Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live episodes 49-51 staff tweets + news

artist shin prad3 49 juné post


What the show director, some staff people, and some fans tweeted these past three weeks. The director tweeted a lot of things about his work on Pretty Rhythm in general.
There’s also merchandise news if you’re interested. I’ll use this occasion to post some fanart too. This post is the longest one I ever wrote and has a lot of pictures so if we were back in 2001 I would have put “Slow modem warning” in the title.

Staff tweets
Other tweets

Goods & merchandise releases, news, etc

prad5 silouhettes idols

i☆Ris at the official reveal of Puri Para the 13rd of March. I didn’t watch the whole video.  I tried my best but couldn’t bear to listen to their overly acute voices. The only interesting thing I noted is that they showed the silhouettes of three other Puri Para characters besides the ones already revealed. Seems like there will be twin sisters.

prad3 singing event


The singing event from the 16th of March was a movie screening where you can come cosplayed, sing along the songs with everyone else and some of the seiyuus. There was also a quizz where you could win presents. Kids could get rare Prism Stones too. It was a success and they re-conducted it multiple times, each time with different sets of seiyuus. Some of the staff participated too, CG Director said he was super nervous when he attended. Kato Emiri(Naru) posted on her blog that it was super fun. They announced a new event for the 12th of April. If you’re in Japan and want to attend there’s everything you need to know on the movie’s official site.
A lot of news site like Yahoo japan etc wrote reports and interviewed the seiyuus at the events, but I didn’t read them all myself and there’s no way I’m spending time translating them. Director retweeted most of them.
Yahoo headlines
Getnews (this one has a lot of pics)

prad3 music collection cd special cover only at tower record machida

If you’re in Tokyo, if you reserve the Music Collection Album at the Tower Records shop in Machida, you’ll get this cover drawn by Okama as a bonus. You can only get it if you physically go there. The staff working at this Tower Record shop really liked Rainbow Live and often tweeted all the promotional events they did for the show along it’s run. They did decorations for the characters birthdays and such. I put some pics below in this post from them. There’s also going to be a event with the director and some of the staff at the shop the 10th of May to meet the fans.

Ayami’s graduation live at Odaiba. I’m not really a Prizmmy fan but this still brought back some memories. It’s already been more than two years now so maybe I’m wrong:
I remember that during Aurora Dream, in the live action segment at the end of the episodes, Prizmmy was only made of Mia, Reina and Karin. They would show them training their dance and singing skill, teaching the audience at the same time. Then, a nationwide audition was organized and Ayami won. She was introduced around the end of Aurora Dream and they announced their debut as Prizmmy, with Ayami being the fourth member. Then they did the 4th and last ED of Aurora Dream. I hope she finds real happiness and live happily.
A new member will join the group replacing Ayami starting the 5th of April.

prince animage spring 2014 cover

The 3rd of April, the Spring 2014 issue of Prince Animage was released. Seems it’s a  spinoff magazine of Animage magazine with a focus on male characters, appealing to fujoshis. This issue will have 6 pages about Rainbow Live, focusing on the boys Hiro, Kazuki and Kouji, but also about Hijiri, Rei and Jin. It has interviews and gravure photos of Hiro, Kazuki and Kouji’s Seiyuus, and a pin-up poster of them too. Director jokingly said there’s no gravure photos of him. It seems it’ll be interesting to male fans too, especially the Director’s interview.

prad3 kouji hiro diagram prince animage spring 2014

There’s also in it a diagram displaying the different relationships between the boys in Rainbow Live. The Hiro -> Kouji arrow says “Former best friend. Really likes him and want to monopolize him”. Director is the one who made this diagram.

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live DVD Box 2 will be released the 20th of June. CD Japan link. It’ll have episodes 27-51. They haven’t revealed the box cover yet, but they said it’ll have the boys on it.
Sorry if this is gonna be confusing, gonna try to make it simple…
The first press of the DVD Box will be a limited edition with bonuses. First press means you can only get it if you preorder it, which is why it’s often called “First Press Limited Edition”.

The First Press Limited Edition  will have:

  • A poster by Okama.
  • A bonus DVD with the full version of the boys’ Prism Show(see below)
  • Two postcards drawn by Okama featuring art from some of the rental DVDs covers.
  • Additional covers drawn by Okama for each DVD’s slipcase.

