Pretty Rhythm news&twitter 04/27/2014 edition

prad3 music collection dx album cover full


Saw on Oricon that Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Music Collection was the 5th most selling album in Japan the day of it’s release, 23rd April. Also pretty funny the 4th ranked album that day was a TM Network one. Some remix collection of their songs or something it seems.
Reminder: DJ Coo/Kurokawa Rei in Rainbow Live is a homage to DJ Koo, member of TRF? a group by Komuro Tetsuya who made stuff like City Hunter’s Get Wild.
After that, the album fell to the 10th place the day after, and to 25th place the 25th, so it’s not too bad. For weekly sales we don’t know yet.

 prad3 tower record machida hiro belly button appleprad3 tower record machida naru beru flag

For the first time at Machida’s Tower Record shop they did a male character cardboard, Hiro. Also, at their shop Rainbow Live music collection is the album that sold the most that day. According to fans on Twitter who where present, there was more than 250 people who lined up to buy it. Rainbow Live sure is popular. Really sucks Laala terminated Pretty Rhythm.

artist gazelle creamy mami post


Unrelated news but since this is my blog I do what I want. At the amusement park Hanayashiki in Tokyo there’s currently a Creamy Mami shop open till the 11th of May. Creamy Mami is one of my favorite things ever, though I saw it as a kid and never rewatched it so I barely remember anything. I’d love to go shop there.
Creamy Mami is best Mami.

prad movie dvd bd release announcement flyer

They announced the movie’s release in DVD&bluray by handing out this flyer at the last screening. Release date is 18th July. Bluray is 4800 yen and is bundled with a CD with the MARs You May Dream song remix for the movie. DVD is sold alone for 2800 yen. There’s no talk about any collector edition or bonuses or whatever so I don’t think there is.
Director hinted at the announcement saying how this Friday was the last singing event+ movie screening and that we will never be able to see the movie again!! He tweeted “Save us Avekkusu san!!”

prad3 dvd box 2 cover beru wakana juné

They also revealed the cover for the 2nd DVD box, I really like it. Juné and Bell are gorgeous as always. Wakana looks great. Otoha is ok.
I already wrote about the DVD Box specifics here.

The thing about the tamgotchi etc collaboration, I’ll write in another post, still haven’t read about it.

prad3 prince animage spring 2014 boys seiyuuprad3 prince animage spring 2014 boys last outfit

People on twitter took some pics of the Rainbow Live section in spring 2014 Prince Animage. First pics are the boys’ seiyuus, then some lineart about their Over The Rainbow costumes. I still can’t get over how utterly fabulous those CAPES look.

prad3 ticket patterns tower record machida twitter

Forgot to say it last week, that pic are the different illustrations featured on the tickets to attend the event at Machida’s Tower Record shop the 10th of May.

Also, there’s going to be a Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live promotion event in Tsutaya shops. Starting the 10th of May till the 23rd, seems they’ll broadcast messages recorded by Kato Emiri/Naru in the shops.

prad3 artist irua doujin cover

Lastly, there’s a comic event the 29th of April called COMIC1. Takes place at Tokyo Big Sight. There will be some Pretty Rhythm doujins sold there too. The one that caught my attention is that one. Awesome artist irua will sell his/her doujin there, about a grownup Naru. I have never ordered a doujin online so I can’t think right away of any site to link where you could order it. However, the book isn’t in very limited quantities, and while it will be released at COMIC1, it won’t only be sold there, so you will definitely find it on your favorite doujin online shops. Someday I’ll buy it along with all the Pretty Rhythm doujins.

These kinds of news are only relevant if you’re in Japan but I still write about them. It’s not for completion sake, for example I didn’t mention that twitter campaign or whatever that is, it’s so I don’t forget them. That way for example, if some guy on 2ch attends the event the 10th of May and posts about what happened, I won’t forget to keep an eye out about it. Or if someone scans that doujin…kyahahahaha as if that will ever happen.

prad3 boys transofrmation scene work in progress

Work in progress on the boy’s transformation scene.

Director retweeted someone saying “I want Rainbow Live blurays”.
I think I already said it but at least now that Pretty Rhythm is over, there’s a chance they will release all the seasons in bluray. It’ll cost a ton though so even then I’m not sure I’ll get it.

prad3 odeco wakana jin pajama

Odeco/Matsuura Mai drawings. Jin and Wakana wearing the animal pajamas.

CG Director said he bought SAO Hollow Fragment on Vita and that he’ll enjoy all those characters in CG.

Director’s tweets

He made his account viewable only to followers a few days ago so I had to actually register on Twitter. And Twitter really sucks when you actually register, the feed page is horrible. It’s much better to check the pages I’m interested in individually like I always did.
He didn’t tweet something like:”Recently there’s this French otaku gaijin pirate scum who’s been translating my tweets so I made them private for now” so I guess I’m still safe for now… I don’t think he gave a reason as for why he did it.

