Tweets from staff working on Pretty Rhythm between episodes 25 ~ 27

prad3 artist irua beru mugen prism phoenix post


I didn’t do it in last week’s post so I’m lumping two weeks in one post.

Director’s tweeter

prad3 from にし 2_4_1_6_5 twitter beru imitate

Pic retweeted from one of the animators’ tweeter. He went to the place they used as a model for the Edel Rose building and imitated the scene with Bell at the end of episode 24. I lol’ed.

Director: “Recently, one of the guys working on the art is drawing pics for each episode’s production. They’re pretty good”

 prad3 director tweeter production pic ep 24 prad3 director tweeter production pic ep 25prad3 director tweeter production pic ep 26

Naru’s one is basically “Fill your stomach with happy rain drink!” Ichigo mix. Wakana’s is the same except it’s cream soda & Lemon mix. If there’s a joke there, I don’t get it.

Among the flux of tweets the director is retweeting, promoting the release of goodies like the boys’ song CD & DVD, or even unofficial stuff like doujins, there’s news about the upcoming 3DS game. Apparently there’s a new rival character in it called Cosmo. Maybe she’ll appear in the anime. There’s also another new character that they haven’t revealed yet. The game will be released in November. I’d buy it if I had money.

prad3 director tweeter beef or chicken or fish lineart

Bifuchiki’s design.

The new ED is called I Wanabee Myself〜自分らしくいたい〜 and is sung by Happy Rain. So Sakura Ayane, Kato Emiri, Serizawa Yuu and Komatsu Mikako. AKA Rinne Naru Ann Ito.

Director: “There’s going to be new characters. Also, this third cour will focus on Juné and Hiro’s past. Look forward to it”
NEW CHARACTERS! I wonder if they’re adding guys so each girl will get one. Can’t wait for the new OP & episode 27. It’s in a few hours as of when I’m writing this. I need to sleep though.

Also they said there’s some of the girls barefoot in the new ED. Apparently it’s in CG though, not sure I got that right. I guess we’ll see when it airs.

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