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That’s the SRW game I enjoyed the most ever. All those awesome crossover moments. All those funny moments. Those nice twists and story. I’m gonna miss the Z saga. I guess part of the reason I enjoyed it so much is how it’s the first SRW where I didn’t spoil myself anything before playing it, and actually managed to read most of the dialogue myself. Though I did read Chen Gong’s summary after playing each stage. I don’t think I’ll do another playthrough since I actually used multiple saves right from my first loop, to do the parallel routes I’m interested in. If you actually read the dialogue, SRW is pretty much a really long VN with some animated gameplay sequences, and I don’t have the time to do it again. I just rewatch animations on the net.

Contain spoilers for the game’s ending and shows in the game like FMP novels or Gargantia.

srwz3 clear stats

It’s really nice how Kei gets a voiced event at the end, it’s a new line not even from the show too. I like Hayami Show’s Kei voice, I wish he’d use it again when dubbing. I”m gonna miss the Z series. It made me watch Orguss and it became one of my favorite shows. Kei didn’t end up being my top ace this time though because Twin Satellite Cannon EVERY TURN and BASUTA SMASSHU happened. I’m not a Sawashiro Miyuki fag. Actually, maybe I am, from what I remember she did a good job as Puchiko in the original Di Gi Charatto, and more recently as Kotoha in YZQ and Dlanor in Umineko. I like Tycho for some reason. Probably because her tennis things references Ace Wo Nerae and it’s looping the loop of Gunbuster being an Ace Wo Nerae parody initially. Kei ended up being 6th or 7th. Missed a SR point because wasn’t paying attention during one stage, and didn’t want to waste time replaying the stage, and I don’t care about trophies.

srwz3 clear garrod

Garrod got to 99 after shooting down Advent.

Gameplay wise this finale of the Z saga is a bit disappointing, because it’s too easy as always. Especially the last 6 stages which are ridiculously easy thanks to Shinka Fusion.  And thanks to the early fights against the Angeloi Arcas, you can powerlevel a character with a map attack to ridiculous levels, which is what I did with Garrod.

Then it’s also a bit disappointing that there’s a lot of units I wanted to play with that aren’t playable. Like Harry, Olson or Marguerite that aren’t playable.  At least they all show up during the game/attacks and at the end though so it’s ok. Would have also been cool turn have a playable Turn X as a secret and the Frost Brothers coming back to help.

Animation wise everything except the FMP units is so perfect. Too much examples to bring up. Some of the attack animations feel like watching a incredibly well animated actual anime. Shurouga Sin’s Genoshic Nova is pretty awesome too, though from what I read while it’s Obari who designed Shurouga Sin, it’s not Obari himself who animated it but someone copying his style. Also mfw they reveal Asakim is literally the incarnation of edgy.

Story wise it’s really pure awesome and a really satisfying finale to the Z saga. Tons of funny moments like the Eluna reveal and suddenly Hyades is literally SPACE AMERICA and they all scream ARE YOU READY GUYS PUT YOU GUNZ ON. Wonder if they did it on purpose and it’s a deep message saying USA are the biggest warmongers terrorists. Then there’s tons of awesome moments, like Hibiki blasting through 2 games of Sphere Reactor development in two stages and the Geminion Rei event. Or Australis being Dimensional General Vildark and going full Hokuto no Ken like I expected because of his “I can fight without a mecha” line. Crossover wise there was ton of great moments too: Heero doing the ULTIMATE UNDERSTANDING of the 00 movie finale with Setsuna, that final fight against the STMC, with a new BM3 made by EVERY SCIENTIST EVER from Rakshata to Professor Yumi, and Super UNDERSTANDING Wars finally happening, with Vajras, Spiral Races, ELS, the actual Hideauze, Macross fleets, and MAX JENIUS convincing the Galactic Alliance to help too, all fight the STMC. I almost cried. Then they answered all the plots, even stuff hanging since the first game which I thought they wouldn’t bother explaining to just keep fans speculating, like Asakim or what was really going on in The Edel Bernal’s head in Z1. They even explain the deal with Raven and Shuras and Tsine’s mecha. I already knew AG was The Edel Bernal as Japanese authors love wordplays with names, and fans guessed since Z3.1 that AG was read as Ajii=Jii Edel, but all the reveals sure blew my mind. Some things were planned from the first game too, withlike Edel Bernal’s last attack actually written as天獄/Heaven Prison, and his “I’ll bring you to 天獄” line during it. They didn’t plan for more games after Z1 but they must have still wrote at least all the global plot since then in case of sequels. (When you learn Japanese, you notice lotsof Japanese media and SRW in particular really loove kanji wordplay like that. There’s all the Shinka stuff. Or in 2nd SRW OG, Glacies says “touki/闘気/fighting spirit”, but uses the kanji for frozen/凍 for the tou sound,  etc etc)