Anyway, I think he forgot how he said he’ll talk about Mia this week. Because he talked about Otoha’s parents instead. It’s MERUHEN fans’ treat this week.

Otoha’s last name is Takanashi. This is Otogi/her mother’s family name. Soushi/Otoha’s father’s family name is “Shirasagi”. His parents didn’t want him to marry Otogi, like Otoha said in the show, so Soushi abandoned all his inheritance rights to his family to marry Otogi. The two of them got through with pure love.

About how much the Shirasagi family is rich/noble, I think he said he talked about it at one of the events but it wasn’t disclosed. So they had already mused over it, it’s not like he just made this all up.  Otoha’s parents met in England, they were studying abroad there. Soushi had to study abroad to hide his identity. They met because they were in the same studying course, Otogi and Soushi were both studying fragrances and perfumery. At that time, the two of them didn’t go out together though. Otogi returned to Japan to become a writer for the perfumes corner in a fashion magazine. I think he said Soushi then decided to apply and work at that magazine too.

Otogi didn’t know about Soushi’s family’s being ultra rich etc, so the two of them interacted normally. This was comfortable too for Soushi who was treated like a normal guy for once, so the two of them fell in love fast. They probably chose the names “Otogi” and “Soushi” to represent the two of them getting close to each other, how they got brought together by “scent”, how the two of them have good compatibility, Otogi being manly and Soushi being pretty feminine. (Soushi can mean requited love, affection etc, and Otogi as in Otogibanashi etc, meaning fairytales for kids etc)

When they decided to marry, Soushi finally got into a position where he had to talk about his family no matter what. Otogi, thinking he was just a normal guy was pretty shocked. The first time she visited his house, Soushi’s parents suspected Otogi of wanting to marry him so she can get his money.  Soushi tried to convince his parents but they didn’t want to hear anything. In any case, he had to marry someone of the same level as the Shirasagi family. Soushi, who never went against his parents in his life, was at a loss about what to do. However Otogi didn’t give up. She said that family lineage doesn’t matter, and she doesn’t want their fortune either. She visited the Shirasagi countless times asking their permission to marry Soushi.  Starting this point you know the rest of the story from what Otoha said in episode 41. They got married.
Otogi kept working as editor at the fashion magazine, and kept going up and became editor-in-chief. Soushi was taking care of the house and raising Otoha, and he also continued his job about perfume or whatever that is, can’t make sense of it. And then as you see in episode 46 Otoha’s family is all reconciled and happy.
Director then joked saying  it’s a true “Otogibanashi”.

Some days later he tweeted a bit more. He said that he didn’t make Rainbow Live or Pretty Rhythm’s anime in general to be aimed at little girls, but it’s not like it’s aimed at adults either. He says it’s aimed at “humans”.  He said there’s a part of adulthood in every child and the opposite is true too. He wanted to create something that can be enjoyed regardless of age.
He said that he’ll try to explain it further for the “obaka san”.
He’s not denying that it’s aimed at kids, but he’s not saying it’s for adults either. “People who can’t understand this part are really idiots” he said.
He said that people shouldn’t narrow the audience of anime. They(anime workers like him) are trying to make the future. He doesn’t want people to be influenced by worthless pride.

He said that certainly, people who don’t understand Naru’s future are the ones who will destroy the future. It’s not the victor who represents justice. It’s the one who keeps living and doesn’t give up even after defeat. That’s why you need to stand up again. Don’t give up!! This is Pretty Rhythm’s message. Receive it!

(“It’s not the victor who represents justice”mfw Pretty Rhythm director is actually real life Treize. And he’s talking to the people who are like the GSD version of Shin who are  TRYING TO DESTROY THE FUTURE. Man this is fun, I could make tons of jokes on this, not even necessarily Gundam related.)

(It’s not the first time he says things like this, he says it pretty often, it’s something he’s really passionate about. And that’s just a guess, but as you can see how worked up he is about it, I think he does happen to have pretty intense discussions about it with “idiots”. Maybe other people in the animation industry? I wonder.)

(It’s not the first time I write it either, but I completely agree 200% with him on all this. You shouldn’t care about demographics or stuff like that. If I did, I would have never been able to give Pretty Rhythm a chance and see how great it is.)

Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection episode 4

They really did air all of DMF 46 and spoil everything about Kyouko’s family. Really sucks for those who haven’t seen DMF yet. But well whatever. Unless you don’t mind spoilers you really shouldn’t watch PRASS.
During the SD segments, gotta admit I laughed at Mia saying her name is written “mia” but reads as “SUPAH STAR” and that Aira’s name is written “aira” but reads as “gyafun”. In any case PRASS is still a waste of time.
Next week they’ll air Aurora Dream episode 21, the legendary Summer Queen Cup where Serenon wiped the floor with Aira and Rizumu. A good sports anime needs an episode like that where the hero loose badly and Aurora Dream did a great job at it.

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