Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 48

prad3 48 00

Without even considering all the great character development, character interaction, romance, story, and whatever else, Pretty Rhythm is the best show airing for 3 years now just for the fact you can see girls RIDING LIONS AND JUMPING OFF MOUNTAINS.

prad3 48 01 prad3 48 02 prad3 48 03

With this episode we got some backstory and development for every parents character now. While this is the final arc, it’s nice how they didn’t forget about them until the end, as expected of Pretty Rhythm. This is as much as a final arc as a parents arc. Multiple focus etc.

prad3 48 04

From her way of speaking, this doesn’t surprise me. She used to wear the make up back then too. Come to think of it that make up does gives a Sukeban feel. I love how Ethni slept through almost all the scene and didn’t care about everything.

prad3 48 05

Tadashi pretty much went from worst dad to best dad. Even shouting FREEDOM.

prad3 48 06

Wakana is super cute.
Tadashi crying after seeing Wakana made me remember Aira’s dad Hiroshi and how he cried so much when he saw her at the Prism Queen Cup in AD episode 50. It wasn’t in episode 50, but the first time he saw Aira do a Prism Show he also said something along the lines of “my daughter is shining so much!!” just like Tadashi did.

prad3 48 13


Hira Hira Hiraku Koi no Hana is one of Aira’s jumps. Tokimeki Memory Leaf is one of Mion’s. There isn’t really a pattern from which previous heroine they take their jumps from. They just made them do what fits their personality and development the most.

prad3 48 wakana riding a lionprad3 48 14

KING OF JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNGLE. Thought it wasn’t, but heavily inspired from it. It was called Kakusei Open My Flower.

That lion’s whiteneess makes me think of Tezuka Osamu’s King Leo.
Totally knew Wakana would do it. Because Wakana’s style is ethnic and she’s a savage girl and Japanese are racist so they made the connection easily see? Wakana was even black in the early character designs. Because we all know that ethnic=Africa, and there’s nothing but barren land and Savannah in ALL of Africa, with lions everywhere rite?
(Yes it’s sarcasm, just in case. Sadly I gotta say the “Japanese are racist” part can be quite true though.)

prad3 48 15prad3 48 07 wakana panelprad3 48 16. wakana parentsjpg

Well I knew Wakana would crash. She’s bad under pressure, and they showed the scene of everyone shocked in last week’s jikai, and in it Bell didn’t change clothes yet, so you could tell.

prad3 48 08

Really nice shot of Bell.

prad3 48 09

Beef is soooooo cute. The person who drew this knows how you should draw cute 2D girls with today’s mainstream art styles. Not sure if you’ll get what I mean but whatever.
I wonder if that jump at the top is called KING OF BISON. There’s also Beef Splash.

prad3 48 10

“I’d like to see your dream.” Hiro told her the exact same thing as in whatever episode it was again. I was wrong about Kazuki x Wakana having a confession and I was wrong with Hiro and Bell too. Hiro didn’t end up confessing to her but at least now she finally realized he likes her, or started realizing it at least. Or maybe even started liking him.She blushed and all. Back when he hugged her she didn’t even blush or react. He said she doesn’t need him anymore as she’s hundred times stronger, nobler and beautiful compared to when they first met.

prad3 48 16 beru prad3 48 17 hiro beru

Come to think of it Bell’s theme with dreams is the reason why most of her jumps are called “mugen” something, and written with the kanji for “dream” and “illusion”,夢幻, unlike the “mugen hug” jumps, where the “mugen” there is written with the kanjis 無限, meaning unlimited.

prad3 48 11

Then Hiro said the exact words as in episode 26 when Bell did Mugen Prism Phoenix for the first time. There sure was a lot of lines repeating in Rainbow Live, all the way to the end. Hiro & Bell are probably the ones who did it the most too. It’s not a bad thing though, since they ended up being the most interesting and well written characters in the show.

prad3 48 18 kid beru

I couldn’t believe when watching it how well done Bell’s monologue during her performance was. The coordination between her words and her jumps was perfect. One of the things I really like in stuff I read/watch is when you can see how much the people working on it planned far ahead. (And in opposite I really don’t like when something happens without any prior indication that it could have happened, making it feel as if the writers didn’t know what to do. They days kids use a very vulgar expression for it which I will refrain from typing.)

