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Anigera is Sugita Tomokazu’s radio show. It’s quite popular so there’s actually a lot of small translated excerpts on the net, some whole episodes too. Along Sugita are Mafia Kajita(game journalist, sugita’s friend), Kedouin Makoto(Corpse Party author, sugita’s friend), “Asakura” (an animator friends with Sugita) and at least one another guy who’s often there whose name I forgot. Sometimes even another regular guy is there too.
I honestly think Sugita is a good person. Though no one knows how one really is deep down. He said he often asks his agency/agent to contact newer seiyuu’s agencies/agents to see if they can be guests on the show. Either because he’s gonna voice in a show with them together soon and wanna see what kind of person they are. Or to help them. He wants to give back to people, like how in 2000, Banpresto decided to pick a random nobody like him to voice a char in Summon Night and one of the main characters in their newest SRW.

Anigera doesn’t have a youtube or Niconico etc official account. The uploads there are all unofficial versions. The show airs on the A&G net radio at specific times with a lot of reairs, like most other things on it. Screw listening to it at specific times though. Can’t manage my time for that.

Most corners are explained each episode. When there’s a seiyuu guest they often do a very funny skit before the intro, with everyone playing a character. Sometimes it can last around 10minutes.

Note: these are some very crude, non proofread notes. I made these for myself first and decided I might as well share. If episodes are skipped it means there was nothing worth mentioning in my opinion. Or I didn’t get to listen to them before they became unfindable.

293 294, guest is seiyuu Naganawa Maria  (It always hurt when there’s seiyuu like 5 years younger than me in Anigera and makes me feel how I don’t have a (high stress, low pay) job like them despite being older. Her voice is a bit muffled in a really weird way. I wonder how she sounds in anime, never saw anything with her since she’s relatively new and there’s a lot of anime I didn’t watch yet these past years. Anyway I’m really not a fan of her speaking voice like most seiyuu, too acute and weird. Kedouin and Kajita like it though) :

293 10 may 2018

Naganawa likes Korean brand clothes. She thinks most Koreans teens are more fashionable than Japanese teens too. (she’s a pretty small seiyuu, is it alright for her to say that in public, maybe some racist producer will boycott her if they hear it)
She likes splatoon 2, she always loose though but she wants to win so she doesn’t stop playing.

Sugita mentions he heard Hayami Saori praise Takeuchi’s voice again and jokes on how one day he’ll murder him. And he imitates how Takeuchi would react if he tried to kill him, was funny.

Sugita thought Asuka senpai in euphonium is a good char. Kajita didn’t watch it yet. He mentions how there’s a homosexual female couple in the franchise. Kajita says that it reminds him of how Nakamura used to play wind instruments in the past. Sugita mentions how there’s a char voiced by him, and they made him look like Nakamura on purpose.  Sugita talked about it with the franchise sound director Tsuruoka Yota and his only reaction was “*pant* pant* Nakamura is so cool right!!”. Naganawa used to play clarinette in grade school for 3 years.

294 17 may 2018

They talk about if they’ve ever been influenced by anime/manga or wanted to do something they saw in one for real. Sugita and Kajita talk about how they’d like technology to advance enough to pilot a robot for real one day. But not something like a zaku because it’s too big. Stuff like a scopedog or a labor seems easier to pilot and feels like it’s just at the edge of fiction so it feels there’s more chance of it becoming real. Naganawa says when she was a kid she wanted to fight with super powers. In terms of Jump manga, Naruto and Bleach were popular while she was growing up so she got influenced by them. Sugita says it was Slam Dunk for him and remembers how tons of people joined basket clubs because of it. Kajita says he experienced the same thing but with Prince of Tennis. He also adds that he was a crew cut bishonen at the time, but that crew cut bishonen actually don’t exist, so he wasn’t.

Mail asks what kind of school uniform they like. Naganawa wanted a blazer type in high school but the one she went to had a sailor uniform like at her middle school. Kajita says there were few girls at his high school because it was male only in the past. He doesn’t even remember what the female uniform looked like.

Naganawa’s fav food is carbonara pasta. She often cooks some herself or go eat out for it. Basically her favorite food are things kids love:carbonera mcdo and candy. As for mcdo she likes M Size cheeseburger and chicken nuggets, but doesn’t like any of the drinks. If it’s pasta, Kedouin likes peperoncino  the most. Kajita says there was a time when he was really into American series, and he kept watching them while eating mcdo, chugging it down with coke thinking he’s American. Back then he put on a lot of weight because of that lifestyle. Some mail says they like the stereotype in anime of an ojou sama having a big reaction when eating junk food as she never did before. Sugita says Yukana actually had this once. Her family was strict so she never got to eat instant ramen until she moved out. 1st time she ate some, she had multiple small cups of different flavors, instead of eating them separately she just cooked everything together, she told him it was really good.

