Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 27

prad3 27 akai meganee angry gif

I forgot they already did this with episode 14 and got excited for nothing… A good portion of the second half of this episode was rewind. It was pretty well done though and like I always said I don’t really mind recaps with effort. Just like in episode 14 and it’s parallel universe reveal, there were some pretty important hints in this episode too, without even counting the new speculation material brought by the new OP.

prad3 27 op3 02

The new OP song is fine I guess. The animation is good but I gotta admit I was expecting something much better. The previous one’s animation was better. Oh well.

I noticed a pattern in the Pretty Rhythm OPs so far: Every odd numbered OP (PRAD OP1, PRDMF 1&3, PRRL 1&3) only has traditional animation (except for a little bit of CG in PRDMF OP1) while the even numbered one all have CG from the Prism Shows mixed in them.

prad3 27 02

Bell was planning to apologize to her mom but when she came back home, her mom already did a full U turn and told her she’ll support the fact that she wants to do Prism Shows… Her mom is so crazy. It’s nice that they didn’t forget about the whole issue. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been mentioned ever again if it was another kids shows. Also with Bell’s “maybe the weird ones are Edel Rose”, they’re strongly implying now that the whole Edel Rose system is the antagonist of the show. They’re the ones who won’t allow people to have fun with Prism Shows. They’re also the ones who decided to usurp Kouji and say that Hiro wrote his song. And of course, the new guy who totally looks like a villain is affiliated with them.

prad3 27 03

He’s called Norizuki Jin, if I’m not mistaken. He’s voiced by Miki Shinichiro (he did a ton of roles so I recognized his voice immediately without even checking the credits). He’s one of Edel Rose’s sponsors or the school’s chairman. It’s pronounced the same so I’m not 100% sure which one is it. He seems like the biggest bastard we’ve been shown yet, as he told Hiro to find someone more famous to write his next song, basically a nice way to tell him that his name alone won’t sell enough, warned him that he mustn’t fall in love with Bell, and called Juné an idiot girl because she made that mistake in the past: After she stopped Prism Shows, she fell in love with an “useless guy” who used to do Prism Shows but stopped after an injury, Hijiri. She now doesn’t do tournaments anymore and only performs at Dear Crown every now and then. (The summer live thing from episode 17 that Beru did, they said that it’s usually Juné who’s doing it.)

In any case, it seems to me that Jin used to like Juné and got butthurt mad when she left Edel Rose. I didn’t think they would introduce a rival for Hijiri of all people. Things will get really interesting. Also, I can’t wait for the scene when Hiro will stop being Jin’s dog, choose his feelings for Bell and tell him and Edel Rose to go to hell.

prad3 27 04prad3 27 05

Then there was Juné and Hijiri talking. I’m not gonna summarize everything like I just did with Hiro’s scene since it’ll be subbed anyway (unlike back in the days when I was posting about Dear My Future)
Things are hinting more and more that either Juné and/or Rinne will disappear at some point. The hints are Juné with her analogy to Kaguya Hime, and the way Rinne disappears in the new OP. I always knew Rinne will have to go back to the Prism World someday, but I thought it’ll happen at the end of the show. There’s so many possible theories to make out of all this. I think that in the end, Juné will sacrifice herself, or disappear in Rinne’s place. I could write about it all day but I really shouldn’t. Gotta study. Anyway, I’m still attached to the possibility that Juné = Rinne. It doesn’t make sense time wise, but you could explain it with the fact that when Rinne “crash landed” in this world, some part of her powers and personality got there before her arrival time wise and entered, or created Juné.

prad3 27 op3 01prad3 27 op3 03

I also noticed that Rinne is wearing the same dress as Juné in the OP, except that Rinne’s is rainbow colored. Maybe they’re both part of the Seventh Coord designs or the same line of designs and it’s just a coincidence though. There’s so many mysteries in the show right now.

prad3 27 08

In any case, I’m glad the director isn’t lying on twitter: He said that this cour will focus on Juné and Hiro’s past, and bam! we’re getting it right away. They nicely weaved the two characters with that Jin bastard and Edel Rose too, so it won’t feel like two different and completely unrelated backstories. I’m looking forward to know more about them.

prad3 ed3 gif

prad3 27 06 barefoot ed

Pretty funny how Naru says in the jikai youkoku she wants to ask Juné at the talk show how she does her hair like that and if she puts something in it. The new ED does feature the girls barefoot. And it was fully animated for once, with no real life idols. The last time this happened was Aurora Dream’s 3rd ED or something?

9 thoughts on “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 27

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Can you tell me at what ep and what time this happens again. I randomly opened episode 40 then kept rewatching and already lost an hour of my life. This is way too dangerous.

      1. MaidForge (@MaidForge)

        Lol sorry, can’t remember which episode, it’s near the end. All I remember is the whole misunderstanding where Rhythm’s mom thought that to perfect aurora rising you had to get rid of everything holding you back, your feelings and desires, etc.

  1. kiri-yubel

    Sorry, but I have to say this, altough you probably already know. I watched the subbed version and the truth is June wasn’t the one injured. the new glasses guy said: “I knew a foolish girl once upon a time. She was an immenesly promising Prism Star, but she let her heart be stolen by a man who could no longer perform Prism Shows after an injury. (…) She was lured away from Edel Rose by that man, and now she won’t even participate in tournaments. She’s noting but a figurehead for Dear Crown. It really is a shame. The Prism Show weeps for her.” From that monologe it looks like Hijiri was the one injured, not June.

  2. kiri-yubel

    And besides, if June was the one injured I don’t think Hijiri would have tried so hard to get her to gain her intrest in Prism Shows again. he would have known about something like this. and he really cares about her, that much is obvious.

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Oh. Thanks. I didn’t notice when I rewatched the scene with subs. I rewatched it again just now, and it’s true that the one Norizuki is speaking about who got injured and stopped Prism Shows is Hijiri. Edited my post as well.


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