prad3 48 19 prad3 48 20 beru live seventh coord ultimate

All the statues are lit now so I guess Naru can do Rainbow Live as soon as it’s her turn. Turns out Coo didn’t shout a nickname for Bell.

prad3-48-beru-sword is that a gundam last shoot reference

Sure feels Gundam there.
Anyway, what I meant above is that every jump of Bell is calibrated to her character development. They couldn’t have done this monologue scene unless they knew she’s do these jumps from the start, and if they planned everything that would happen till now from the start. Sure, she did Mugen Prism Phoenix after going that part of her development and it was in episode 26 so you can think they made this jump after thinking about that part of her development, but you still have to realize they knew what they were doing when they made her jump Jounetsu no Million Rose and Mugen Kaleidoscope all this time.
The other thing I liked about it is how it was touching even though it wasn’t anything really deep. And comparing to Wakana’s monologue which was the usual you can hear in shounens and sports shows about not being scared anymore blablabla, Bell’s one was pretty original. I’m actually not going to comment on it itself either since she literately says everything, and all the analogies are easy to understand. I don’t like doing something that would make someone reading think I’m taking them for idiots.

prad3 48 beru unicorn

Bell didn’t do a single old jump. Come to think of it, she’s the only girl in the show who only has totally new jumps. Jounetsu no Million Rose looks a bit like the other Spiral jumps, and the fifth one, Shinpan no Queen’s Gate, was heavily inspired from Serenon With K’s Prism Unicorn Destroy, but that’s it.
Otoha, Wakana, Ito and Ann all have previous jumps in their lineup. All of Rinne’s are old ones except Star Splash, Habatake Rainbow Tail and Shiny Star Fantasia. Juné too has some of MARs penultimate jumps. Naru’s Lovely Rainbow is from Aira and Kanon.
Only Bell doesn’t have a single old one.

prad3 48 beru 7 jump 01 prad3 48 beru 7 jump 02prad3 48 beru 7 jump 03

“SENSEI! TO WA NO VALKYRIE HEART!!” meaning the “Oath of the Valkyrie’s heart”.
I still can’t refrain myself from talking about that last jump though. At the beginning of the jump, the mountain she goes to at the end is right in front of her, yet she has to go through various trouble to attain it. The mountain represents Juné. All the places she traverses symbolizes how she just got in terms with trying to do something impossible (surpassing Juné) and stopped worrying about it, and managed to do it.  The way she says she doesn’t mind being laughed and mocked refers to her PRISM DIVE in episode 25. And then she says her new dream is for everyone to keep watching her.
And I just love how she doesn’t even look at the audience there. She’s impudent but has the skill the back it up. Only counting anime, Bell is the best character I saw in a while. (Well, also without counting anime not currently airing that I watch.)

prad3 48 50 prad3 48 51

Seems he still have some self loathing issues since he says she’s finally at a place where his hands can’t reach. He really do things the complicated way huh. Maybe she’ll be the one to reach out to him though, and confess. There’s still hope with the epilogue episode 51.

prad3 48 beru panel

That CG sequence was as incredible as the one at the penultimate episode of Dear My Future. Seriously that last jump is too incredible. Seems we’ll finally go beyond that in these three last episodes. Depending on how emotional next episode is, and how awesome Juné and Rinne’s shows are, RL may manage to surpass DMF if only for a little bit.

prad3 48 52

Jikai youkoku…

prad3 48 jikai 01 unemployed hijiri

Unemployed Hijiri who’s going to see Juné’s show.

I’m betting on Juné dying in Hijiri’s arms. Juné gonna burn her Cosmo above her limits and kill herself. Is she gonna be saved by penguin sensei or not? Will Hijiri answer her feelings? What if Rinne gets a change of heart and decides to fuse with her so she doesn’t die?
If Pretty Rhythm was like any other kids shows I wouldn’t even ask myself these questions, but as it’s not… There’s actually a very huge chance of Juné dying. I hope I can watch the episode next week. But yeah I’m betting on her dying. Someone’s definitely dying next week.
Even without a penguin Juné can probably do a Prism Live, just like Rinne did during the whole show.

Random stuff

prad3 hiro bingo

Hiro Bingo. Not sure who did it and forgot where I found it either. I think Twitter (maybe it’s in the image name). It has panels like “showing shota hiro” or “being sexually harassed by Norizuki Jin” (cuz yeah that’s a long running joke on 2ch PR threads along with Hiro being gay and being the 2nd coming of Yong Hwa aka Yonhomo) or “eating his glasses”, “Dance Battle” saying “GOOD NIGHT” or “KOUJI!!”etc etc. Basically all of his memorable lines and scenes.