Naganawa got a big sister which she gets along with a lot. They’re like friends, they go eat, buy clothes together etc. But Naganawa looks pretty different from her and their father. Naganawa is similar to their grandmother, and to her father’s big brother. When she was a kid she often wondered if she wasn’t her uncle’s kid instead.  Kedouin has a big sister that doesn’t look like him at all either. Sugita says he would have loved to have a nice sibling like Naganawa’s. He has an older brother but he’s evil, and he did stuff like selling his clothes for pocket money. Kajita compares Sugita’s brother to Jagi.

There’s a new corner at the end “dokushu” basically people send in mail where they did/thought about something, mostof the time something reprimandable, and they’ll answer it to purge them from that worry. 1st mail is someone asking how in a previous recent event/radio/whatever, Naganawa said she’d like to go to the pool with her friend “kuwa chan” , it asks if they ended up going or not. Naganawa didn’t go yet, her schedule is too tight. But she already went to buy swimsuits with kuwachan, they both got a bikini. They thought that since they’re adults now they should be brave and wear bikinis. Sugita and Kajita talk about how most guys wouldn’t go buy swimsuits together. It seems they actually did buy some together once though.

Kajita says recently he realized that when he gets drunks he gets a “ojisan fetish” and how it feels as if other guys get much cooler when looking at them drunk. Naganawa says she doesn’t like drinking because it makes her sad and she tends to get really gloomy when drunk and start crying saying she wanna go home. Sugita says it would be fun if Hidaka san would see her like that, and how Hidaka san would definitely tease and play with drunk Naganawa. (Not sure Hidaka who. Hidaka Noriko?) Kedouin barely ever drinks since his body doesn’t stand it much. When he gets drunk he’s the type that keeps laughing at whatever happens. Sugita says it’s actually scary when you see it happen because he just keeps laughing.

291 292 Guest is virtual youtuber dennou shoujo shiro chan (her voice sounds so unnatural and feels like she really forces it to sound (a)cute. It’s like she’s talking with her mouth constantly full with saliva, I really hate it):

291 26 april 2018

Was first ever radio show to have a virtual youtuber as guest according to them.
Kajita mentions how Nakamura once told him he’d like to become a virtual youtuber half jokingly (that was on star radiocean iirc but didn’t write it down)

They each talk about when they started watching virtual youtubers vids, kajita says it was for his job as journalist. Sugita says one of the first vids he saw was of dennou shoujo shiro playing pubg and how she’s on a roof and like”will I be able to kill the last guy with a grenade” and she does and wins. Turns out that wasn’t shiro chan though, and he’s mixing her up with another youtuber. They’re not even sure that vid actually exist as no one else seems to have seen it. Kajita often tell Sugita that sometimes no one else saw what he did and he probably either imagined it or has supernatural powers.
Shiro said how you shouldn’t worry about her getting a lover because she’ll enver will(I really hate this and how lotof virtual youtubers actually say that), so they start talking about virtual youtubers and if you shoud consider if they’re 3d 2d etc, consider the person doing the voice or not etc, Sugita says it’s like virtual youtubers are Chobham Armor of the real persons doing them.
Kajita says he likes shirou chan vids when she plays fortnite because it’s interesting and funny as she’s pretty strong and how you clearly see when she concentrates as she doesn’t speak anymore.
shiro doesn’t like zombies or horror things.
Someone sent in a mail saying how they used to have fun playing toshinden and making it so their character would ring out when doing their victory pose, asks if they ever had fun using bugs like that. Sugita says he really liked Toshinden. Kedouin likes to take weird or buggy looking screenshots when playing games. They joke on how PUBG is filled with bugs.

292 3 may 2018

Satou Setsuji told Sugita during Souten no Ken Regenesis recording that he started playing Dead by Daylight. He really likes games.
Some male person sent in a mail saying he was at the Vitamin X event recently at maihama and really liked what Sugita said during the part where each seiyuu talked about their lives. (Vitamin X is an otome game series with one of the chars voiced by Sugita says he doesn’t act differently depending at what type of event he’s at(otome game, anime, game, etc). And the prompt/plan for the event was boring so they started saying random stuff instead of following it. Sugita ended up talking about how he doesn’t like VR pron as it feels like you’re left out.
quick mention of the ramen restaurant called Sugitaya in Yokohama.

