Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 33

prad3 33 01

So many Mion cameos this week. I think it’s to make up for making her voice Hiro’s kuso bitch of a mother.

prad3 33 02 movies banner full

The totally not Yatterman movie Yosshaman with Hiro in it got released, plus another Mion cameo at the left. The movie Wakana wanted to watch is apparently titled “the girl cat who wanted to become a pig”. I guess it’s a love story.

prad3 33 13

Tanaka san was at the cinema too.

prad3 33 cinema 02 prad3 33 cinema 01

Couldn’t stop laughing at the cinema scene.

prad3 33 03

Wakana is so cute.

prad3 33 14

Hey hey HEEY. Her “thank you totssaan” was nice too.

prad3 33 04prad3 33 05prad3 33 06 wakana fullprad3 33 07prad3 33 09 wakana momprad3 33 08

Wakana is so cute. Her mom is cute too.

prad3 33 10 prad3 33 11prad3 33 12

Wakana is so cute.

prad3 33 15prad3 33 16prad3 33 17prad3 33 18 ann you wa shock full

Well, can’t say I didn’t see it coming.

I don’t have anything to say about the episode besides that it’s another episode typical of Rainbow Live, with drama and barely any comedy. Not that I dislike it, but if it was s1/s2, it would have both the drama and comedy. Can’t stress this enough. That’s why I call it a typical RL ep.
I can’t help but feel Ann is like a plot device for Wakana but in form of a character. Not sure if what I want to say is clear, but I mean that every time Ann gets screentime or does something, it’s for Wakana’s development’s sake. I’m still hoping it’ll change, now that the scene at the end of the episode finally happened. Sadly the scene didn’t have much impact on me as I was actually wondering how come it didn’t happen yet. I always wanted Wakana to win Kazuki since I like her more than Ann, and also because a side of me wants Ann to have the most miserable love life in RL because she looks a ton like Rizumu and Rizumu had the most successful love life etc. Speaking of which, the way how Kazuki is wearing a sweater these days, and how Wakana came to meet him at the place he trains made me remember how Rizumu would hang out with Hibiki at his secret training place, wearing his sweater.
Nothing is over yet though. Ann can win. I hope Kazuki brings in his own twist and says he actually likes Rinne though. I mean, I’m pretty sure he only likes Ann as a childhood friend/little sister, so maybe that’s true for Wakana too. Either way I like these kinds of episodes, even if the comedy and character side of things is still lacking. I’m looking forward to next week too as Naru will finally get some screentime unless she’s hijacked by Rinne.

EDIT: Something I forgot to mention. Wakana’s dad said they’ll move to Singapore in a month. In Pretty Rhythm, time inside the show coincides with IRL time. For example, if we’re the week which includes the last day of October, that week will be the halloween ep. You can check as episode 30 is the halloween focused episode in all three seasons. I was thinking that if Wakana really moves, it’ll be at the end of the show. However in a month, it’ll be in 4-5 episodes, meaning the show won’t be over yet. And the last cour/eps 39-51 will take place in winter-spring. So unless they change the way they do things, you can be certain Wakana won’t move. Just wanted to point this out. Though to be honest, it’ll be a nice twist if she actually moves, but there’s a 1% chance it’ll happen.

On twitter:

prad3 dvd box 05 prad3 dvd box 04 prad3 dvd box 03 prad3 dvd box 02 prad3 dvd box 01

Pics of the upcoming DVD box.

prad3 boys tirol chocolate

Rainbow Live boys’ Tirol Chocolate. These are for the staff. Maybe they’ll commercialize them later like with the rollcakes.

prad3 ito naru ann furballs from kirietta twitter

Someone on twitter made these.

There’s a book on the show titled “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book/ プリティーリズム・レインボーライブ アニメ公式ガイドブック” that will be released the 16th of December. It’ll be 160 pages, with interviews with the staff, stories about the anime’s creation, interviews with each main character’s seiyuu, color illustrations by Okama, and other things. There’s no pics of it yet. I think I’ll order it later since it’s not too pricey, 2700 yen.

6 thoughts on “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 33

  1. Holly

    I was wondering, where can you watch it subbed? And personally, I like Wakana WAY better because I feel like she has overcome more challenges than Ann (is this a legit reason) 🙂

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      I watch the show raw actually, I can understand Japanese a bit. The first two seasons were unsubbed when they were airing (sometimes some episodes were uploaded on youtube with subs but with really low quality and I wanted to watch it in hd) so I’ve always been watching it raw. There was even a period when I actually had to watch it on youtube/himado etc because raws weren’t getting released anymore by zero/leopard raws etc.
      Besides Naisho right now I don’t think anyone else is subbing RL so wait for them to release.
      I also feel this way toward Wakana.

      1. Karen

        You can also watch them at
        They first put out the raw version, then the next day it’s subbed.
        I’ve always watched them there. (even Aurora Dream)

    2. PrettyRhythmFan+Kazuki x Wakana

      Same here! I personally would like Kazuki to state that he likes Wakana so that they can have a happy relationship… but oh well.

  2. PrettyRhythmFan+Kazuki x Wakana

    Oh yeah, me too Karen. rocks, they sub all the episodes. Only the last few episodes from Dear My Future are still raw…


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