Pretty All Friends Episode 7 Translation

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Pretty All Friends Episode 7: The Fairytale Country and the prince of the Lost Woods.

The All Friends are traveling to reach the Pretty Prism Paradise, the country of dancing, singing, and fashion. Many new friends are joining them on the way as well. In the Fairytale Country, a group of girls was waiting for the All Friends to arrive to join them. However, these girls are in trouble.

Bell and Wakana kept staring at a letter decorated with stickers and sighed for the nth time.

“Bell, that letter from Naru is way too vague. “Let’s meet at the Fairytale Country♡” she wrote. How are we supposed to mewt if you don’t precise the time and place!!”
“Calm down Wakana. At least we both managed to meet each other.”
“Yeah… Meganee told me about those girls’ travels so far. Seems they ended up to a lot of other places before heading here.”
“I’m worried about them…”
“I know right? In normal conditions, they’re already worrisome, but now??! It’ll be a miracle if we actually manage to meet them!”

Meanwhile, Otoha was hurriedly walking in a forest. She was also in the Fairytale Country, but in the Lost Woods that no one ever dares to enter.

“Hawawawa what I’m gonna do!! I wanted to be sure to arrive on time, so I came to this country three days before the time we agreed on… but now I’m sure of it!! I’m lost!!! Aaaah what I’m gonna do?! Bell and Wakana must be waiting for me now!! What I’m supposed to do?!” asked a panicked Otoha, while turning around. Behind her were birds, rabbits, deers, and squirrels. The whole forest was following her!!

“You’re right everyone. Panicking won’t get us anywhere. We should calm down with a cup of tea. I have snacks as well! If you’d like to, we can do a Prism Show together too!!”. All the animals gladly accepted.

At the same time, Bell and Wakana ended up coming to the Lost Woods’ entrance.

“You don’t think she entered the forest right?”
“Knowing Otoha, she’s definitely in there. And look, that’s one of her Prism Stones, she must have dropped it!!”
“No, that can’t be!! It feels like it’ll start raining too… We must find her!!!”

Ominous clouds started to cover the sky, and the forest became darker and darker… The animals, tired, crowded around Otoha.
“I’m sorry, I don’t have any more snacks… You should all go home before it gets darker. I’m too tired to keep going…”
Hearing Otoha’s words, the animals, feeling sad about her, left into the forest.
Otoha put her hands on her chest.
“Aaaah, will I fall into an eternal slumber, all alone in this forest? Will a prince come and save me one day? Like in a fairytale…” muttered Otoha, as she fell into slumber. Suddenly, she heard a strange voice from above the trees.

“Hey myiss!! Myiss!! You’ll nyatch a cold if you sleep here~”
“Oh, a cat which looks just like Wakana. Hello. I got completely lost. I can’t meet everyone. I’m just causing trouble again. It’d be better if I slept forever, trapped in this forest.”
“Really?? Even though my fortune telling tells me you’re in luck~~ Lo~ok, over there!”. As soon as the cat ended speaking, it vanished, and deep from the forest, guided by the animals, a prince on a white horse appeared!!

“What a gorgeous prince, but you’re too soon. I’m so sorry, I’m not mentally ready yet…”
“Hey. Why are you apologizing? And I’m just passing by, I wasn’t even searching for you” said the prince as she ruffled her purple strands of hair.
“Hawawawa I made the prince angry!! I definitely don’t deserve to be saved! Aaaahh… I always mess up like this…”.
Looking at Otoha getting depressed, the prince angrily said “You’re so annoying!! Fine!! Get on, I’ll give you a ride, as long as where you want to go is close by”. Otoha climbed on the horse and clung to the prince. As she was dozing off, she thought: “I wonder where he’ll take me… A ball? That would be so nice, like in a fairytale…”.
As she started dreaming, suddenly, a gust of wind carrying the scent of rose went through the trees and reached Otoha.

“Oto!! Hey Oto!! Are you okay?”
“Wake up Otoha!!”
Bell and Wakana found Otoha sleeping on a bench near the Lost Woods’ entrance.

“Huh?? Bell, Wakana, what happened? I was about to go to the ball with the prince and…”
“Oh no!! Otoha is having delusions!! Did you hit your head somewhere?! Does it hurts??! What should we do?!”
“Cool down Bell!! She’s just the same as always!”
Bell was on the verge of tears, but the three girls rejoiced, they were finally together again.

And thus, the situation went back to square one, with Bell and Wakana endlessly sighing, staring at Naru’s ridiculous letter.
“We’re Bell Rose you know? And yet we had tons of trouble finding each other. I can’t even imagine how these girls will manage to get here”
“You’re right. I’m really worried about them”
“Bell, Wakana, instead of worrying, we should relax with some tea as we wait for the others. I always carry it with me and can make black tea right away. It’ll melt your worries away! Oh yeah! We should call the animals in the forest too!!”. Otoha’s words brought back Bell and Wakana’s smiles.

The sun, previously hidden by the ominous clouds, was now shining warmly.

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