Pretty Rhythm’s successor Pripara official sites open

prad5 key visual

It’s been almost two months since Pripara’s announcement now. The different Pripara homepages for the anime, arcade game and goods etc opened up on May 9th. There’s some new key visual(above) and descriptions for the characters on the anime homepage. Animate published an article about it too.  I also found a few more bits of info on Twitter etc so I’ll sum it all up here.

Here’s the descriptions for each character from the characters page, with pics stolen from the Avex homepage:

prad5 laala key visual 2

Manaka Laala (Akaneya Himika) is in fifth year of elementary school at the private school Paprika. She’s a bright and cheerful girl who loves physical activity. She makes friends easily and cherish them. Her catchphrase is “かしこまっ/kachikoma!”, meaning “all right!”

prad5 mireille key visual 2

Minami Mireille(Serizawa Yuu) is in first year of middle school at the private school Paprika. She’s very smart and has excellent grades. She’s also the chairman of the public morals committee at school. Her catchphrases are “計算どおり/Keisan douri” meaning “Just as calculated” and “計算外…/Keisangai…” meaning “Miscalculated…”

prad5 sophie key visual 2

Houjou Sophie(Kubota Miyu) is in second year of middle school at the private school Paprika. She’s been active as a Pripara idol since childhood and is admired by the other students at school. She doesn’t have a particular catchphrase.

I don’t think I already mentioned it, but Mireille’s surname is “south”, Sophie’s surname has the kanji for north, and Laala’s surname literally means “center”.

Like I already said, Laala is my favorite already because she’s Creamy Mami. Sophie is my next favorite because she’s super cute and has that mature look. She’s typically the kind of character I like. I hate Mireille forever because of her France motif. Though I’m surprised she’s the intellectual type, I though she’d be a cheerful and forceful girl and a third Rizumu clone, being voiced by Serizawa Yuu like Ann.
Laala’s catchphrase isn’t anything special but at least it’s something else than “happy something”. After Aira’s “Happy Lucky!!” and Naru’s “Happy Naru!!” it’s a nice change. The best one is still “MIA GA ICHIBAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!” though.

Speaking of catchphrases, Pripara’s catchphrase is “み~んあトモダチ!! み~んあアイドル!!” “Everyone is a friend!! Everyone is an idol!!”. Aurora Dream’s catchphrase was “なりたい自分にプリズムジャンプ!!/Do a Prism Jump for your future self!”. Dear My Future’s catchphrase was “みらいのわたしわいちばん!!/The future me is the best!!”. Rainbow Live’s catchphrase was “なないろハートでハッピな~る!/Let’s get happy with our rainbow colored hearts!!”.
I guess it’s the same happy positive little girl stuff. Gotta point out that while all three catchphrases of Pretty Rhythm have DEEP MEANINGS related to their stories, Pripara’s doesn’t seem to hide anything. Laala gonna befriend everyone and that’s it? I guess we will find out when the show starts.

Like I already said in another post, I was surprised when Laala first said in PRASS that she’s in fifth year of elementary school, meaning she’s 10 or 11 years old. The heroines in Pretty Rhythm were all 14 at the start of their respective seasons so that’s a big change.
Now that Mireille and Sophie’s profiles were released, I’m even more surprised: they aren’t in fifth grade just like Laala. I’m surprised so much I double checked multiple times to be sure I didn’t read it wrong. Laala, Mireille and Sophie are all in different years, with Sophie being the oldest. It’s been a while since I saw a little girl cartoon where all the main characters aren’t the same age. In fact, I actually can’t think of an example right now. I think it’s the first time I see a group of friends in a little girl show with such a big age difference too. Laala is 10, Mireille is 12 and Sophie is 13. Then there’s the fact Mireille looks just as young as Laala while she’s actually two years older than her. It’s like Saint Seiya’s anime all over again but in reverse. Probably no one reading this will get that joke but whatever.
Well actually in DMF all the girl’s ages are different too. They never talk about it in the show so I completely forgot.

The story summary(which isn’t new which is why I’m not posting it again) says that Laala is troubled because grade schoolers can’t participate in Pripara idoling at her school. I guess that explains why the others are all older than her. Maybe there will be an episode or two during which she’ll lie about her age.