The discussion with all the sphere reactors at the end was really nice too. I liked them all so it’s nice they all turned out to be actually good guys. Even Shikuu didn’t turn out to be the “look how brutal edgy and serious our story is” villain everyone thought he would be. Gadlight too turned out to be a nice guy. They were all just forced to obey the angels. They talk about how they’ll reincarnate and meet again so I think they’ll show up in OG that way. I don’t think the gates will be used to bring the characters into OG verse. It’ll be stupid that coincidentally only the non licensed characters got in a gate and ended in OG. They just put in the gates there so the characters can meet again even though the world got back to before the Orguss bomb happened, because they knew a reset ending would have angered the fans.

However, there was a few story events handled really badly though. Like how all of Leonard’s team, Casper, Sabina and Fowler, are all not voiced and you actually never fight them: You don’t fight Casper, and the scene when Kurtz snipes him and “dies” is an event. Though they actually voiced Kurtz for that event and is pretty cool. Sabina and Fowler appear a bit during the scenes with Kaname being held in the villa etc, but never again. They aren’t present either when you beat Leonard during the FMP finale. They literally just disappear and never appear again which was really weird.
There’s also that scene during the Yamsk 11 events, when Kaname “kills” Sousuke and Tessa, and then Sousuke and Hibiki seems to just leave Tessa unconscious in the basement, for her to get snatched by Casper, it’s like no one proofread this stage and saw how ridiculously stupid that was.

Then there’s how Rengoku’s shenanigans were super fun but kinda useless story wise in the end. At least it made me like Sardias, which is cool since he survives and reforms. It really sucks that Kravia gets her memories erased instead of joining Crowe’s harem for good. I guess since it can’t be bought separately, they couldn’t afford to put too much plot in Rengoku. Another thing weird is how Blue shows how he’s wary of Advent during Rengoku but then trust him completely in Tengoku. But then I think it’s just that Advent’s brainwashing aura didn’t affect him yet in Rengoku. Kinda suck Asakim just kills Blue and no ones cares, I thought you would recruit him. It seemed like he’d be important but nope.

I didn’t think Advent would turn out to be the final boss at all. He was even the hero of Rengoku too. It was obvious he was evil, but was pretty fun, and gay, so I thought you’d beat him before the end then he’d join you, and that the final boss would be someone else entirely, not Asakim either. In any case Advent was a pretty good villain. He was already gay in Jigoku, but it was hilarious how he literally went full gay for Hibiki at the end too. His fabulous gay outfit too. Managed to top his already ridiculous over the top belts everywhere with “AV” initials outfit. He kinda crossed the line into comically evil when he absorbed the other angels though.
And then I burst out laughing again when you beat him, and he finally gets ultra mad for the first time ever; and calls you all “kuso yarou domo”. During the final fight, they did the effort of writing lines for every single character before figthing him. Even side characters like Four or Tycho got lines against him too.

