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Afureko!AR: Become a seiyuu!

Source: Catsuka

There’s a new and small animation studio called Yapiko Animation which was created by 3 French animators. Out of the three, I only already heard of Eddie Mehong who worked on Casshern Sins. Their staff also include Japanese people, like chara designer Masami Suda.

Their first work is an app where you can try to be a Seiyuu. It has an original anime in it they created, and you need to dub it with the text included. When you’re done with your work, you could post the result on youtube and niconico. Maybe one week later, I’m Entreprise will send you a mail to recruit you.

You can find it on Itunes here. I don’t think there’s an Android version.

Nakajima Megumi 「Transfer」 Music Video


Director: Fantasista Utamaro x Kazuma Ikeda
Cel Animation Director: Kubotabee

Associate Director:
Tetsuya Tatamitani / Amica Kubo / Yuichiro Saeki / TOOTEM /
Naoya Yamaguchi / shishi yamasaki /
Izumi Hosaka & Akimasa Tsuchiya / sankaku

Character Design: Kubotabee

Key Animator (Cel Animation):
Masahiro Emoto / Yasuhiro Aoki / Mai Tsutsumi /
Takashi Kumazen / Manabu Akita / Riki Matsuura

Background (Cel Animation): IMAGINET

Sound Effects: Yusuke Tamaki

[Report] Ryukishi07 at the French con Epitanime: 26th of May

Got a signature from him. Hell Yes. I’m so happy. (Even though I’ll probably fail my exams starting June 5th).

He was there the 26th and the 27th. Each day he did a signing session at 11:15am and a conference at 2pm. The guy who translated Higurashi in French and the founder of Witch Hunt were also present at the conferences. (Didn’t know one of the guys who started up Witch Hunt was actually French). I’ll type here pretty much everything I remember from those conferences. This first post will be about the first conference which was focused on Higurashi (The second one was focused on Umineko). I’ll post a summary of the 2nd conference tomorrow at best. The conferences were also streamed, the 1st one on Niconico and the 2nd one on Ustream so I’ll post the links too. I can’t find the link of the 1st one for now though, so I think I’ll put both in the 2nd post. Of course, if someone who was also present is reading this, feel free to point out mistakes.

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Nihonbashi Koukashita “R” Keikaku

This video really struck me when I saw it 4 days ago, I couldn’t let it slip by. And Ryo-Timo worked on it(The same guy who worked on Yozakura Quartet’s OADs) . It’s simply amazing.

Director : Takuya Hosogane
Storyboard : Takuya Mitomi
Music : Jin
Total Produce: Maxilla