Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 32

prad3 32 02

Me watching the episode.
I have no idea where to start. At least I don’t have to summarize everything to share my impressions as it’ll get subbed. Thanks Naisho! The post still turned out long as hell though.

prad3 32 03

Remember what I said last week? Jin is already starting. Galvanizing his troops in order to beat Juné & Hijiri. Speaking of Jin, he’s a much bigger bastard than I thought, as he’s the one who caused Hijiri’s accident, telling his goons to sabotage the ice rink Hijiri used to train. Hijiri doesn’t seem to know about it, but in any case he doesn’t hate Jin. He didn’t even react to Jin’s provocation who told him he only became the Prism Show Association president thanks to Juné. Hijiri only wants his cooperation to better the entertainment known as Prism Shows. On the contrary, Jin really hates Hijiri. It seems like Norizuki Kou (Jin’s father) used to prefer Hijiri over him. This is probably what caused Jin to be so jelly in the first place.
EDIT from the future: Kou is also Hijiri’s dad, Hijiri and Jin have different moms and are half brothers.

prad3 32 18 young juné natsuko hijiri kouji parents prad3 32 juné dear crown full kouji parents natsuko hijiri

Jin only got madder when Juné left Edel Rose to create Dear Crown with Hijiri and Mihama Natsuko.
The tournament deciding the Prism Queen in the Rainbow Live world is called “Over The Rainbow Session”. Nice how they decided to give it an actual name instead of just “Prism Queen Cup” like in the last seasons. The Prism King Cup also has a name:”Fly! Sky High Session”.

prad3 32 3.3

We got some line repeating again, with Bell saying again “if Amou Juné jumps five jumps, I’ll just have to do six jumps”. I dunno what the staff have with repeating lines this seasons but they do it every single time.

prad3 32 04

Poor Hiro is totally broken. This scene is kinda funny for some reason. It serves him right but I still feel bad for him. I’m feeling pretty much just how I felt back when Bell snapped.

prad3 32 08prad3 32 07

I really really loved the flashback sequence.

prad3 32 06 young juné scarfprad3 32 05 hijiri maria mom parents

Single drill young Juné looked great too, and I also totally didn’t expect Hijiri thinking of his mother when seeing her. His mother also used to be Prism Star. Also notice Juné’s words: “Prism Show wa kokoro no kirameki, Prism Jump wa kokoro no hiyaku”. Hijiri does says in episode 14 that the one who taught him those words are Juné. (Rewatched episode 14 today, couldn’t stop laughing at the “Rinne guided evil villains” mistranslation, don’t forget to fix it in the batch Naisho) We actually saw it happen in this flashback. These words are Pretty Rhythm’s theme. They have been said quite a few times in the previous seasons. I think the first one who said them was Jun. Speaking of Jun, seeing him react to Juné’s Prism Show would be so funny. He’d shout UUUUNIIIIIIIVERSE! ZZZOOOOOOOOOOONE!!! And others tons of engrish filled phrases. Just imagining it makes me laugh.

prad3 32 09

It’s really nice how they used background music from Aurora Dream during the flashback. It was the one that would always play whenever the characters did a new jump during their shows.

prad3 32 10

That Shining Spiral jump Hijiri did look a lot like Hye In’s Golden Spiral. Only the name is different.

prad3 32 11

Kurokawa Rei is Coo-san!! I thought about it last week since they have the same hair color and skin but I was like naah. Then I noticed that the EZ Do Dance sung at the beginning of episode 31 was credited as “sung by Kurokawa Rei, Seiyuu: Morikubo Shoutaro”: which is Coo’s seiyuu.

prad3 32 12 hijiri jin and rei reunion

And now with the way they made him run across Hijiri and Jin, it can’t be a coincidence. Also, in that scene, Rei/Coo said “There’s no value in becoming Prism King if it’s not by defeating Hijiri”. Did he actually left without competing? No wonder Jin won.

prad3 32 17 young juné jumpprad3 32 14

prad3 32 juné prism queen pure white wedding full

prad3 32 15

Seems like Hijiri is the first Prism Star ever to have jumped fours jumps, and then he’s actually the one who coached Juné so she could do it too. I didn’t think they knew each other for that long. Juné became Prism Queen when she was thirteen. Oto says at the beginning of the episode that Juné haven’t done a Prism Show in an official tournament/exhibition since she became Prism Queen three years ago. This means Juné is currently 16. She’s only two years older than Naru and the others. Remember, she didn’t completely stopped doing shows, they say in episode 17  that Juné does a Prism Show at Dear Crown at least once a year.