I guess it was also disappointing that in the end, the plot ended up being the same old boring twist as many other SRW or RPGs villains. Advent and all the others “angels” are actually humans too, then he starts calling himself god and you kick his butt. The phrasing during the epilogue with Advent and AG disappearing, saying that the world is now free of both god and devil, only humans are left, screams of that too. This sure happens a lot in fiction.  I wonder if there’s a meaning in it from my religion’s viewpoint, should ask a knowledgeable person about it one day. Maybe it’s a conspiracy going since ancient times to make people not believe in god.

Another great thing is how the original characters interact really well with the others. Hibiki actually feels like a character in many series like FMP, he’s not an outsider. Each OG char got their supports: Rand got Garrod, and people that are there since Z1. Same with Setsuko+ she also has Shin and Camille as her best friends who always help her. Crowe got Duo and all the characters who love money or gambling. Every Shinichiro Miki voiced character as well. And last but not least Hibiki got mainly Sousuke&Kaname, Alto, then all the others students characters from Kouji to Shinji or Kallen. And then of course there’s how he’s part of the Mutssuri six. or is it seven by the end. And his interactions with Heero, Sousuke, Setsuna, Ledo, Chirico, etc. Hibiki is so well written inside the stories. It was especially fun when some characters thought Hibiki was in love with Kaname and that there’s a Hibiki Sousuke Kaname love triangle.

Hibiki was a pretty nice character. I will miss his ADOBEEENTOOOOOOO screams. His seiyuu is a newcomer and he’s pretty good. I hope he gets popular and gets roles. I’m really gonna miss the Z series. The first game stayed the best but Z3 was really good too. Mostly skipped Z2 and only played the first one a bit.

Lastly, while playing I wrote an unexhaustive list of funny things:

In Rengoku:

Sardias or whoever it was, complains about Rand’s feet being smelly and asks if all earthlings have smelly feet like Rand, and Setsuko says she uses deodorant for her boots.

Mer doing a Gunleon sect and making the the adherents sing the theme song. Kravia saying in a save skit she probably won’t actually be in Tengoku, and she really isn’t, except for a hidden scene if you get a part.

In Tengoku:

When you meet up with Garrod Tifa and Paula on the Gargantia, Kurtz tells Tifa she should try to “dress more openly” like the other Gargantia girls.

Kurtz also makes tons of “topless” jokes when you first meet Lalc and the other Diebuster characters.

When Rakkage attacks, Jeffrey comments on her impressive SURFING LOBSTER LESBIAN PIRATE QUEEN surfing skills, then when you beat her, Tessa tells Chamber to drop her back in the sea instead of Team Rocket throwing her like in the show. Then Tessa rams her with the TDD and is like “I’M THE NEW QUEEN OF THIS SEA, BITCHES!!” to make the pirates admire her instead of Rakkage and stop attacking the Gargantia. The two totally not lesbian girls with Rakkage start admiring her too. Come to think of it, sucks these two didn’t end up being copilots for her. I guess they didn’t want to pay their seiyuus. A bit later when Lakkage joins, she actually mentions that event too and says she recognizes Tessa’s ability as well. Rakkage overall gets a lot of lines through the game. When DOME talks to the team(about three paragraphs below), she says it’s an honor lunar people know about them, etc. Compared to the Aquarion Evol guys who speak like 3 times in the whole game.

Aquarion Evol characters barely get any screentime for some reason. When Mikage first shows up in the game, people like Garrod who missed Z3 part1 think he’s Touma, but the others explain he’s actually Mikage, someone born from the hatred of Touma, something I didn’t know myself as I didn’t watch Aquarion. (I remember back when Aquarion aired and I dropped it immediately because it felt ultra generic, and because of the CG. Nice thing I’m not a CG hater anymore now, else I wouldn’t have watched Pretty Rhythm.  I kinda want to watch Aquarion now to see if I’ll like it but life’s too short. When playing Z3.1 I actually thought Mikage and Touma was the same guy. They re-fuse back together at the end.

