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PRAD is ending soon

Pic by 佐奈丸

And it’s getting more and more awesome. I’m so happy I’m watching this. Since episode 39, the show went into it’s last phase, everything is coming together, the girls must each participate to various  prism show championships to be qualified for the Prism Queen Cup. I TOTALLY CRIED in ep 41 when Kyouko san broke into tears after telling her story. And then Aira hugged her, telling she will fulfill her dreams she couldn’t accomplish.  It was so DAAAAAAAAWW,  I haven’t felt so emotional since when I watched Tekkaman Blade last summer.
Now Aira is set, she has the eye of the tiger, she’s not the typical “everyone got their dreams and all, I still don’t know what to do in life, I’m so insecure” heroine anymore now. NOW SHE WILL FLY THE AURORA RISING FOR KYOUKO. YEEEEEEEEEEEES.

Pic by キクチ

And then that Valentines ep, Shou hugging aira KYAAAAAAAAA.
I like how Aira is surprised when Shou gave her chocos for valentines, he shatters one of the japanese beliefs and tell her that overseas, during Valentine’s day you can give gifts regardless of genders, as in it’s not only the girls giving choco.

Then there’s episode 45, Mion’s training in Brazil. Getting to see Mion’s parents was just icing on the cake. We got to see the parents of the three girls, they all have really good roles and character development. I hate to say things like this but: HOW MANY YEARS HAS IT BEEN SINCE I LAST SAW PARENTS DOING THEIR JOB IN ANIME??? I remember when at first it was Aira’s dad who wouldn’t let her do Prism Shows and was totally opposed to it, but now in ep 44 he’s the one who agreed to let her aim for the Prism Queen title and jump the Aurora Rising while her mom was strictly against it, after what happened to her friend Sona chan, who flew it too and lost her memories or something like that. That’s pretty much the only plot part left they have to explain now.

One more thing, they still pulled out new solo songs for Kanon, Serena and Chris when there was only 7 episode left!! They could have well just kept their money for the sequel. It’s really considerate of the staff. Now with this, every girl has her own song along their team songs. All of them along with the ops and eds will be released on a 3 CD compilation the 16th of March, there’s even a limited edition with a dvd containing the performances of each song. I’m actually thinking of buying a copy.

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream is ending soon, I’ll be so sad when it does, I’m actually planning to watch the sequel Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future if it turns out as great as this. PRAD definitely is one of my favorite sports anime now along with Captain Tsubasa and some others, I’m not even kidding. I’m eagerly waiting for the ending.

Rinne no Lagrange Guessiiiiing!!!

Pic by げっとないん

I like guessing what happens in anime, whether there’s an original material or not. (Though most of the time with non original anime I tend to keep my speculations to myself to avoid being spoiled.) I like sharing my guesses with others, I post it here and the Foolz forum I frequent I guess.

I’m happy regardless of the outcome: Predicting stuff is fun. If it turns out right it just mean the plot was well written. if it turns out wrong, it means it managed to surprise me. Each entry is more or less related. I also like to criticize myself and say it if I think there’s something wrong with the guess.

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You can’t gauge the quality of an anime simply by the studio behind it…

Pic by saitom (NSFW)

I’m not a fan of how people like to check what studio will do what anime before it airs as a mean to gauge it’s quality? It’s a fact, any studio is capable of doing great stuff as well as the worst thing ever. Just look at JC Staff, a year ago I loathed them for making indecent shows like Ookami-san, Yumekui Merry and Hidan no Aria and now I’m praising them for Kimi to Boku. It’s not the studio itself that counts, it’s the staff.

Speaking of staff, there’s almost the same issue with directors. Saying a show is bad or good because of a director is stupid. Everything isn’t his fault. I’m pretty sure there’s cases of shows where the director is not allowed to do what he wants (By higher executives/Shogakukan or whatever)  and cases where you can clearly see the particular touch of the director.

Pic by フタゴモナド  (NSFW)

A few examples: Aoki Ei, the guy who directed the first movie of Kara no Kyoukai is the same guy who directed Girls Bravo (If you don’t know it, let’s just say it’s some B-rated harem show no one remembers that’s not good but not bad either, well at least from my memory, I’m pretty kind, I bet it’s much worse than what I remember). Kara no Kyoukai is one of my favorite anime ever. He’s also directing Fate/Zero, which everyone says it’s awesome (I dunno if it’s true as I don’t watch it for now). Maybe he just gained experience in 5 years but still, going from directing Girls Bravo to Fate/Zero… obviously the director isn’t the main factor in determining a show’s quality.

A good recent example of where I think the director had a definite influence is the Redline movie (Koike Takeshi). That’s definitely what they call an “author’s work” in cinema or whatever.  He almost did everything himself.
Another less known example is Yozakura Quartet’s OADs directed by Ryo-Timo, you can clearly see his touch if you’ve seen some of his previous works (his .gifs, Beck…)
Shinkai Makoto is another great example.

Feel free to say so if you agree/disagree.

Unrelated: I guess I’m not the only guy watching Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream who also likes hot blooded stuff

Anime season previews

Pic by Doomfest NSFW

The Fall anime season gonna start soon.Of course, you can get a rough estimate from the information, the original material if there’s one, the staff (The FULL staff, not only the director )etc but they stay estimates, first impressions. You can’t know the quality of a show until it aired and you’ve seen it for yourself. Even the upcoming Fate/Zero,  surely looks totally awesome but, maybe it will suck. The possibility is never 0%.

It amaze me so much when someone say “this show is crap/BEST SHOW OF THE SEASON” after seeing one or two episodes, are they wizards? Of course I’m not saying first impressions (or recommendations if the show aired already) are always wrong, but they’re still first impressions. (As for recommendations, everyone got different tastes). I’m not saying Season Previews are wrong, I’m just saying people should shut their mouth if they don’t know what they’re talking about. A simple rule of life.

Artist: めたるか

By めたるか

I always wanted to do posts about artists I like but I don’t have Choux’s skills. So I thought I’d bet on originality. Never thought I’d start with this guy. Guess it’s because he doesn’t need much effort. And yes I’d rather just copy pasta his/her name than trust Googletrans as I don’t read moonrunes.

You know that K-on! tourist town in Japan which got K-on! furniture everywhere, including funny looking signboards? If not go read this. (The signboards in question are featured in the 2nd part of the article).

Well this artist here draws characters the same way. I actually wonder if he’s the one who designed the signs in the first place or if he’s just imitating them.

Does snacks counts as banana???

One of my rolling wallpapers, by this person

“Does snacks count as banana?” Just saw this sentence in Bakatest 2 ep2.
The original sentence is of course  “Does bananas counts as snacks?” But Aki got it wrong since he’s an idiot.
I first heard it in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town. I think it’s a cultural Japanese joke from when kids going on school trips can’t bring more than ~300yen worth of snack, and there’s always one kid asking if banana/fruit counts as snacks. The others kids usually come up with ideas to go around the rule, most of the time one of them makes snacks himself so they were technically free, thus breaking the 300yen limit.