Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 39

prad3 39 02

Really hilarious and awesome episode. Pretty much everything I like about Pretty Rhythm.

prad3 39 04

The Bell kappa doll looks hilarious.

prad3 39 05

Pretty funny how they only showed the guys bathing, and went SOUND ONLY for the girls.

prad3 39 09

They did show Bell (and Bell + Naru later) though.

prad3 39 06prad3 39 07


Seriously this scene is a masterpiece by itself. With that Pride insert, that laugh and THAT RAINBOW. Couldn’t stop laughing.

prad3 39 10

Hiro is so tsuntsun. He told Kazuki and Kouji that they’re wasting their talent, only using it for themselves, instead of bringing happiness to others. Right now, he feels guilty about everything he did. He just can’t tell Kouji outright that he likes his songs and wants more people to listen to them. He also called them cowards, Kazuki in particular, because he’s hiding behind his “freedom” way of living, and telling stuff like “I’m not doing tournaments because I don’t want to be bound by them”. Hiro said he lacks courage. The courage to meet the expectations of thousands of spectators, all alone on stage. What Hiro does everyday. “Don’t underestimate idols, Nishina Kazuki!! If you do this with half hearted feelings, you’ll be crushed by the pressure” Gotta admit Hiro was really cool there. That “You can’t be a true idol if you aren’t a true hero” line was really cool. They should introduce a hot blooded idol in Aikatsu! and make her say stuff like that. I hope I manage to watch some Aikatsu before my vacation ends. I stopped at 43 or so. I want to watch at least till episode 50 as I started writing a review post about the first season and can’t finish it as of now.
Hiro even said the “We aren’t trying to become victors, but heroes” line. Did he recharge his PRIDE batteries from hugging Bell last week? I didn’t think he’d make such a huge comeback. I also didn’t think Hiro would be the one to ignite Kazuki and Kouji’s will to do something big. Because I’m pretty sure they’ll form a trio together, or reform Hiro x Kouji. That whole speech was basically Hiro’s disguised invitation to them.

prad3 39 11

I never said it but come to think of it, it seems like Tanaka is a friend of Kouji, since he’s almost always with him, plus Kouji invited him. They go to the same school too since Tanaka also wears the same uniform.

prad3 39 01


Hiro warned Bell about Jin. About how he’ll try to crush her until she obeys him instead of acting of her own, if she comes to loose against Juné at the Winter White Session.

prad3 39 12

Rinne giving her chawanmushi to Naru was her way of telling her goodbye. Also notice how she got when to say “thank you” now. A sign showing she completely regained her emotions&common sense now, and maybe even her memories?

prad3 39 13 prad3 39 14 prad3 39 15

Burst out laughing, couldn’t stop laughing, again. Also, when the old lady said “it’ll be Kappapi’s show” I thought it would be two kappas with Serena and Kanon’s voices doing manzai. Not sure which would have been the most awesome and funny.

prad3 39 16 prad3 39 17

That episode was pure service for people liking hair down.

prad3 39 18


Kouji’s “Our families’ time has stopped” line made me think of DMF’s ending. That was one of the themes of the final prism act.

prad3 39 19

The episode wasn’t a rewind episode, was funny&had plot. It pretty much exceeded all my initial expectations (before reading stuff about the xmas event because then I already knew it wouldn’t be a rewind)

prad3 39 20

Rinne looks really really good with the dress. The shot of her wearing it in the OP doesn’t do it justice. The colors looks so good with the proper lightning.

prad3 39 rinne star splashprad3 39 rinne prism live 01

Her shoes too look very pretty. I really like that attire in general. Would be cool if we could see Juné wearing Rinne’s version of the dress.

prad3 39 rinne kirameki future star 01prad3 39 rinne kirameki future star 02prad3 39 rinne kirameki future star 03prad3 39 rinne kirameki future star 04

HEEEEEEEY IT’S MIA’S JUMP!!! Another piece of fanservice for those who’ve seen DMF. Rinne isn’t a brute like Mia so she gracefully broke the star instead of punching through it. I like Mia, I’m just kidding. Also her smile there is really cute.

prad3 39 22

Speaking of Dear My Future, that scene had a lot of similarities with a certain scene of DMF. The shocked faces there were much more, well shocking though. Those who’ve seen it knows what I’m talking about, not gonna spoil. Wakana’s “There’s no way we can win” made me lol. Ann Wakana and Ito Oto aren’t going to win that’s for sure. As for Naru and Bell, I’d say they have a 1/2 chance of winning. Nice thing they didn’t show immediately Rinne & Juné doing a duo, my body wouldn’t have been able to take it. We’ll have to wait three more episodes to see it. Though maybe the 4th OP will have a bit of CG footage of their duo performance. I know it’ll be in three episodes because episode 40 is Wakana & Ann. This means 41 will be  Ito Oto and 42 will be Naru & Bell plus possibly the beginning of Rinne & Juné.
Starting next episode the girls will also wear their winter-spring clothes. We’re already getting into the last cour… Time flies.

I think I can see most of the ending now. At least the first part of the last cour. I can’t quite figure out yet how things will go after the Winter White Session. Also, since it seems like Rinne went to Juné by herself and didn’t get brainwashed/kidnapped/disappeared, I think I have a rough idea of her relation with Juné now. I’m pretty sure next episode will have another hint again so maybe we’ll be able to figure it out completely.

I don’t really believe in my “Rinne and Juné are the same person” theory anymore. What I think is that Rinne has something to accomplish with Juné and she finally remembered it. She gave her chawanmushi to Naru as a parting gift. Maybe the time has come for them to accomplish their destiny and Juné told her they need to do it and return to the Prism World. We’ll see.

We never ever saw Kazuki loose his cool yet. He did just a bit in this episode when confronting Hiro.  If he ever looses it badly, it’ll be with the confessions next week. What if  he actually realizes that Wakana and Ann likes him but doesn’t want to admit it? When he said that “Hiro may be right, maybe I’ve been running away all this time”, I’m pretty sure he was not only thinking about Prism Shows, but about the love triangle as well. Else they wouldn’t make the episode right after about it. If it happens, they’re going to do in two episodes (39 & 40) what Kodaka did in 13 episodes, (and God knows how many volumes in the novel version) It’ll also be ten times better. Yes, my expectations for the last cour are that high.

prad3 39 03

The funny old lady was voiced by Kumai Motoko, she did Itsuki’s voice. Also Nekochi.

I hope you guys’ body is ready for that final cour ride. Next episode is in two weeks, the 11th.
Gonna check twitter later.

8 thoughts on “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 39

  1. Holly

    I find the title of the next episode really interesting! “Double Confession, I love you, Senpai!!” GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! So the first confession is obviously going to be Wakana and the other is probs Ann because Kazuki is both their senpais…… WHO WILL HE CHOOSE??????? THE GAME’S AFOOT!!!!

      1. rockmanshii Post author

        If you got yaoi goggles (is that a thing?) Hiro x Kazuki already happened in episode 31 with the dance battle, Hiro=uke, Kazuki=seme, right?

      2. Holly

        I can actually kinda agree to that, although my fave character is Wakana. I watched the raw version of episode and even though I didn’t understand any of it, Wakana and Ann do _____ duo jumps. Just watch it. NO SPOILERS COMING FROM ME!!!

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