In the same scene, the reason Mikage showed up was to screw with Alto. Mikage pretty much feels like a Macross F villain since he kidnaps Ranka and/or Sheryl like 2 times in total and the Evol character barely talk in Tengoku. They did that because Alto and Mikage are both voiced by Nakamura. IT was really funny too how Nono starts asking if Mikage is a man or a woman, and then start wondering about Alto too.

Gargantia was part of the same post apocalyptic world of Turn A and X, which resulted from Char dropping Axis. The nanomachines that the Gargantia propages are using the same technology as the Moonlight Butterfly. When Chamber is about to kamikaze Striker, Alto catches Ledo and puts him back into Chamber, saying the two of them still need each other. At the end of the game Chamber is still alive, but Ledo says he won’t rely on him anymore. So in the end even if Chamber doesn’t die it still keeps the message Urobuchi wanted to tell with the show, that even if you feel despair, neets etc should do their best to go outside and do stuff like helping out their families, even without finding a job.
Also, thanks to the whalesquid fiasco, Ledo is the first character to think about whether you could actually communicate with the ELS. Really nice touch.

When the Gargantia BBQ episode happens, Chamber asks his questions to Al, and Al tells him “I always wanted to say that line someday: figure it out yourself”. This is what Sousuke always tells Al when he asks him something about human feelings etc. Also Pinion calls Al “buriki yarou number 2”.

When Setsuko gets kidnapped by Barbiel, Luna actually straight up asks Shin if he’s in love with Setsuko. He says that back in Z1 when he was doing simulations to beat the Freedom, Setsuko told him “don’t fight using hatred” and she’s one of the reasons he didn’t become like in the anime. It’s not a matter of love or not, she’s just one of his benefactors. Luna says sorry for asking him something weird, and Shin says sorry for making her worry.

Nami lives. The events goes just like in the original story and Sousuke is unable to decide whether he should come out and save her or not, but she gets saved by Hibiki and Kurtz just before getting shot dead. Hibiki’s dad was a friend and comrade of McAllen from FMP, the guy who adds the F word to everything. Lemon, the french DGSE agent that Sousuke meets at the same time as Nami, instead works as a Preventer under Lady Une.

Sadly, after Kurtz “dies”, they didn’t do the hilarious scene with Sousuke trying to cheer up Mao by telling her they should have sex.

Pinion learns stuff from Astronauge and the other mechanics, he also manages to save Sachs, the FMP mechanic old guy that dies when the Leavatein with wings launch for the first time.

Ryouma apologizes to everyone after he got mind controlled by the Invaders and rampaged in Black Getter. Nono says it’s the first time he ever apologized. Also Kouji says he’s like a brother to him.

When Apollo, Kagura and Amata all meet, Ryouma tells them they should make their 3 hearts into one referencing Getter.

Rand says he should join Team D and combine Gunleon with Dancougar Nova to make Gandancougar Max God Leon Magna. That discussion also makes him remember Raven from Z1 since he piloted Chaos Leo and had a Lion themed mecha too. The original character Raven who used to hate women, not Raven from Gravion. Though he doesn’t mention him directly by name. He says that while they ended up being enemies, he didn’t hate him. In the same stage, the new Dancouken that team D uses, is implied to be the original Dancougar’s Dancouken instead of their own.

Bananaj says SOREDEMO to most villains as his pre boss fight dialogue. It’s pretty funny how dialogue during battles in Gundam went from OCHIRO!!/normal sentences, to half finished sentences in seed,00 etc, like with Shin’s ANTA TTE HITO WAAA!!, to now single words, with Banaj just saying SOREDEMO!. Gundam debates in battle are devolving. G Reco was a masterpiece though.

Sousuke and Kaname got a lot of voiced events for the novel plot, like their radio conversation after she accidentally shoots Leonard.

