Pretty Rhythm/PriPara producer Ohba Shin on how Gaaruru was made

When working on PriPara’s arcade game and recalculating the budget, they realized it wasn’t enough for the number of characters they had to make. Especially, they would be one character short in comparison to their business rivals.(Aikatsu! etc)

So they decided to recycle Faaruru’s old model and palette swap it to make a new character, who would be either her clone or sister, they didn’t decide yet.

Faaruru during PP s1, Gaaruru with Mikan and Aroma as Garomagedon, Faaruru post S1.

In contrast to Faaruru, they decided to make her into a Vocal Doll born from negatives feelings like frustrations and complexes (This is the final setting kept, and it’s indeed the case in the anime). They started thinking on how to introduce her, as just randomly bringing her in wouldn’t make her a sympathetic character. They did a bold move, (temporarily) removing Faaruru from the anime and arcade game at the end of s1, and as it was around the time of the summer vacation battles among them and their competitors, it was a great occasion to introduce the small and rampaging Gaaruru. (Is this part of the real reason why Faaruru left the show at the end of PP S1? Because she had no reason to leave and that was incredibly stupid. Then again, that level of stupidity was nothing compared to some of the stuff in S2 ).

Starting with her live debut, she’d develop and slowly earn the audience and players’ affection. They wanted her to be an idol who can only do one tenth of another idol, by trying ten times harder. That it’d be very difficult for her to keep up, but that she wouldn’t give up, and evolve at her own pace. They wanted to teach little girls to never give up, to give their best and to never forget having fun. She’s introduced in s2 of the anime/game as compared to Laala and co’s developments at that time, Gaaruru’s perspectives are much smaller, making it easier for little girls to relate to her.  (this is all pretty ironic, as I consider S2’s plot a mess, especially the hard work vs genius thing which completely failed to illustrate these themes)

The way Gaaruru lies, is rebellious and bites people is used as gags, but it’s also a way to demonstrate she yearns for attention and human contact. (It almost pisses me off reading all that because it’s gonna trick me into thinking they actually care about the plot in PP)

The rest of the story is as you’ve seen in the anime and game, and they managed to trigger Gaaruru’s debut at the best possible moment, after 6 months of planning. The only error they did was actually giving Gaaruru all this background, which made them actually use money. After that was how she ends up joining Garumaggedon. He says that similar to this Gaaruru story, he’ll try to write about how he thinks Garumagedon was made and his personal anecdotes about it.

This is pretty interesting, because while I haven’t caught up on Idol Time PriPara yet, I knows there’s that girl called Faarara who looks like Faaruru. And Faarara also has a clone with dark hair called Gaarara. Maybe Gaarara is a palette swap made because of budget reasons as well.

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