Anigera 289 and 290. Guests are Kotodaman kaihatsu producer Nakamura Taida and Kotodaman art director Sawae Mika (Kotodaman is a sega mobage that’s getting pretty popular)

289 12 April 2018 

Sugita chats with his gym teacher and his friends like asakura on discord.
Kajita tells them he wants Kotodaman to do a collab with Cobra. Also how Terasawa Buichi followed him, he follows back everyone actually, even followed me back too.
Sugita saying when working on Sangokushi Taisen he asked the game staff to make Hattori kun voice Hattori Hanzo. It was a good joke but they shot him down.

290 19 April 2018 

Someone sent in a mail saying there’s a guy in their grnadfather’s photo album that looks a lot like Kajita, he says lol who cares, people send in really dumb mails sometimes, Sugita passes him the photo then he’s ultra shocked because the person really super does look like him and they all start laughing. Its a pretty old pic and the people on it are wearing military uniforms,They start saying he’s a time traveler. The person who looks like Kajita wears a uniform for quite high graded people, gunsou rank. Name isn’t Kajita so they’re not related though. The person also sent in their real name (undisclosed) so they can check on the person’s grandfather. The grandfather isn’t on the photo though.
Other mail is someone saying their dream is to become a mangaka and work with the people ofanigera. Kedouin says something about needing to up your social skills is as much important as drawing
other mail starts with ” i creamed my pants during class in grade school. Everyone was saying how it stinks so I did too to not get found out. My eyes stayed dead as the class ended, I don’t know if anyone evr found me out, probably yes and there’s too nice and never brought it up. But ever since then im scared people were actually nicknaming me “sh*t” guy” in my back.”

Anigera  287 and 288, guest is seiyuu Shimamura Yuu. She’s one of my favorite relatively new seiyuu (she debuted in 2005), she was Aida in G Reco and Zelda in botw)

287 Guest Shimamura Yuu March 29th 2018

She didn’t know the term “oneeshota” (couple of an older woman and teen/younger man) so sugita explained it to her.

288 April 5 2018 

Shimamura’s favorite game ever is Ghost Trick. She likes Nobunaga no Yabou too.
Sugita voices Nobunaga in the latest Nobunaga no Yabou on Switch.
Kajita has a sweat with Neo Geo written on it he always puts on when muscle training. Sugita says he has one too, he got it from Nakamura. Shimomura asks if Sugita gets Nakamura’s clotheso(only richfags won’t get this)
Sugita had influenza during Jump Festa and went to his events with a mask and Kamiya mocked him a lot.

One piece is super long running and with a lot of veterans so even if sugita is acting for 18 years he’s one of those who don’t get a seat when waiting for dubbing session. Sugita often goes to a ramen called sugitaya near shin sugita te station in yokohama

Sugita talks about how he once heard that in the pokemon anime Pikachu was supposed to talk but ikue otani was so good at conveying things just saying “pika” that they thought it’s better this way.
sugita never seen spirited away but he’d like to. His favorite gibli movie is umi ga kikoeru

Anigera 283
Sugita mentioned the Dreamcast Sakura Captor Tomoyo game and Kajita didn’t know about it. I can’t believe I know a game mafia kajita doesn’t, 4Gamer should hire me too. Sugita got a very big CCSakura figure from everyone for his 2017 bday.

Anigera 282
A long time ago recording for a Boys Love CD with sakurai, sugita didn’t know how to do the kiss sound properly so did it with his arm, at first he asked sakurai for his arm and he refused. And he said recently  unnamed female seiyuu asked him advice and had the same problem, didn’t know how to do kiss sound for a drama cd, so he told her to practice doing it with her arm.

Anigera 278 2m30 murase was at a snh dubbing session, kitamura eri was there too, was first time he met her, she kept failing her lines (Shiranui Akeno’s) and had to retake them. She was feeling down so he told her “it’s fine you’ll get used to it” and asked her how long she’s been a seiyuu, she said 10 years and he was like huuuu- loss of breath muffled scream and he was a bit happy because it meant he actually improved(he was a seiyuu for less than a year). Sugita said he had a similar thing happen once with ouno atsushi.
Sugita saying how he thinks geniuses don’t appear often so he was super surprised the first time he met Takeuchi Shunsuke, Murase agrees too and an they say in a way they’re jealous of him since he’s so good already and yet so young and still maturing.
They say all seiyuu hear their own voice differently when they’re dubbing & when they listen to the final product, and think they sounded wrong at times while they didn’t. Murase asks when did Sugita stop having that sensation, he answers he always does. He always think he was a bit off or wrong but then it’s normal. Murase just became freelance, he left the producer he met at the hotel’s company  just some days ago. I’m a huge fan of SnH and it’s one of my favorite anime/manga ever so these episodes were really interesting.