When Casper shows up before Kurz “dies”, Michael and Lockon say that the original Lockon once said even he couldn’t even compare to Casper’s skills. In previous dialogues through the games, we also learn that Michael considers both Lockon 2.0 and Kurtz superior in skill. And since Kurz ends up surpassing Casper, we can deduce Kurz is the best sniper mecha pilot ever.

During the FMP finale when Sousuke badmouths Kaname, he tells her “do you think I’d come crying on the battlefield and get into a debate with you? Too bad for you I’m riding an AS, not a Gundam!!!” which is one of the funniest jokes I’ve seen in the whole SRW franchise.

At the end of the FMP plot,Kaname says Sophia completely disappeared, while in FMP Sigma(so probably in the original LN as well) Kaname don’t have any power anymore but Sophia still permanently lives inside her.

Gimmy and Darry gets a lot of lines related to how they don’t like the name The Quarelling Twins and have a lot of screentime for side characters. AG also thanks them because they helped in awakening the sphere for Hibiki.

When Nicolas tries to raep Nono, he’s stopped by Noriko first, then Lalc and Shinji are there too. In the end Amuro is the one to solve Nicolas’ growing up issues, telling him that his Newtype powers weakened compared to when he was 16-18(during One Year War), but it’s not like he himself is weaker compared to then. Then Nicolas stops being a faggot and everyone forgives him. Moreover, if you go the eva planet route he also apologizes to Shinji after seeing how much it sucks to be part of 3.33 compared to just loosing one’s super powers. Before that point, since eva characters hide their true age, Nicolas would often mock Shinji about how his dad “gave him a mecha for free” and how he doesn’t understand his DEEP problems about loosing powers.

When Heero helps Setsuna with the UNDERSTANDING of the end of 00 movie plot, Quatre says that Heero really is the heart of space, Alto asks what it means, and he says that’s what the original Heero Yui politician said, it’s someone who can UNDERSTAND others.

Nono actually doesn’t like Noriko at first, saying she’s ripping off her with the onee sama stuff. It’s hilarious because she’s basically acting like someone who only saw Diebuster and don’t know Gunbuster. Or someone who saw a show heavily inspired from another show, and who thinks it’s the reverse, or that the other show is a ripoff. The various characters, unaware of the connection yet, think that Noriko’s Gunbsuter and the Buster Machines from Diebuster look different because they’re from parallel universes and think it’s like how Gundams exist in multiple parallel universes. Tycho says that maybe Noriko is Nono’s Nonoriri from a parallel universe, and Nono strongly denies it, saying it’s like saying that Ryouma san in a parallel universe is a nice high schooler instead of a fight loving crazy guy,  referencing Getter Robo 1st anime Ryouma, who was in Z1.

When they first meet, Nono calls Kasumi “Onee sama san”. Kappei calls her “Kasumi obaa chan”, his sister tells him that’s rude, but Kasumi says her real age is that of an obaa san though so she doesn’t mind. And when she joins Kasumi becomes her pre final episode younger self thanks to plot magic and stays that way, even after the end of the game.

Banjou thinking to himself that Kappei isn’t a kid anymore and doesn’t need his help.

Bonus conversation with AG when you ace Kira:
AG:” did you ever accidentally shoot ally units with your beamspam?”
Kira: “I’m careful so this never happens. So if I ever shoot you AG, it means I did it on purpose. Please be careful so it doesn’t happen”.

Nono, during her pre battle dialogue when attackign a villain always ends her refutation of the villains’ ideals with “NAZENARABA! -end of sentence-“. One villain, iirc Full Frontal,  start talking before she finishes and doesn’t let her say NAZENARABA, and then she gets angry and repeats what she was saying from the start again to say NAZENARABA at the right timing.

