4th season of Pretty Rhythm announced: Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection

prad 4th season cardboard

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EDIT FROM THE FUTURE: Turned out it was just a recap season, so disappointing. Left the post as is for conservation sake.

Turns out we were right to expect news about it now. Just like every year since the anime started, they announced the new season at the end of January. It’ll start the 5th of April. This means just like the previous seasons, Rainbow Live is 51 episodes.

prad4 visual aira

The new season is titled “Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection” and is a crossover between the three first seasons.

prad4 visual mia

That explains why the movie is a compilation with all the characters. The movie is titled “Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection Prism Show☆Best Ten”, it’s getting released in March, one month before the new season. It’s all part of the same “All Star” project, and the movie’s purpose is to introduce the previous characters to those who haven’t seen Aurora Dream and/or Dear My Future. The movie is the golden hoe that will till the land of little girls to sow the 4th season. The movie’s official site is here. Only info about the movie’s staff now is that it’s Tatsunoko like always and that Akao Deko is doing the script.

prad movie visual Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection Prism Show☆Best Ten

Movie key visual.

And here I was getting all sad, thinking I’d have to say goodbye to all the Rainbow Live characters. If it’s really an actual crossover like I want, my hype is never ending. Wasn’t sure whether I’d blog the new season but now I’ll blog it for sure. Am I finally getting my main character piloting a skating dimension sliding mecha, meeting all the characters from the previous seasons, and fighting final boss Akai Meganee in a Qubeley using Prism Stones as funnels?!?

creamy mami post artist moai


The new heroine you can see in the first picutre is pretty much Creamy Mamy but with twintails. She even got the mic too. I really like Creamy Mami, saw some of it when I was a kid, and saw a few episodes here and there since then. It’s one of those shows I’m planning to watch properly from beginning to end.

prad4 visual naru

Anyway, I already like the new heroine thanks to that. I remember back when Rainbow Live was announced,  the director said it’ll be his last Pretty Rhythm season, after which he’ll be “graduating” from it, and for that reason he and the staff would try to make Rainbow Live the best season ever. Time sure flies.
And well about that, I love Rainbow Live, but I don’t think they managed to pull it off so far. Maybe the last few episodes will make me change my mind. In any case the first half of the show wasn’t better than the first half of Dear My Future. It was great and almost as good sometimes, but not better. As of Rainbow Live’s 2nd half, it has been stuck in this “almost as good” state and only had a few instances ( like episode 32) of “just as good as DMF”. We should see how the ending turns out soon and I still have high expectations for the last cour, so I still think they can pull it off.

prad4 visual shin kara not creamy mami

Starting April they’ll update the arcade game with the “All Star Selection” stuff and they’ll also launch a new “Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection” manga in Puchigumi magazine.

prad4 visual artist michiyo kikuta

Key visual for the manga.

There’s gonna be info about the staff of the new season sometime later I guess. Like I already said the director isn’t staying. I have no idea about the rest of the staff. I hope the whole CG team stays. If so we’ll get to see Aurora Dream’s Prism Jumps and Dear My Future’s Prism Acts with the CG quality of Rainbow Live. The staff on twitter, director included, haven’t said anything yet about the announcement.

24 thoughts on “4th season of Pretty Rhythm announced: Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection

  1. HaruneAiraForever

    Oh my gosh! YESH! I love the pretty rhythm series! I can’t wait till the 4th season comes out! I’m so excited to see Aira again cause she’s my fav character.

  2. IvaniSamaTVHD

    SO AWESOME!!!!!! I’M SO HYPED FOR THE RAINBOW LIVE FINALE!. I see that the new girls doesn’t have Skates… I hope this doesn’t become Aikatsu 2.0 then the prism jumps will not make sense.

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Yeah I noticed that too. I don’t think it’ll happen but I hope the fact that she holds a mic isn’t a hint that it’ll focus more on singing only and scrap the rest. I really really doubt it’ll happen but we’ll see when there’s more info out.

      Now that I think about it again, even if we assume the new heroine doesn’t skate, the others will anyway so I’m worrying over nothing. They won’t remove skating.

  3. pinktaleanime

    Pretty Rhythm All Stars??? You gotta be kidding me, I’m freakin dying to see that new season, the new heroine is kinda like the mixter of aira,,mia and naru.Well, Hopes for a good show! Thanks for the news

    P.S.- I hope theirs more rivals!

  4. winterbells1

    Oh god I can already see the movie! Aira being clumsy as always (that’s what i like about her though), mia trying to move everyone forward at top speed without paying any attention to the things around her and naru just kinda watching in amazment and kinda freaking out XD. It’s gonna be the best movie EVER!

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      I’m looking forward to seeing the characters interact with each other too. Mia and Aira know each other but seeing how they include Naru will be fun. Plus Naru is similar to Aira in many ways.