Moreover, if you order it at Animumo, you’ll get different covers for each DVD’s slipcase, drawn by Matsuura Mai (Matsuura Mai= Odeco, I only realized this recently)
The first DVD case will have Hijiri on it, second one will have Jin, third one will have Rei and fourth one will have the boys as cute little kids.

CG Director tweeted that the boys Prism Show in episode 51 is the short version and that they’re currently working on a full version that will be in the 2nd DVD Box’s bonus DVD. It will have a transformation sequence for all three boys, more jumps, and even Kouji will do a jump too.

prad3 music collection cover

Remainder that the Music Collection will be released the 23rd of April.
This one is easy as it has separately a regular edition and a limited edition, with DX in the name, so if you want all the bonuses just get the DX version. There’s only 9 copies left on CD Japan! The bonuses of the DX version include a DVD with Prism Show sequences.
If you preorder the DX version, you’ll also get a Juné cover sticker as bonus. Basically you can replace the normal cover with it instead.  They haven’t revealed the Juné cover yet but they said it only features her.

Incomplete track list of the Music Collection album:

3.Sweet Cooking Magic
4.Get music!
5.Vanity ♥ Colon
6.Blowin’n in the Wind
8.nth color
14.Resette Nebula
15.Little Wing &
Beautiful Pride
17.Cherry picking days

Incomplete track list of the bonus DVD:

2.RainBow×RainBow ノンテロップED
6.I wannnabee myselfノンテロップED
7.Butterfly EffectノンテロップOP
8.ハッピースター☆レストラン ノンテロED
11.<プリズムショービデオ>Sweettime Cooking Magic
12.<プリズムショービデオ>Get music!
14.<プリズムショービデオ>Blowin’in the Wind
16.<プリズムショービデオ>Rosette Nebula

The CD track list doesn’t have Athletic Core in it… Maybe it’s normal though as it says incomplete. Someone tweeted Director about it, he doesn’t know either and was surprised about it. If it really isn’t included, I guess they’ll release it separately later. In any case I’ll post it here if I know more about it.
Someone joked and tweeted him they should use this opportunity to make a Special Boys Collection album with Athletic Core and with Callings’ songs too, and make CG for Callings too.

Important Note: the bonuses which you can “only” get at Animumo, like the Hijiri etc covers, I think some shops who ship internationally propose them too, like CD Japan. You should confirm with them though.

Director tweets (link)

Since the show ended, director added “一般人” to his twitter name, “commoner”, what Jin called Hijiri in episode 45.

prad3 singing event hiro naru yun su cosplayprad3 singing event coo jin edel rose cosplay prad3 singing event coo jin punch scene cosplay

Groups of cosplayed fans who went to the singing events. The staff there took their picture and posted it on the PRR_Music official tweeter.

prad3 singing event aira beru tadashi mion otoha director cosplay

There was also a group lucky enough to take a photo with the Director (in the middle with the hat). The best is of course the guy cosplaying Wakana’s dad.

prad3 singing event uchida maaya komatsu mikako kato emiri

From right to left, if I’m not wrong, Uchida Maaya, Kato Emiri and Komatsu Mikako at the event.

Before episode 50 aired: He said that if you have the time you should rewatch the first episode, it’ll make you enjoy episode 50 more. Then he said if you’ve done it and still have free time you should rewatch episodes 4,5,9,13,20,22,26,27,34,39,42,43,44,49.
Those who think it’s too much should at least check 13,20,26,34,42,44. Those are the episodes with the most Naru & Rinne interactions. You won’t get all the little details though. Quickly skimming through all these episodes did make me realize a few things, or realize that some thing I was asking myself were actually answered indirectly, like how Rinne can do a Prism Live without Starn, she definitely uses Naru and Lovelyn’s power since she always did it with her, or was close to her, except in episode 39, but there was Juné near her so she must’ve used Starn in the same way.

Starting the 21st of March, Director twitted about a lot of things related to his work on Pretty Rhythm. It’s really long so I translated some of the tweets directly  in first person so I won’t have to rephrase everything to third person. I put my own comments in parenthesis.

