humor in the show.

Last but not least, BEEF OR CHICKEN OR FISH!

prad3 26 beef or chicken or fishprad3 26 beef or chicken or fish 02

Fish girl is pretty cute.

I’ll try to write a separate post later about what the director said on twitter.

7 thoughts on “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 26

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Dude, Ann is the worst girl in the show besides Otoha, she has the simplest personnality, she barely never did anything since the beginning and design wise she’s a Rizumu clone.
      Whereas Wakana is a DEEP character. There’s like 50cm of deepness in her hairbuns.
      More seriously, I just don’t like Ann. And yeah I honestly think she didn’t do much in the show so far besides being there. Actually her biggest purpose till now is to help develop Wakana’s character.

      1. Accolades

        It’s not that I don’t like Wakana, but Ann is a really fun character and it would feel netorare-ish if Wakana won.

      2. rockmanshii Post author

        Ann kept in touch with Kazuki since they were kids and they still aren’t together. She doesn’t have room to complain if Wakana snatches Kazuki away. She should have acted faster.

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