After the final fight against the Invaders, there’s a scene when everyone sees Getter Emperor, not just Ryouma. Simon says it’s even bigger than Chouginga Gurren Lagan, but doesn’t say anything about Tengen Toppa Guren Lagan. I wonder if people got mad because of this, I like both shows so I don’t care. Even if I didn’t like them, being mad over anime is stupid. Shin freaks out and asks why everyone is so calm in this situation, and asks Ryouma what’s going on. Sousuke: “Which Ryouma though? The one here or the one over there?”. After the fight, Ryouma comments about how it felt different than when using Stoner Sunshine or Shin Shine Spark, like if he became Shin Getter itself, referencing the manga we’ll never see the end of, and also referencing the fact that a few stages later Shinka Fusion happens and EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER literally becomes one with their mecha.

Stuff hinitng that AG is Edel:
Bonus conversation with AG when you ace Duo: AG:”We should get along because you’re  “shinigami” and I’m “devil””
When Zeus joins he notices AG’s true identity, and AG says he really can’t bring himself to like “gods”. Ru Shako also says AG smells like Wiseman, because turns out they’re both aggregations of multiple people’s minds. There’s a lot of hints like that in D Trader conversations pointing out AG is The Edel before the actual reveal.

During stage 55/protect BM3 stage final STMC battle, Banjou says “nice thing this is a miniature version so it’s easier to protect”. Maybe a jab at all the players still traumatized by the alpha 3 version of this.

Simon says Diebuster is bigger than Chou Ginga GL.

Beck is the one to reveal to everyone that Nonoriri is Takaya Noriko, Nono already realized it a few stages before though. Karen Kouji and Shin can’t believe it, bringing up again how she’s supposed to have a nice body and a saint’s smile etc. Nono says the reason for this is after all these years, her image of Kasumi and Noriko got mixed up. Did she actually said this in Diebuster anime? I forgot.

When Nono shows Noriko and Kasumi the okaerinasai, Noriko actually points out the イ is reversed. Nono says it’s an error because it got constructed hastily. And that 1st galaxy president Yung Freud ordered the construction. Did she actually said this in Diebuster anime? I forgot.

When Super UNDERSTANDING Wars happen in the same stage(55) Amuro is the first to realize that this is the condition for Shinka, every lifeform coexisting and walking together to the FUTURE. I really like what the Z series did with Amuro and Char. Always gave them the big place they deserve. Really sucks it’s probably one of the last time for a while we’ll see CCA era Amuro and Char being bros instead of figthing each other.

When everyone beats up AG, Noriko Nono and Lalc do a triple inazuma kick on him. There’s no actual triple inazuma kick attack though. I wish they would have put it in instead of double mugen punch. Double Mugen Punch was so underwhelming. Every Aquarion attack is meh though so I should have expected it.

During the final battle against Vildark, when you attack him with Noriko, she and Kasumi says that he’s a white fire, sad and lonely but also strong. He says he’s surprised that women can feel his Hokuto no Ken fighting aura, and Noriko says that protecting the peace isn’t gender related(inb4 some tumblr kid thinks this means it’s ok to be gay or something. Though I’m sure Noriko herself is ok with it but that’s not the issue there.)

Before the final battle, when everyone says what they want to do later, the FMP characters says Tessa said she wants to quit fighting, which is weird as iirc in FMp Sigma’s end(logically in the novel as well) she still stays a Mithril commander even with the TDD destroyed.

Genkidama pretty much happens during the final boss fight. Every character they didn’t show until now that’s still alive appear. They finally show Kudan Mira too, which made me happy because she’s a really fun character despite appearing like 3 times in all of FMP. In the game they only mention her by name before that scene. The Frost bros appear too.

Every single character gets an even better ending than in their respective story. Noriko and Kasumi actually return to earth right after original BM3 exploded, rather than the end of Diebuster, and Kasumi stays younger. The only ones getting the short end of the stick are the Eva characters. They just get sent back to their crappy destroyed world. When they get back, Asuka&Mari tells Shinji+Kaworu and AYANA MIREILLE that they will be enemies again. Eva characters are all fine in the game. I haven’t watched the movies so can’t compare with how stupid they are in 3.33.

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