“Now that I think about it, 3 years ago, Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream started just after the Tohoku Earthquake (it was in March 2011, Aurora Dream started in April). A lot of damage was done to the Kanto region, in my hometown Sendai too. Because of my work with Pretty Rhythm I couldn’t even visit my family there. Since I couldn’t return to Sendai, when I started up this Twitter account, I decided to use the name Aoba Jo (Aoba Castle ) so even if I couldn’t physically go back, I could show spiritual support to Sendai. Though of course the account was used for promotion of Pretty Rhythm and pointless chats. In the end, when I returned to Sendai, it was during summer 2012 when Dear My Future was airing.” (Working in the anime industry, or in Japan in general, sure is hard. Having to put work first above all else… I think I would have said screw everything and went home)

“The city regained it’s tranquility, but the coast where I used to go fishing a lot, and the city’s landscape were completely different.”
Then I think he said that he was thinking things like “Is it really the time to be making anime now?” or that he felt bad that he came home so late because he was making anime, not counting the fact that Pretty Rhythm isn’t even broadcast in the Tohoku region too. “But I had no other choice but to quietly continue my daily work”

He said he loves the town of Sendai, even though it’s not a very popular touristic destination, and that it’s not often featured in anime, as opposed to Tokyo. He doesn’t know if it’s because it’s his home town or not, but whenever he comes back, it always charges him up, making him ready to go back to Tokyo to work.

prad3 chicken artist 脇上たいね/ミジュル post


Then he brought up things Pretty Rhythm related. He revealed something pretty big:

He tweeted that Hijiri and Jin are half-brothers. Jin’s father, Kou, is actually Hijiri’s father too. He actually talks about it in the Guide Book. Hijiri’s parents are Maria and Kou. We don’t know who is Jin’s mother.
He said that it doesn’t have any impact on the story, which is why they never mention it directly in the show. He twitted about it because he wanted to know the opinions of those who already knew it because they read the Guide Book, if it changed their point of view on the final episodes or not.
I thought about something like this with the “Maria” hint thing in episode 49 but I never thought it’d turn out like that. Come to think of it there were other hints about it too.
In episode 32 Jin told Hijiri: “Don’t get cocky because the old man always preferred you”. That’s kinda difficult to explain but basically the way his sentence is formulated in Japanese, it can also mean that he’s talking about THEIR father. Speaking of this scene, someone answered the Director saying that he thought about them being brothers immediately after hearing this sentence, even before reading the guide book.
Most of the fans on Twitter didn’t know about it.
Director didn’t do that to imitate it or anything, but he remembers when he was in Elementary School, he had read somewhere that Garma Zabi and Girhen Zabi in Gundam are only half brothers, and thought something like “this is so well written and deep”. He’s not even sure anymore if it’s actually right though as it was a long time ago.
He thinks that when shows have background info like this, you can enjoy them over and over again, as you’ll always discover new things. It can make you enjoy a show even after 3, 5 or 10 years.
All of this happened on Friday night before episode 50 aired, and he got a lot of replies about it, so he was happy. He also spoiled that Fish wouldn’t appear in episode 50.

He noticed that sometimes he gets the #prettyrhythm tag wrong, ending up with #prerttyrhythm #prettyrhthm #prettyrhyrhm or #prettyrhythm. He’s not the only one though, by searching for these tags I discovered plenty of pics I haven’t seen before. I’m thankful.

After episode 50 aired he tweeted many times that there’s still one episode left, in case people thought it was over.

He said that watching Mao chan falling over and over during the Women’s Figure Skating at Sochi Winter Olympic made him feel like there’s a lot of real life events ending up coincidentally synchronized with anime events. Like the ghost writer thing with Hiro and Samuragochi Mamoru coinciding etc.
He said she didn’t get the gold medal but he believes she still gained a “gift” that will help her in her future, that it’ll still serve as experience at least.
(Speaking of this, screw Yoshiro Mori for criticizing Asada Mao)

artist irua juné hair down falling post prad3

Source (irua is really a great artist)

“The Prism Goddess was voiced by Kuwashima Houko (Sonata in AD). It was a SURPRISE for those who saw AD (he wrote “surprise” in Katakana). The fact that she could do a goddess-like voice like that was a SURPRISE for us too. Her voice had a mysterious and persuasive feel to it which made it great.
The Prism Goddess left Juné with two choices. Return to the Prism World or stay in this world as a human being. What would have happened if Juné had decided to return to the Prism World? Juné caused a bug in the Prism Show propagating program called “Rinne”. In other words she was a defective product. Juné would have probably been disposed of if she went back to the Prism World. Of course, Rinne and Juné both knew this.”

