Super Robot Wars The Moon Dwellers announced

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The redesigns are all ok I guess. They made Melua’s chest bigger to get on with the heavier times of pandering.

It’s not numbered but it doesn’t seem like it’ll be a short game. I hope Cybuster and other MK chars gets to be in midway or something. Would be really nice if somehow every single MK character would get in OG? now that their series are over.

Never played GC so don’t really know much about it. I just know it’s being translated. Really looking forward to Touya and Calvina. It says at the start Katia and Melua will be with Touya piloting Granteed, so Festenia is with Calvina and either Coustwell or Bellzelute. It says Calvina route will be harder too so that makes me even more hyped to play as her.

Then I guess that when route rejoins, Touya and Calvina will each be able too choose one among the three girls and one of the mech, except  Granteed is now locked to Touya. It’ll be awesome if powerpuff girls gets to pilot instead of just subpiloting too. Probably as some secret. “Granteed’s story being changed to be locked to Touya” means it’ll probably be what his dad used to pilot instead of one of the Raftclanz or something. Maybe even Shana Mia/blue haired moon princess will be playable too.

In any case they’ll rewrite the plot to make it better, and to mix it with other things. The Moon Dwellers obviously refers to J but I’m betting it has multiple meanings like “The Inpsector”. There’s a chance there will be another game’s story covered besides J and GC.

The interview actually mention the animations being “amazing and the biggest yet”, so this means that just like originally in J, they made different animations depending on who your subpilot is. I’m looking forward to some Hokuto no Ken Festenia x Sir Coustwell, and unlockable Raftclans too. Also more Exexexexexbeins.  Hopefully Folka will come back too so we can finally get mecha Hokuto no Ken in HD. 2016 is cool. Looking forward to the 1st PV. Really hyped.

Betting on M.A.O. voicing Calvina, and would say Matsuoka Yoshitsugu for Touya but he already did Youta/MC in BX just now. So I guess… maybe Masuda Toshiki or Ishikawa Kaito. Ishikawa Kaito just did Sakito in the last Masoukishin too and almost every seiyuu in Masoukishin voices someone in main OG.
Then I’m betting on Uesaka Sumire for Melua, Tomatsu Haruka for Katia and Uchida Maaya for Festenia. Obvisouly lotsof PR related seiyuus since I have their names in mind these days cause of Kinpri.

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