Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 49

prad3 49 04

This sure was sad. Just as awesome as last week but in another ways. Still at the level of DMF’s ending, but not surpassing it.
(Not gonna post many pics cuz I’m busy. The problem when I watch Pretty Rhythm is that I can’t help but write about it. I could spare 20 minutes to watch it sure, but not the ~2h as usual to write a post and read twitter etc.)

Boys screaming BURNING. Well, even if they ever do a Prism Show together, seems they won’t do a trio unit. They said they want to compete against each other. Kouji will still do a Prism Show right?? There’s two episodes left so it’ll happen right? It would be cool if next week, everyone, even Kouji and Rei get their moment to shine and help get the prism radiance back.

Rinne told Juné that without Starn she can’t do a Prism Live and won’t even be able to go past 4 jumps. I guess the fact that Rinne could still do Prism Live throughout the show without Starn is because she had more Prism radiance than her? Or because she was the acknowledged prism messenger? Or because she was alongside Naru and she used Naru’s penguin’s power? I don’t know. I think it’s probably the later. It’s not important anyway and I’m reading too much into it. Juné was pretty sure of herself before Rinne gave her Starn so maybe she would have still pulled it off. She was planning to use up all her life for it after all.

prad3 49 rinne juné animation error shoulder strap 1prad3 49 01prad 1st outfit of aira outfit gif

Juné’s outfit is a blue recolor of Aira’s very first outfit in Aurora Dream. There was also a small animation error: in the un-zoomed shot right before the pic I took, they forgot to draw the strap above her right shoulder. As for why she’s wearing this outfit, I think it’s fanservice/homage again just like Bell’s outfits in Mugen Prism Phoenix. It doesn’t have any deep meaning. I’m really happy they even showed us when Juné got in the RL world. Following the hint said by Peacock Sensei in episode 44, my guess was right about Penguin sensei being the first penguin who accompanied Juné to the RL world. Pen chan sensei said that the person he’s looking for is in this world. This takes places in a different world than AD and DMF, and all the worlds are linked by the Prism World.
We already knew RL definitely takes places after AD and DMF since Momo in episode 14 references the “ultimate jumps and acts” that happens at the end of AD and DMF, and that they could be done thanks to Rinne propagating Prism Radiance.
Now we not only know RL takes places in another world, but a loooot of time after too. Pen chan sensei said Tanaka is Yamada’s reincarnation in the RL world. His “destined person” like he uses to call him. Also, this means that not only the Rinnes, but the mascots are immortals too. Else he still wouldn’t be around. I guess Akai Meganee doesn’t age either.

I think since Juné promised she would go back to the Prism World, Penguin sensei put some kind of magic on Juné or whatever, that would make her automatically go back. She broke one of her wings so she doesn’t automatically go back to the Prism World.
Or I’m saying nonsense and she just broke her wing so she can’t go back. This also perturbed Rinne’s arrival as you’ve seen. In any case I’m really happy about the fact they finally explained why Rinne crashed, or the deal with Hijiri’s mom. I just love the way they answer all the questions you could think of like that.

prad3 49 juné mion outfitprad 40 mion dress

That one is Mion’s outfit from episode 40 of Aurora Dream.

prad3 49 juné dear crown shi yoon tshirt prad2 shi yoon koren girls

The Dear Crown T shirt and skirt Shi Yoon once wore.

prad3 49 02

Just like the previous pictures, that’s a reference to a certain character, there was the exact same cliff and scene in DMF. I can’t say more without spoiling the ending of DMF. I think I even already said too much.

prad3 49 koutei enbu junéprad2 26 koutei enbu kei

Koutei Enbu, that’s one of the jumps Kei did. Out of all people, she did one of Kei’s jumps. Well the Aurora Rising too is technically Kei’s jump, she’s the oen who invented it. Juné really is amazing.