(This made me realize something, the different Rinnes definitely don’t share a common consciousnesses or something. Else killing Juné as a bug wouldn’t make sense since she’d stay in the Rinne common conscious anyway. Not sure if what I’m trying to say is clear. Anyway, instead of going back to their job of traveling worlds just like the Rainbow Live’s Rinne at the end of the show, Juné would have been purged. I guess besides seeing that Hijiri really loves Juné, Rinne decided to sacrifice herself for her in episode 49 because it was literally the only option to save Juné. That’s also why Rinne asked her tons of time if she really want to go back in episode 50)

“By letting her live in this world as human being, the Prism Goddess decided to grant a pardon to Juné. However, living as a human being is also a penance. Because it is something like a life sentence. I would like it if the audience and the little girls doesn’t forget about the discussion between Juné and the Prism Goddess there.”
(While Juné needed to return to avoid dying because of running out of power, she would have died even if she returned to the Prism World. The Prism Goddess gave her the choice to stay, but of course Juné accepted to stay. She did want to stay. Rather than giving her a choice, the Prism Goddess forgave her for breaking the rules but still condemned her.)

“Juné was a “Rinne version 2.5: 4 consecutive jumps spec” The Rinne in Rainbow Live was a “Rinne version 3.1: Prism Live spec”. Something like this. And there’s perhaps a self renewal program that after a while upgrades them. Like every 3 months…”
(Juné’s job was teaching/inspiring people to do four jumps. She managed to do it with Hijiri but he injured himself before he could do it at a tournament, thus it didn’t become mainstream, until she did it herself. Then she supported Hijiri so he could become chairman of the Prism Show Association to propagate Prism Radiance. However the plan didn’t went well because of Jin as you’ve seen in the show. The Prism Radiance is in my opinion, and shared by a lot of other fans, people’s love and interest for Prism Show. Rinne’s job was to teach/propagate Prism Lives to make people like and get interested in Prism Shows again. She was successful and this is why you can see a lot of Prism Stars in the epilogue skating and doing their own variant of Prism Lives.)

He also joked about how the final episode may not have a live action part, or that the live action part will replace the episode. And that you won’t know the truth unless you watch it.

prad3 artist 如月琴羽@ついった rinne post


“In my personal opinion, the best duo was the AnnWakana duo. They had quality singing, the same body build,  and their dance had a great mood too. Everything was of very high quality. “Referee where were you looking at!” is what I was thinking. With a little more time I’m sure they will reach the top.”
(Without counting JunéRinne else it’s not fair, I’d say the strongest duo was Wakana and Ann too.)
“In terms of songs I liked Ito and Otoha’s song the most. Isn’t it a divine song? It is very well matched with the story and tears will spontaneously drop from your eyes when you hear it. Of course Naru and Bell’s song is the most popular, but I’ll still root for Ito and Otoha’s song. Episode 37 wins the best show-song award for me.”

He said his personal preferences like these didn’t change the way he worked on the show.

He said that the most important moral, or keyword, in Rainbow Live was that “Promises are important”. And it’s Ann who taught it to Rinne. She really did a good job. (Ann is still the least developed character though)
He said he had many fun times thanks to Ito and Oto’s song. It’s longer than Wakana Ann and Naru Beru’s songs but before he notices it he listens to it again.

He thanked everyone at Tatsunoko who worked on Rainbow Live. He’s been working at Tatsunoko for 6 years now. He thinks the team he had while working on Pretty Rhythm was the best he ever had so far, thanks to them he was able to create a wonderful work this past year, and that they are all FREEDOM.

He said that a lot of people write  プリティリズム instead of プリティーリズム. Someone then tweeted him that if you look at Google stats you actually get more results for the wrong spelling.

After episode 50 aired:

“I guess Coo san really is a “kemona” after all…” (Kemona is pretty much the Japanese term equivalent of furry)

prad3 51 ito full

Someone asked him if the outfit Ito is wearing in the epilogue is the prism stone her mother gave her. He answered yes.