Since they’re all in different years, I don’t think there will be a lot of scenes at school once the first few introductions episodes are over. Though they’re all still at Paprika school, so this could be wrong. We’ll see.
In any case, it haven’t started yet and while it’s succeeding Pretty Rhythm, Pripara is being very different in various aspects besides NO SKATING NO FUN ONLY IDOLS.

prad5 silouhettes idols

They still haven’t revealed anything else about the other characters besides that they’ll be voiced by i☆Ris members too. Thanks to the thing about the characters’ age I explained above, I’m really looking forward to see the others. I wonder if there will be a high school girl. If those three silhouettes girls end up being rival characters to the Laala Mireille Sophie trio, maybe they’ll each have the same age as their respective rival. The ones at the left seems to be twins though, so that won’t happen.

Speaking of the seiyuus, they’re all part of i☆Ris so they’re all rookies at the seiyuu thing. Again, this is something different from Pretty Rhythm, which had experienced seiyuus for most characters, and is something similar (copied) to Aikatsu! where most of the main girl’s seiyuus are rookies, with their roles in Aikatsu! being their first or second role. They’re all young too. (Some even younger than me, I feel oooold. Tfw you’re 22 and you still haven’t piloted a mecha, saved the world, had a girl fall from the sky in your arms or, last but not least, became an ex-cop)

The songs in Aikatsu! aren’t sung by the seiyuus though. In Pripara, i☆Ris will both act and sing. For years now it’s been something very common for seiyuus to start a singing career. Random example I can think of right now is Kitamura Eri, who started a singing career after some time as a seiyuu. One day at Japan Expo (three years ago I think?) I remember Mikimoto Haruhiko said during one of his conferences about Macross that Ijima Mari was a singer first, and then became a seiyuu with Minmay as her first role. He insisted on it, saying it’s important to notice the difference between today where it’s usually seiyuus starting a singer career instead of singers starting a seiyuu career. With Macross, it was the first time the songs of an anime were starting to get popular beyond the show. It was a precocious idea at the time but it’s very common now, hence why a lot of seiyuus can start up a singing career without too much trouble. I never ended up writing a post about this conference because most of the time, the guy animating it was showing off his knowledge of the Macross franchise, instead of letting Mikimoto san or Watanabe Takashi talk, who was also present. In the end they didn’t talk much.
Anyway, what I wanted to say is that the singer to seiyuu transition is making a comeback these days, and the limit between the two is blurred and I don’t think it’s a good thing. Lotsof “idol seiyuus” now. You need to be pretty to voice instead of having talent to voice.
I think it’s the first time I actually wrote something about female seiyuus I spent time thinking about. You can check how did I do by comparing it to the best EN blog in the domain.

prad5 magazine photo houjou sophie is houjou cosmo little sisterI also found this on Twitter. Someone took a picture from the June issue of Animage released the 10th of May. (that or the June issue of Pretty Rhythm Fan magazine, not sure which, and too poor to order them and check myself). It has one page about Pripara introducing the show and a short interview with the show’s director. On this photo you can read that Sophie has been doing idol activities ever since she was a kid and that she’s the little sister of the charisma designer Houjou Cosmo.
prad3 3ds cosmo
Cosmo is the girl from the 3DS Pretty Rhythm game, which also had a cameo appearance in Rainbow Live episode 34. Maybe Cosmo will be a regular character in Pripara. I don’t think it means there’s any connection between Rainbow Live and Pripara though, else they would have chosen a more anchored character in the show instead of a cameo character. We’ll know when the show airs.

Thanks to all of this I am starting to be hyped about Pripara now. Just a little bit.
I’ll post about the Pretty Rhythm farewell party event thing at Machida’s Tower Record sometime later. Someone who attended wrote up a report about it in Japanese.

6 thoughts on “Pretty Rhythm’s successor Pripara official sites open

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      That’s cool thanks. I really hope she’s in the show.
      You can also see the trio’s songs name at the beginning too.
      I’m kinda busy these days besides on weekends so I haven’t had the chance to look for game videos like these, you can find out a lot of things about the show watching them. Some mechanics will probably work a bit differently in the show though.

  1. lovelypink

    Thanks for the info. I’m going to miss Pretty Rhythm.
    PuriPara seems interesting.
    Also.. I just noticed, the first syllables on the introduced Main characters are (Mi)reille, (La)ala, (So)phie from Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. I wonder if the other main characters will follow the same theme/motif for their names. Like how Naru and co form RAINBOW when their initials are combined. Or it could be a coincidence.

    1. Aiman4

      Dude,it’s pretty much an indirect sequel to pretty rhythm,same universe due to the main cast from three season back apeared to be stars in pripara,so of course romance is a must

      Ps:i know i’m late but i osted this like 3 months ago,i got no idea why my comments never posted


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