I think they should have shortened her monologue a bit, or put some of it before her performance. Because it was so long, they had to shorten her jumps, and it made the whole thing loose impact. That last jump was still really incredible though, she literally made the sun. At first when she started her last jump I smirked a bit because when she said “I’m going to love you until the last moment”, the way her line sounds made me think she said “I’m gonna love you to death”, which is extremely fitting right? I almost laughed out loud.

prad3 49 05


prad3 49 hijiri mom

Someone on the 2ch thread said a few months ago that maybe Hijiri doesn’t loves Juné because he sees her as a mother figure. This is pretty interesting as they revealed the appearance Juné took was inspired by his mom. It seems she decided to do this as she knew he longed for her. They have the same eye color and the same voice (Shishido Rumi). Small Hijiri is voiced by Ayane Sakura(Rinne). That’s funny.
When Juné told him that Prism Shows are the heart’s glitter, while it is something true and that would be natural for her to say, she probably actually knew that his mother told him the same thing once. And if his mom said that, she probably used to be a Prism Star too. I don’t remember if they actually said it or not and I don’t have the time to check it.

I got the answer to my question I asked myself a few episodes ago: If Juné already liked Hijiri from the start, and if he liked her too, or if she only started to get feelings for him later. They both loved each other at first sight. Juné didn’t say it because Penguin Sensei was monitoring her, Hijiri didn’t realize it until now.

Kou, (new Prism Association director and Jin’s dad in case you forgot) when seeing Juné’s final jump “Ai no Honoo, La flamme d’amour”. (1st part is the fire of love, Second part is the “flame of love” in French.) He said the name “Maria”. The only person I can think of is Hijiri’s mother. If he knew Hijiri’s mother it can explain why he got along with Hijiri so well back when he was a student at Edel Rose. Maybe that’s even why Hijiri could have joined Edel Rose. The Director said the answers about that are in the Guide Book and they didn’t explain it in the episode on purpose. Anyway, if my guess is right, it seems like that SUN SUMMONING thing was Hijiri’s mom signature move.

prad3 49 06

Hijiri holding a dying Juné in his arms and screaming. I imagined this scene so many times until now, and it finally happened. That sure was painful to watch. He sure screamed. Japan sure expresses violence in cartoons. Someone with great knowledge of Japan once told me one of the reasons they can show blood or fights etc just fine in shows for kids is that kids over there are more perceptive about what’s real and what is not, which is why it never generated any problems and why this isn’t censored or anything. This would be censored so much here. Not many countries beside Japan would have ever showed a character screaming in pain because he strained himself jumping, even though his leg is injured. Juné with her hair down looks beautiful. I think I like the drills more though.

Rinne confirmed that they get their memories erased whenever they switch worlds, whether they get into an accident like her or not.

prad3 49 juné panel

prad3 49 07

That scene was really emotional. Almost got teary eyed. Too bad her voice kinda killed it because it’s funny the way it resonates.

prad3 49 08

Well I knew for sure either Juné or Rinne would die. The question was whether Rinne would sacrifice herself or not. Even though in episode 43, Rinne TOLD Juné hard, saying that humans’ heart are empty and can lie easily and etc, she still cared about Juné’s love after all.
I think I get why she didn’t say anything about Juné loving Hijiri to Peacock Sensei or the others girls. She wanted to see if Hijiri would answer Juné’s feelings or not. If he didn’t she would proceed according to plan. But If he did she would save Juné because she feels sad for her. And yeah Hijiri, sure took some time for him to realize it… He did love Juné after all.

I have no idea if Naru and the others can revive Rinne or not. Even if she does, it’ll just create the same problem again. I’m also not sure about what will happen to Juné now. Maybe instead of giving her her powers, Rinne also made her human? Else she still needs to go back to the Prism World, or at least start propagating Prism Radiance again now that she has new powers. In any case the problem isn’t solved. I’m sure we’ll get these problems’ answers next week. I’m sure the boys, penguin sensei, and everyone will be able to do something. It would be cool to see Juné and Rinne too doing Rainbow Live with everyone.
Also, with Rinne actually dying, Naru can finally man up for real. It’s kinda sad she still didn’t have the development necessary for one not to feel it’s unfair if she wins. I used to feel that way about Aira too but then she got the eye of the tiger in AD episode 44 and I was totally fine about it. Aira didn’t have that much plot armor compared to Naru right now. I hope this changes next week. Next week is the penultimate episode. Only one episode left to see if they can make this finale better than DMF’s. Not counting episode 51 since it should be the epilogue.
Kinda sad we didn’t get to see Fish.