“Around two years ago, I was always scared about the daily reports of escalating tension between South and North Korea.  I think if any military conflict had occurred we wouldn’t have been able to keep airing Pretty Rhythm. The broadcast ended without problems but I don’t want it to stay like this forever. Authorities, please try to resolve these problems soon. The only thing I know how to do is making anime.  I can only make an anime with Japanese and South Korean little girls holding hands and overcoming problems together. I can only make a story about children overcoming problems created by adults. I wish the important people who can change the world would think seriously about the children’s future.”
(Two years ago was when Dear My Future was airing. The Korean girls in Dear My Future are actually Korean, as in it’s not a gimmick. It was really used in the story and comedy: they often use Korean words, they’d refer their country’s culture,  they are all unbeatable at ping-pong, Hye In would always go “WHY JAPANESE IS SO DIFFICULT” when Jun would tell poems, etc etc. Considering all this I can see why he was actually worried about all this. Also, he only said “conflicts between South and North Korea” but I think he’s also thinking about the tensions between South Korea and Japan, and how the Japanese government isn’t helping and always adds fuel to the fire. Else he wouldn’t have said the “Japanese and South Korean little girls holding hands” part)

artist 赤坂 択 prad mia stealin jin glasses post


Someone asked him if Juné could perform Prism Shows if she trained, since she became human in the end.  And that her heart definitely jumped when Hijiri said the he loves her, and that Prism Jumps are the heart’s leap etc. He answered that she will never be able to do Prism Shows again, ever. It’s the Prism World’s rule.

He said he wanted to make a joke parodying SMAP in Rainbow Live, with Naru and co doing a group called STAP. He was frustrated he couldn’t find a way to place it in the show. He wanted to show Naru wearing an apron and cook.
(I would have liked to see this too. Rainbow Live’s biggest flaw is it’s lack of jokes. Come to think of it, it’s been more than a year since the last time I watched SMAP X SMAP with my siblings… )

Someone asked him why Jin turned out so evil, where did he go wrong? He said to buy the Spring 2014 edition of Prince Animage to know the answer.

prad unoperationnal arcade game machine

He posted this pic, jokingly saying that the arcade game machine is broken because the Prism Radiance is disappearing.

In episode 45, when Coo punches Jin and Jin goes nuts. Coo’s original line in the script there was “狂ってやがる / He’s mad”. The broadcasters told them to change it, saying that it’s “inappropriate” for a kids shows. So during the recording they changed it to “壊れてやがる/He’s broken”.

He said it’s a coincidence that Naru promised seven things to Rinne in episode 50 (I’m gonna wake up early, clean my room etc. 7 as in 7 rainbow colors)

CG Director (link)

mayoi and one of those new characters i couldn't care less about playing prad arcade game

Retweeted: Mayoi and another Bakemonogatari character playing Pretty Rhythm

from twitter uwafii jp richfag with money to waste prad all dvd

Retweeted: A fan’s Pretty Rhythm DVD collection.

He tweeted Director that it feels good to live again without thinking about a deadline.
He said that he will be CG Director for Puri Para. If all or most of the CG team is staying too then at least the CG in Puri Para should be as good as the one in Rainbow Live.

Character designer Matsuura Mai (Odeco) (link)

I just realized that actually Odeco=Matsuura Mai. And she’s a woman.

prad penguin sensei pillow from odeco twitterprad3 starn plushie from odeco twitter

Penguin Sensei and Starn pillows.

prad3 end artist odeco post

What she drew for the ending.

prad3 odeco naru beru poster sold at haru comic cityprad3 odeco hiro poster sold at haru comic cityprad3 odeco haru comic city

She was at the Haru Comic event the 16th of March selling a full color art book and posters. Decorated chocolates too.

Random pictures the staff retweeted or that I found on twitter:

prad3 event loot 01

prad3 event loot 02

The 9th of March, (the same weekend the movie got released) there was Puniket’s Super Heroine Time 2014. There was a lot of Pretty Rhythm fan made stuff sold there, like doujins, posters, etc etc. These are some loots pics that Pretty Rhythm fans posted on twitter. There’s probably stuff from Haru Comic too. That Callings poster is really good.

Yumea on Youtube who impressively reproduced Juné’s nth color choreography.

Someone tried explaining Puri Para to a little girl who loves Pretty Rhythm, and at first she was “eeeh don’t wanna play it” but after they told her you can take pictures of yourself and print cards and stuff she was like “yay I wanna do it”

jewelpet rainbow moon

There was a rainbow moon in Jewelpet too.

animejapan 2014 prad tatsunoko 01

There was a charity auction at AnimeJapan 2014 (22-23rd March). Tatsunoko studio participated too and that’s one of the items they auctioned.

prad at animejapan 2014

You could also play Pretty Rhythm at their stand.