      1. Jan Z Talawe

        Well your fantasies have failed you, didn’t it.. It is cruel why they would do this to us. It has been a very successful anime, yet so limited. The work for the anime was not yet finished in any way. It had great potential. As I can see here many have had good ideas for the anime, yet the staff did not even bother to read our ideas and even ended the anime. i feel pessimistic about Puri Para, but might as well watch it, if it has been to end PR.

  5. Tanuki

    :O!, GENIAL *o*, la estaré esperando, espero no dejen de lado a PURETTY (me gustaban mucho como equipo al igual como sus canciones :3), ya que en si las estelares eran las Prizmmy x.x. bueno, a esperar nomas que nos presentan, igual que genial que se combinen todas :).

  6. Aliya

    That sounds great but I’m confused. Are they gonna have Aira from the time she was in aurora dream or the time she was in dear my future? If it’s dear my future, then didn’t she give up prism shows and decide to go into fashion with Shou? And if its the 1st seasons Aira, then she wouldn’t know Mia or anyone from dear my future, so wouldn’t that season be completely meaningless in this?

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      I have no idea either. The Aira on the promo is her younger Aurora Dream self, but I guess they had to do that to have each heroine represent each season.
      In any case if I find news about I’ll post it.

    2. hey

      I think she didn’t. Yes she was with Shou in New York, and went into fashion. But I’m pretty sure she didn’t mention giving up on Prism Shows. She could be like Shou, being a designer and performing at the same time. They should have continued the DMF season.

  7. bluebell_rose

    it should be the 2nd season aira. Proably 2nd season I hope. Aira may have given up prism shows but her mascot is in trouble and aira needs to go back to save her mascot’s world then aira will return. But knowing toei, they’ll bring the 1st season aira, like in digimon, they brought 1st seasion tai and gang instead of the 2nd season version, in which they were busy as heck trying to fight the darkmasters and myotisimon and his many evolutions and again to digmon xros wars. Doesn’t exactly make sense there anyways since kari and tk were part of both seasons.and fighting the same guy they fought in the 1st season. I swear toei doesn’t make sense sometimes. I know toei wants to represent the different seasons but toei still needs to worry about plot holes and overlapping characters. I mean part of the 2nd season for pretty rhythm was saving the brainwashed aira.

  8. Rui-chan

    You can hardly call this a new season. They’re just rerunning past shows with commentary from the four main characters. It’s irritating. I thought we’d be getting a fresh batch of pretty rhythm and yet they seem to have denied my expectations.

  9. Jan Z Talawe

    All your expectations won’t be met. As Rui – chan said, the 4th season was overall a refresher to those who watched it, and a summary of the first three seasons for those who have yet to see the anime. A first I thought it would be a 51 – episode anime with new characters intended to be mixed in with the previous character. Unfortunately the staff only had a plan A, to go through what they planned, and either the anime would be successful or not, they would only limit themselves to making 3 seasons, and the 4th as a homage to the anime and a summary. They had no plan B, what their plans will be if the anime were to be successful or a Plan C, if the anime would spiral downwards costing them money. For me the anime had a lot of potential. I think that the writer was smart to do something hinting the audience that there would be a second season of the anime, and he/ she could have done the same to the ending of the second and third season.

    Now for this Puri Para, as we have seen that the protagonists of the first three seasons of the Pretty Rhythm anime formed a group some time after the events of Rainbow Live, served as a connection to its sister anime, I think all of us would hope that there would be some kind of connection and/ or interaction to the characters of Pretty Rhythm. I have high hopes for the latter episodes of the Puri Para, since it has started airing. Here is what I think, or what I would like to think for the future of this anime:

    1. After Lala has been the “superstar performer ” of this Puri Para thing that they have on going, I think that some time in the Prism World Aira and the others would seek knowledge from Lala on how to “evolve” Prism Shows, because no one recognizes and watches it anymore. As a payback for what Aira and the others have done to Lala ( in the 4th season Lala was seeking help from the three Prism Stars to become a prism star, ) Lala will pay them back by helping them as well.

    Anyway I think I was just too desperate to bring back Aira and the others, and I think everyone here would want Aira and the others to be back as badly as I want, but my theory here might be a helpful idea to the writer of Pretty Rhythm and Puri Para. I think both of these anime had the same writers. So yeah, I hope that these expectations that I have for Puri Para will be granted by the staff… Since my expectation for PR failed miserably.. Ugh. Anyway, i really would like to suggest this this to the writer, since I want to see Aira and the others again. I never really understood why the staff of Pretty Rhythm ended the anime, since it was so successful.. Well anyway, this has been a long message, but anyway, thank you for reading.

  10. cristina sacay

    i want a season 2nd of pretty rhythm rainbow live. Only that please make another… pretty pretty please

  11. yunsu

    Me too I can’t believe at to see it although don’t want Chris Kaname to be loved by someone it would be very weird that Chris Kaname love in some one it would be a interning part


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