Robert Mugabe elected as African Union chairman

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He’s one of the worst dictators Africa ever had. Killings, swindling, embezzlement, election rigging, he did and doing it all.
To be honest, I don’t know much about the African Union, AU may be some useless corrupted organism anyway. Or the previous president maybe wasn’t any better. I don’t know. I just wanted a reason to talk about Africa in general. Been a while I last wrote stuff about that.
You know the real reason why coup d’état is said “coup d’état”, in French, in every language? It’s cuz we’re the best at doing them. Every single coup in Africa, almost every dictator, and much of Africa’s problems has France and it’s interests behind it.
Whenever there used to be a guy that gets in power that isn’t an embezzling bastard, and will try to do something good with the country instead of letting Total and Areva pump all the resources, receive his big share and leave the population starve to death, France would stage a coup with some rebels to evict him and place a more suitable guy who’ll let the country rot.
They don’t do it much more now. Now, they’re more into lending a hand whenever there’s a dictator who’s been in power far longer than the history of Hokuto Shinken, when the population starts rioting and wants him to leave. Most of the time after some rigged elections or something. France will help him evacuate “safely”. Safely meaning with all the country’s millions he stole during all these years, without confiscating anything, and deliver him to his villa in St Tropez or something, without worrying about facing any justice court for his crimes.
The last time I remember this happened was pretty recent. It was in November 2014 with Blaise Compaoré the now ex president dictator of Burkina Faso. (Is that country even called Burkina Faso in English? Because of all the colonialism France and the others did back in the good old days, some country names in Africa are really weird). And guess what? Compaoré is one of those guys that got into power some decades ago after a coup backed by France (Or the USA. Or both. I forgot) and with the assassination of the president Thomas Sankara, who wanted too much to make the country a better place.
Africans themselves are at fault too, we’re way too stupid, and forget things even faster than how French citizens forgot these past months how Valls once went “Hey, there’s not enough whites here!” during his time as mayor of Evry while visiting the town.

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