Also, last week, I was talking about how Kouji’s dad used to cook. I didn’t notice he was teaching Kouji cooking too.

prad logo seifuku densetsu pretty fighters logo

Someone pointed out on twitter the logo of Pretty Rhythm kinda looks like the logo of a game called Seifuku Densetsu Pretty Fighter. They both have the words pretty and decided to draw it, “プリテイ”, the same way. The game isn’t even by Takara or Tommy but Imagineer. Unless someone from there went to Takara Tommy after working on that game(and I can’t verify that because it’d take time and I don’t feel like it) and worked on Pretty Rhythm, I think it’s just a coincidence.

shop lining up every idol shows realted stuff excluding prad

Someone posted this pic in the 2ch thread. Made me laugh. Seems some shop put together all the idol stuff they had in the same place, excluding Pretty Rhythm, meaning they don’t consider it an idol show, just like me. Or it could mean it’s not popular enough and they didn’t have any Pretty Rhythm related goods. There could be tons of other reasons, and like I already said once I don’t really care either way and I’m not gonna argue about whether it’s a idol show or not. But I just found this pic really funny. In other terms, I’m a kid who loves to be different from others, and I’m happy my super favorite special show Pretty Rhythm isn’t included there, meaning it’s special too.

Staff on twitter

CG Director said that this episode has the longest CG sequence time in the history of Pretty Rhythm.
The Director took the example of Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 47 as comparison. It had four Prism Shows, but the total CG sequence length is still inferior to Rainbow Live 48 by a small margin.

Director said he didn’t think he’d be a director one day of a long show like and that he never even dreamed about it. Now that he’s finished with it soon he said he’s going to take some time off to decide what he should do next. Also his favorite animation director(animation director =/ director) is Yasuhiko Yoshikazu ever since he watched Gundam. Something like that.
I don’t really know how to explain it, but while I feel I got what he means, I got a really hard time translating it because of the way Japanese people are so humble and so roundabout about stuff sometimes.

Also he said in the movie there’s a scene with Magical Mion so if you like her you should definitely watch it. He said it’s the scene that made people laugh the most at the premiere.

prad movie lala rinne naru mia aira postcard

(not like this concerns the majority of us but whatever, again. I need to explain where the pic comes from after all.) People who go see the movie needs to keep their movie ticket, because if you go to one of the Prism Stone shops and show it to the staff, they’ll send you this postcard. Rinne in a yukata is cute.

Asumi Kana, Enoki Azusa and Hara Sayuri prad movie

Asumi Kana, Enoki Azusa and Hara Sayuri (Aira, Mion and Rizumu’s seiyuus) posing at the movie premiere venue. Frankly, I can’t tell who is who, hahahaha. Though I gotta admit it’s more like because I don’t even want to try. I think I know Asumi Kana’s face at least.

prad3 hiro pics in a animate shop in hiroshima

Someone posted this pic from the Animate shop in Hiroshima. Come to think of it you can’t take pictures in 90% of Japanese shops so I guess every pic like that I find on twitter must’ve been taken pretty sneakily. Sadly the person said the movie doesn’t have any airing date in Hiroshima!!
They announced new dates though, and it will be screened in Hiroshima too. Now if only they’d announce it for Okinawa… Poor Katja.

prad3 odeco after ep 48

What Odeco drew  this week.

prad movie premiere signed ad prad movie premiere signed prizzmy live

A pic of a signed ad of the movie at the theater showing the premiere. And a pic of Prizzmy’s live before the movie. There’s only three of them, and the two dancing girls behind. I think I read Mia(as in the real one in Prizzmy) was absent because she fell sick and caught influenza or something.

prad movie start picture

I think in three weeks or so when I’ll be less busy, maybe I’ll do a post about the movie with all the info and pics of the premiere people posted on twitter etc. And maybe some spoilers if I can find some.  Basically a post similar to what I did with the xmas event.

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    1. rockmanshii Post author

      They didn’t give any date for now.
      Usually anime movies get released on DVD and put on the net around 5-6 months after their movie release so I guess it’ll be the same for the Pretty Rhythm movie.


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