Anigera 277 Murase Katsuki (masa san in snh) was guest. Talks about he was working as manager in an hotel, some weird&bad looking people were there, was told to deal with them, he got them something bad on purpose so they’d leave but they liked it and stayed. Then suddenly bad looking guy asked him”won’t you voice a character in my anime? that’s how he got into snh. Bad looking guy is a pretty famous (King Records?) producers in the anime industry.

Aniger week of 18 Nov 2018, forgot which number
Kajita’s little sister used to live in usa, and now she feels a bit weird in japan because the way women use makeup is very different. They say slightly racist things like “some women in usa have makeup like wonder woman, while everyone in japan uses makeup the same way”. (Well it’s true Japanese women to conform to society all dress the same(green/blue/ black/white skirt and top) and makeup the same though.)

Anigera episode 273
to relisten and change 0850 sugita says he debuted in cybuster? see voice animage where he once talked about it but shimamura uzuki took the role though. Sugita joking saying he said that in umasugi for over 10years but always gets cut.

Anigera 271, 272, about Pretty Rhythm and KING OF PRISM (Sugita Tomokazu, Furuya Yamato, Kobayashi Tatsuyuki)

Anigera 269 Sugita said the old studio they used to shoot tokyo encount at was also used by companies doing pron they all changed studio because it’s currently under renovation for anti earthquake measures. Kajita says once because of a schedule mistake a pron actress showed up while he was doing Persona Stalker Club. next, a mail asks if they ever had a dream influenced by games they play, Sugita and Kajita say they do, Kedouin(Corpse Party author) says he does too, in fact he just had a sad dream that day, related to Death End Re;Quest. Says he writes them down.

Anigera 261 262: they didn’t say anything worth writing down but Hidaka Noriko was guest and it was really fun. Need to DL them to relisten from time to time.

On Sept 19 2017 Sugita made  a tweet that went viral about how while he doesn’t look up what people say about him, it often reaches his ears anyway through RT etc. And that people are worrying about his hair and he’s happy everyone is worried about it and send him nice comments but you shouldn’t worry too much about it, because he doesn’t himself, and considers what’s important about a seiyuu isn’t how they look, but how they do their voicing job. A few hours later Aoi Yuuki copied sugita’s tweet except with “eyebrows” instead of hair/going bald, was pretty funny. (Didn’t know people think she has big eyebrows, her eyebrows are fine)

Anigera 254: 1750 seiyuu Hamada Youhei saying his girlfriend is Tsubame Minami from Memories Off.

Anigera 252 Sugita and Kajita say they liked Netflix Castlevania

Anigera 249 this episode’s guest is Toujou Hisako, never heard of her it’s nice how Sugita always invite newcomer seiyuu.since 2015 it’s rare I watch anime as they air, there’s tons of new seiyuus these days I never heard the voices of. It’s nice how Sugita always invite newcomer seiyuus. Sugita says he met Hosoya recently and he’s doing well and recovering well.

Anigera 245 Asakura doing the “Have a break have a Kit Kat” joke again, I hope it becomes a reccurent joke. His voice is super funny.

Anigera 241 had Tsuda Kenjiro (Kaiba). should relisten.

Sugita said his mother has a Kazuki senpai paper clipper

Anigera 236 burst out laughing at 15:45 sugita imitating char. in segment  ‘send a phrase like Goemon’s “I cut smthg worhtless again”‘. Someone sent “I threw something worthless at earth again” and sugita read it with char’s voice. asakura kun is so funny, that “have a break have a kit kat” broke my sides.

In Anigera 232, 9March2017, at the beginning, Sugita does a version of the  セクシーを愛しセクシーに愛された男 No-Laughing Science Laboratory joke while imitating Geese Howard. Made me laugh a lot.

Anigera 230 Sugita talking about his role in Kinpri2 shortly after it was announced. Just said he actually didn’t do  an audition for it and don’t have details and he thought he’d voice an adult/staff from one of the two schools,he was suprised when it was announced he’d do a Prism Star. A guy sending in a question said last saturday 18 girls were absent from his course because of gundam IBO’s ep the previous day

In Anigera 228, 9feb2017, Sugita says a lot of people, even anime industry people, thinks that he really wants to voice a Gundam pilot character, but he actually never ever said that. Also he hates Gundam “fans” who are elitist, especially the ones going “GBF and everything not UC isn’t really Gundam” “if it’s not made by Tomino blablabla” (actually says blablabla).

Anigera 227 Sugita and Kajita both liked Rideback that’s some fine taste.

?? episode, copypasted from a friend
How Sugita once thought Uchida Maaya would confess to him while in the end she just asked him for advice for her brother when he was starting out as a seiyuu.