Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live: no episode this week so only posting stuff from twitter

prad3 artist ennn beru wakana otoha xmas cosplay

Since someone drew this pic it seems my translation of what happened during the xmas live isn’t too off.

Stuff that was tweeted since the xmas event ended:

prad3 xmas event postcard boys prad3 bell rose postcard xmas event prad3 happy rain postcard xmas event

Kato Emiri twitted the postcards sold at the event.

prad3 xmas event venue pic

Another picture of the venue where the xmas event was held.

prad3 boys cardboard

The cardboard panel with the boys from the xmas event is now at the Prism Stone Shop of Harajuku.

prad3 xmas event 2014 Tomatsu Haruka posing with a Bell cardboard panel after the event.

Tomatsu Haruka posing with a Bell cardboard panel after the event.

prad3 stones juné rinne clothes

A set containing the stones of the clothes Juné and Rinne wears in their duo was released. It also has a memory pass so it’s perfect for beginners at the arcade game. It’s not really relevant to me or most people reading this, as we don’t play the arcade game, but I just wanted to post another pic of Juné and Rinne.

There’s another Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live survey for december. It closes the 10th of January. You can complete it if you can read Japanese a bit or spend a good amount of time with google translate. Filling in stuff like address or phone number isn’t mandatory so you can do it even if you’re outside Japan. It’s a general survey about Pretty Rhythm, so there’s questions about the anime, like who’s your favorite character, but also about the arcade game, like what mode do you play the most etc.

Director actually deleted tweets again. Mostly the ones right after the event, with people tweeting him thanks and him answering etc. It seems there was some rude tweets or something so he deleted them.  He actually warned people first though and said you should make a log of it if you want to keep them because he’ll remove them soon. I didn’t get to see them but apparently someone was rude to him.  He also said that starting now he’ll just block people if they annoy him.

Someone tweeted to the director he really likes what he does, and wants to work in animation too and become his disciple. Director answered him by giving him a piece of advice, he said the most important thing to get to work in Sunrise is to have your driver’s license. That was back in his young days though. (He used to work at Sunrise).
I think he said that because  you gotta go from one studio to another, or because you’re gonna spend all your life there, and by the time you’re done with your work public transports don’t run anymore.

The Duo Song collection single will be released the 19th of February. It’ll have each duo’s song (except Rinne and Juné’s song) and it will also have 3 audio dramas about each duo chatting before going on stage. The limited edition will contain a DVD with the live performances from the xmas event.

Producer of the show Ohno Kazuhisa tweeted that for episode 39, they first drew a cell of Hiro without wearing the towel, and that they added it later. They drew Bell and Naru directly with towels though.

prad3 wataru reference

Director retweeted this. Someone noticed that the sign in the background is a Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru reference. If you read the sign in the background backwards, you get Wataru’s catchphrase that he says at the end of each episode preview: “はっきしいっておもしろかっこいいぜ!” I need to watch Wataru one of these days. It’s one of the show that I never saw even though it aired here.
Come to think of it, during that scene when momo got out of the artificial body, Kouji and Kazuki didn’t even react.

Pics drawn by Odeco/Matsuura Mai:

odeco twitter prad3 kazuki 25 odeco twitter prad3 hiro naru rinne headmasks odeco twitter prad3 kouji horseback archery odeco twitter prad3 boys new years 01 odeco twitter prad3 hiro xmas boot odeco twitter prad3 xmas beru otoha boot odeco twitter prad3 boys xmas odeco twitter prad3 hiro santa odeco twitter prad hibiki odeco twitter prad3 boys new years 02

She also retweeted this:

prad3 hiro happy rain same pose

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