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live got 15th place in the Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2014. There’s the list here. Director thanked everyone who voted for it. Rainbow Live really made Pretty Rhythm more popular, need to talk about this in my final impression post.

The last few weeks there were bots accounts of some of the Rainbow Live characters created on Twitter. Whenever you tweet something with the pretty rhythm tag, they’ll tweet you a random famous line the character said in the show. There’s also a Ito x Kouji account tweeting Ito pictures regularly if you’re a fan of her.

All the people who worked on the show who are on Twitter tweeted about how they liked it and thanked everyone who worked on it and watched it etc. Murakami Momoko(scriptwriter), Serizawa Yuu(Ann), Komatsu Mikako(Ito) Tsubota Fumi (series composition assistant), Masuda Toshiki (Kazuki)etc etc
Kato Emiri said she really enjoyed working on the show. It’ll be lonely that it’s over but she really had fun this past year and said everyone on the staff and cast did a great job.
They pretty much all said that.

Kyougoku Takahiko, the director of Love Live’s anime, worked on a lot of episodes of Pretty Rhythm: storyboard of some episodes in AD and DMF, storyboard of RL episode 12 along with the Director. He also worked on a lot of the CG. He tweeted he really liked watching Pretty Rhythm these past three years. Before he realized it, he implicated himself in his work on the show even more than for Keroro Gunsou (he did storyboards for it too). He could study and see closely Hishida san’s work as a director and he was stunned many times by the dance animations  CG Director Otobe san created. He said he’ll try his best with Love Live’s 2nd season starting this week.

prad3 signed poster from sirokuro_osero twitter

prad3 signed poster from sirokuro_osero twitter kyougoku takahikoprad3 signed poster from sirokuro_osero twitter Saito Rie prad3 signed poster from sirokuro_osero twitter Itoh Ryota prad3 signed poster from sirokuro_osero twitter hishida masakazu director prad3 signed poster from sirokuro_osero twitter matsuura mai odeco

A fan made a twitter account for the sole purpose of sharing his joy. He got a poster signed by many staff members at one of the singing events. From left to right there’s the signatures of Kyougoku Takahiko, Saito Rie, Itoh Ryota, Director Hishida Masakazu and Matsuura Mai/Odeco.

prad3 tower records machida twitter ann birthday

April 2nd is Ann’s birthday. The staff at Tower Records Machida tweeted this.

prad3 artist irua ann birthday


initial d bluray naru mask prad

Initial D on bluray. That was posted by the official Initial D promotional twitter. If that’s the person taking care of it maybe she’s a fan of Pretty Rhythm? Or she just picked the first thing she found to hide her face.

prad3 yellow rose glow

Electric yellow roses that you can lit up actually exist.

prad3 how to do rinne last jump tabidachi no luna rainbow heaven in the arcade game

You can actually do Rinne’s jump “Tabidatsu no Luna Rainbow Heaven” in the arcade game.

prad3 from twitter Gecko_Bushido rinne duo show steps prad3 from twitter Gecko_Bushido rinne kazuki hiro show steps

A fan on Twitter noticed that some of the steps in Rinne’s dance in episode 50 are steps from previous shows. Rinne’s movements aren’t exactly the same though, and the camera placement is different too, so they didn’t copypaste the motion but did it from scratch. Maybe they even redid the motion capture again. Also, Rinne does the steps taken from the duo shows in the same order the duo shows happened. Meaning she does WakanaAnn steps first, then OtoIto steps, than NaruBeru steps.

prad3 from twitter Gecko_Bushido rinne ito show steps

Here Rinne lowers her arm while Ito lifts it.

prad3 from twitter Gecko_Bushido rinne beru show steps

And she spins her head just like Bell.

prad beef or chicken chronology by @natuna_SUB

Lastly, a fan made a complete chronology of Beef Or Chicken in Pretty Rhythm.

prad3 srw ux demonbane collage 01 rinne vs juné by natsuna_SUB prad3 srw ux demonbane collage 02 rinne vs juné by natsuna_SUB prad3 srw ux demonbane collage 03 rinne vs juné by natsuna_SUB prad3 srw ux demonbane collage 04 rinne vs juné by natsuna_SUB prad3 srw ux collage beru oto by natsuna_SUB prad3 srw ux collage beru naru by natsuna_SUB

He also made pretty funny “crappy collages” using SRW UX. I wish Pretty Rhythm would get in SRW.

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