prad3 32 juné dear crown full

Juné had the same wings as Rinne in the flashback. She’s also wearing the Pure White Wedding which was Rizumu/Sonata’s dress. Juné’s dress is pink at the bottom though. They probably made her wear this to reflect the time when Sonata first became Prism Queen. The background stage was also the same one as the one from the Prism Queen Cup stageat the end of Aurora Dream, or each time they showed it in a flashback. This isn’t the first time they reuse CG backgrounds from previous seasons, but this is the only time I felt like it was interesting to bring it up (Didn’t notice that one myself btw, it was written on the Japanese wiki)

prad3 32 16

Kyouko was 14 when she first became Prism Queen. Juné was 13. Maybe she’s the youngest Prism Queen in all of the Pretty Rhythm worlds? She’s that incredible.

prad3 32 19

Kinda hoped that Bell would do five jumps, only to be topped by Juné who would do six. If you’re wondering how come Coo had skates and could get on the rink to save Bell,  there’s an unwritten rule in Pretty Rhythm: everyone’s actually wearing a pair of shoes with retractable skates. It’s also mandatory to wear them if you’re coming to see a Prism Show. That’s what Shou taught me back in Dear My Future episode 9, as he got directly from the audience to the rink, meaning he was wearing skates IN THE AUDIENCE (Thank you wiki I never noticed this myself actually), or loli Wakana back in episode 23, who started skating right after getting into the gymnasium, with the same shoes she was walking with just before.
Coo is the one who told Bell about her strict customer service in ep 29, and he’s also the one who saved her now. They’re interacting more and more. What if Bell starts liking Coo and this turns into a love triangle?! It’ll go Hiro -> Bell -> Coo, similar to Wataru -> Mion -> Jun. I never said it before since it’s obvious but Coo is very similar to Jun, minus the awesome yet incomprehensible Engrish poems. Jun also once saved Rizumu, who was about to crash from a failed Aurora Rising, in a very similar manner (he also used those shoes with retractable skates). It’s a shame they waited all this time to give more screentime to Coo and develop him. I guess they had to wait until it was Hijiri/Juné & Hiro’s arc, so they could time his identity’s reveal with the Juné/hijiri flashbacks.

prad3 32 20

My favorite theory would be that Bell and Coo are related by blood. They can invent a reason why she never heard of him. There was always a pair of siblings in previous seasons among the main characters: Kanon/Hibiki in AD&DMF, Chae Kyoung/Yun Su in DMF. However they never introduced a pair in RL. This is also why I used to think that Ito and Kouji were siblings (this turned out wrong needless to say).

prad3 32 juné live 01

It’s funny how Juné didn’t skate during her performance, only singing while dancing on the spot. I thought I was watching Aikatsu for a sec, but with a million times better CG. I was worried about how her drill hair would look in CG but it was great. Such amazing CG. My eight years ago self disgusted at CG after watching the first episode of Aquarion would have never believed I’d call CG amazing one day.

prad3 32 juné gif 01

prad3 32 juné gif 02

I was actually joking on IRC yesterday saying that Juné would do an Aurora Rising and Mugen Hug Eternal:
<Rockmanshii> I think her jumps will either be rinne’s jumps plus a new one, or another version of rinne’s jumps
<Rockmanshii> I would be ok if either rinne or her can do a aurora rising but not the other girls lol
<Rockmanshii> mfw juné does  aurora rising final >mion’s earth destroying/recreating jump > mugen hug eternal> jounetsu no symphonia > hoshizora no symphonia > her own ultimate jump

prad3 32 juné live 02prad3 32 juné live 03 sliding wink

Having a conductor baton as her instrument and being the conductor of a whole orchestra in her Prism Live was a really great idea. She didn’t change dresses when she started her Prism Live, so I guess it means the black dress she’s wearing is her Seventh Coord Dress/Prism Live Dress? I think the only thing I don’t like about Juné is that she spoils ultimate jumps to the people who haven’t seen Aurora Dream & Dear My Future.

My reactions to Juné’s jumps were:

Star Splash:

prad3 32 star splash

Yeah, she’s just gonna do Rinne’s 4 jumps plus a new one…

Angel Kiss:

prad3 32 juné gif 03

Hahaha that’s Mion’s jump cool! They cut the part when Mion charges her kiss so much she starts absorbing planets though, that sucks.

Aurora Rising:

prad3 32 juné gif 04


Mugen Hug Eternal:

prad3 32 juné gif 05


Ai no Symphony, L’amour De L’ange:

prad3 32 juné gif 06

Couldn’t believe my eyes for a bit there.

Juné did Star Splash->one of Mion’s ultimate jump-> One of Rizumu’s ultimate jumps -> One of Aira’s ultimate jump -> her own jump. L’amour de l’ange is French for “the angel’s love”. The little girls on Youtube and co who only like Aurora Dream and think Dear My Future and Rainbow Live suck will get so butthurt mad when they see Juné do an Aurora Rising plus all of these. It pretty much means she’s more skilled than Aira or any other Prism Star yet.