Random stuff:

Laala’s seiyuu Akaneya himika voiced one of the customers when Bell started her time as manager (episode 29)

On Twitter

prad3 beef or chicken or fish or chips

Director tweeted that Tadashi, (Wakana’s dad) works at a foreign stock company. That’s where Futaba used to work too and where they met. Just like you can see in episode 48.

He said to note how in the Guide Book it says that Hiro’s glasses aren’t for vision.
(He’s implicitly telling us Hiro was lying about the contacts making him cry.)

Like I pointed out myself above, director said Koutei Enbu is a jump from the previous seasons. It was done first by Kyouko in episode 13 of AD then by Kei in ep 26 of DMF. He said he used to learn French when he was a student, and in episode 13 of AD when Kyouko did it, it was written in French: “spectacle de la danse de l’empereur”. (It’s written correctly, impressive)

He said he watched Juné’s monologue tons of times and he’s happy Shishido Rumi did her voice. She did a miracle of a job with her.

He said the story about Hijiri and Jin and who is Maria etc is written in the Guide Book. He said they didn’t explain it in purpose in today’s episode, and if you know about it you’ll find the scene even more touching.(Yeah that’s what everyone would say about their own work, I know.) Though it has been a while now since the book is out, so maybe it spread on the net.
(I actually haven’t read most of the Guide Book yet. Mainly because I can’t read it without looking up almost every kanji and taking forever to do so. When I have the time I’ll read it to see if my guesses about Maria = Hijiri’s mom, former Prism Star, knew Kou etc are right or not. In any case I’m happy they thought about the back story this much.)

The sound director Nagasaki Yukio said he cried during the Juné scene. He’s happy he chose Shishido Rumi to play Juné.

prad3 music collection cover

Cover of the Music Collection box DX released. That’s the limited version of the box.

CG director said there’s ONE MORE NEW SONG BEFORE THE END. Is it Kouji’s prism show?!? Yeah I’m not getting my hopes up. If it’s Kouji’s show and his alone I think he’d just sing his own song, Reboot. It’s either a song for a boys trio show that will actually happen after all, or it’s a new song they’ll play for the Rainbow Live.
I haven’t checked Odeco and all of CG director’s tweets. I think I’ll do a separate twitter post for episode 49-51 because I’m way too tight on schedule this weekend and next week. Next week’s post will probably be super short with few pics as well.

9 thoughts on “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 49

  1. WXQE3382
    Do you know if this is the limited edition for the music collection with that new cover? It says DX but does not specify so I am confused.

  2. WXQE3382

    Thank you for your help with the DX artwork, I got it pre-ordered now.
    If you know, could you tell me who exactly is odeco_a if aobajo is the director? Is he the designer for the male characters? He seems to upload drawings of the male characters pretty often.

    I want to ask them if anyone from the staff would be willing to accept a commission of a large drawing for me but I’m not sure who to ask, nor how to ask.

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Odeco is a freelance animator. He works on the show and yes, he did the original character design for the three boys. Okama did the original chara design of the girls and everyone but Odeco was in charge of Kazuki, Kouji and Hiro.
      About the commission, I really doubt they take them but you shouldn’t give up something before trying. You could always tweet Odeco about it, since he’s freelance he might accept. Actually without even speaking about a commission, since he’s freelance and a cool person liking his job, if you tweet him something like “Seeing Hiro cosplay as a Gundam would be cool” or whatever, maybe he’ll draw it. The biggest hurdle is that you’ll have to do all this in Japanese though. And I can’t help with that.

      1. WXQE3382

        Thanks for the thoughtful reply.
        That gives me a lot more confidence, I will try to send a tweet soon.
        I obviously do not know much Japanese but I believe I should at least be able to send a coherent message with some effort.

        Time to go study some Japanese.

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