Seriously though, that jump is so gonna get censored when Pretty Rhythm will air in US and they’ll rename Naru Nathalie and replace the songs with some Hannah Montannah. She made a baby how does this even work.
The best over the top ridiculous yet awesome things are in Pretty Rhythm. I’m often asked why I don’t watch Inazuma Eleven even though I say all the time that I love Captain Tsubasa and sports anime in general. Well, I don’t like the over the topness used in Inazuma Eleven, I can’t stand it. Everyone spins fifteen times and shoots lightning and fire at every single shoot, trying really hard to make the boys watching think “so cool!”.
In Pretty Rhythm, I think they only try to do things as much awesome as possible without worrying about how ridiculous it is, and it works for me. They know it’s stupid and ridiculous but still do it anyway. I mean, Juné grew wings OVER A PAIR OF ALREADY EXISTING WINGS. Juné’s just too overwhelming.

prad3 32 juné end full

I have no idea what the final scene with Rinne meant. It seems like Rinne talked telepathically to Juné, just like she did with Kouji in episode 13. Rinne said “Is this your happiness?” and Juné answered “Yes, this is my happiness”.

With this episode, I finally started to enjoy Rainbow Live just as much as late episodes of Aurora Dream or Dear My Future. It was that good. Pretty Rhythm is pretty much the best anime for three years straight now. I’m really happy for two things now, the fact that today’s episode was just as good as Aurora Dream/Dear My Future’s late episodes, and the fact that since a lot more people are watching Rainbow Live compared to AD and DMF, a lot of people know and share that joy too. I mean, I hope those who’re only watching Rainbow Live will get to watch the past two seasons, or at least change their view about anime aimed towards kids.

Now, we’re only at episode 32, so maybe they can make it even better.  The show is now on par with Dear My Future in terms of over the topness and storytelling, but it’s still greatly lacking in comedy and character exploitation. Naru is incredibly useless, I can’t think of a single thing she did these past episodes except making jokes about Juné’s hair. Ann is only a vector for Wakana to develop. Oto pretty much doesn’t do anything either. The staff needs to correct this or it’ll only be just as good as Dear My Future, with different qualities and defaults, and not better than it.

On Twitter:

Preview of the art covers of the Pretty Rhythm Unit Collection single.

prad3 single unit collection cover 01 prad3 single unit collection cover 02

Preview of the covers for the DVD collection (episode 1-26, gets out the 20th of December)

prad3 dvd cover 1 prad3 dvd cover 4

Rinne looks really cute. Okama is a pretty good artist.

prad3 otoha magazine scanprad3 bell rose styleprad3 odeco after episode 32 twitterprad3 hiro prr music twitterprad3 hiro twitter odeco_a after episode 29prad3 hiro twitter odeco after episode 30prad3 yuu twitter odeco after episode 30prad3 boys hijiri jin twitter odeco posted after ep 30

Click to enlarge. 1st and 2nd ones are from this month’s Animage. There’s an interview of the Bell Rose girls’ seiyuus in it. The other pics are from the character designer’s twitter. Otoha one was posted after episode 29, the others after episode 30.
This month’s Animedia mag also has an interview with director san. I’ll try to see if I can find excerpts later. The big sentence on the Oto page above says “I want to kiss Bell san soon too.” It’s a quote from the Saori Gotoh/Otoha’s seiyuu interview in it.

6 thoughts on “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 32

  1. Lovely Pink

    I think they haven’t truly started on Naru yet. She doesn’t even have a flashback nor does she have a history with prism shows like the rest. She’s a total newbie.

    Her story with prism shows began the day she found lovelyn and applied as a manager in PS. She’s starting to discover a lot about herself. Things she never thought she could do. Doing a prism jump or choreographing the dance moves for Doushaburi HAPPY!

    She’s like the ugly duckling in the field of beautiful birds who has yet to become a swan (like the story she showed Kouji). Perhaps she’ll develop more if something happens to Rinne (they seem to have a special bond).

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      You mean Juné’s song? It’ll probably be in the CD containing the last songs of the show so it won’t be out for a while. My guess would be sometime along March 2014. If I see a date I’ll point it out.

  2. Mina

    I knew that was Coo lol. And I think he can perform a prism live with the boss penguin since that’s her on the right. I keep forgetting her name. Maybe he’s related to Kazuki too?

  3. PrettyRhythmFan+Kazuki x Wakana

    OMG! U watch Captain Tsubasa too?! OMGOMGOMGOMG I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE! I thought I was weird cuz I like Pretty Rhythm, which has lots of dancing and singing, and Captain Tsubasa, which is football! 😀


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