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New Pretty Rhythm series project, Pretty All Friends announced

Edit, adding more things. Thanks to an online friend I found and added the mysterious silhouettes they only showed during the announcement at the event but haven’t published elsewhere.

(Note: for my convenience, I tag Pretty All Friends related pictures on my blog as “prad7”, please don’t pay it any mind)

Pretty All friend is a “project” announced during the PP live event on Dec 10, and on the PriPara official Twitter.

My tweets about it:

ANN post

I don’t have anything to add to the ANN post except how when Idol Time PriPara was announced, they already said they would do something for the 10th anniversary of the arcade game in 2020 and the 10th anniversary of the anime in 2021.

Director haven’t tweeted anything regarding the announcement besides RTing some people’s reactions.

Sound Director haven’t said anything either last time I checked. I haven’t checked every seiyuu and staff yet and will try to ad more reactions later.

CG director tweeted basically “Pretty All Friend means anything is possible!!” and  “When you have the budget you can do anything!! Let’s do it do it do it do it do it do it” and other similar things about how they have money now, made me laugh a lot. (I don’t watch ITPP yet so I didn’t get it at first, that’s a reference to Muri girl, whose catchphrase changes from murimurimurimurimurimuri to dekirudekirudekirudekirudekirudekiru when she transforms).

Asumi Kana/Aira twitted “eh!! what is this! everyone is so cute!!” and also twitted one of the AD DVD she owns and pointed out how the dvd cover illustrations were so nice.

Serizawa Yuu wonders if she’ll voice both Mireille and Ann together.

Fans pointed out where the clothes used in the key visual comes from:

Not everyone is actually hyped about PAF, like long time fanartist Akasaka san (one of the first people who did Pretty Rhythm fanart and who still does today along with Emu san) who said she doesn’t feel it too much, though haven’t read all her tweets yet so not sure why.

Everything below is speculation, like things pointing out it could be a TV anime etc. Just throwing out ideas of mine and what Prism Yakuzas said on Twitter. We won’t have more info until end of January.
(At times like these I almost regret I’m not a cool youtuber doing dumb EXPLAINED videos beacuse it would probably take less time speaking than writing all this. Though making a video with ll the cuts etc takes a lot of time and work)

CG director recently tweeted they upgraded their motion capture “making one of his dreams finally come true”, so it may be about PAF.

Back in October, CG Director and producer Ohba Shin were talking about some new motion capture that would make a dream come true, possibly new mocap for PAF, as I already pointed out in the past they do the motion capture for future performances pretty early.

Usually in late December or January, that’s when they announce the new season that will start in April the following year. So this means this would be the new anime starting in April, but it feels weird to stop ITPP now when they bothered to add so many new characters. A lot of fans and myself also think it’s weird they’re announcing something part of the 10th anniversary so soon.

If they do an arcade game too, since they always try to be a step ahead from competitors and add a new gimmick, like the print your own photo and become a real idol for pritickets, there should be some new gimmick too for PAF. There’s a Prism Stone on the logo, there wasn’t one on PriPara or Idol Time PriPara’s logos. So it could mean Prism Stones will be back, or something that looks like Prism Stones will be used. The logo’s design, color and font is a mix of Pretty Rhythm and PriPara’s , and there’s Laala’s ribbon on top like with PP logos.

They don’t have skates but we don’t know yet if this means there won’t be Prism Shows or not, if they’re “idols” or “Prism Stars” or both or something new. The announcement definitely avoided using these words on purpose to make us wait for more info. I definitly hope there will be Prism Jumps and Acts or even a new thing again.

I don’t think it’ll be a movie. They wouldn’t have made a new name if it was just a a movie.

2018 is the date the next Prism Queen Cup should take place in the Rainbow Live universe, though we don’t know if this will take place in a previous or new universe, if the Aira Mia Naru are the Saints or their original versions or some other new parallel versions, etc.

If there’s an anime, we don’t know who the director will be. Either Moriwaki or Hishida or someone else. PR Director Hishida is busy with being Fairilu’s director, which should get a third 51 episodes season, so it may not be him. I don’t think he’d accept working on two anime as director at the same time. Plus there’s Kinpri, though I don’t think a new Kinpri thing will get out anytime soon. They recently did the staff only “wrap up party for the successful completion of the Kinpri project” too.(If you aren’t following my Twitter, btw Enoki Azusa said Director told her info about Hiro’s dad, and only him and her know about it, but that this might change someday) The earliest announcement of something new would be at the Prism King Cup Wrap up Party events in Febraury and March. I haven’t seen Kinpri2 yet nor spoiled myself, but Dierctor said before the movie was even out that it wouldn’t explain everything about Shin and Louis, so maybe they’ll do a new thing explaining it one day, but it won’t be now.
I don’t mind Moriwaki as director and I actually like PriPara, but I just hope if they do a new thing it’ll be less inconsistent and deciding when to care about the plot or not on the fly. Even if you watch PriPara with your brain turned off sometimes its so bad its irritating.

Fans on twitter pointed out the latest PriPara official fanbook (Idol Time PriPara Official Fan Book 2017 SEASON5, released on December 7 2017) lists an 6th upgrade(Time n°6) for the arcade game planned for February 2018, that will add Mia and Garuru, and a 7th update is listed as well(not visible on this photo). That update will go well after April 2018, so the Idol Time PP game isn’t ending soon. Unless they published this without having info on PAF. Moreover, in the same conference where they announced ITPP and teased the anniversary project I mentioned at the beginning, they also said ITPP would continue till 2020, until the anniversary, so there’s a lot of weird points about all this.

We don’t know if this is something that will be more like Pretty Rhythm and Kinpri or more like PriPara, or something mixing both. I think the latter would be the best, because that’s basically what Pretty Rhythm was. Mixing PP and the PR/Kinpri atmosphere can work since PR actually already had a lot of dumb things like in PP, except done better.
They added male idol characters too since Idol Time PriPara started, and they reintroduced Aira Mia Naru, so the new little girls watching ITPP learn about them, probably for this project, so I think we can expect something good, instead of worrying if this or this character will appear.

Lastly, I’ll try to update this post later because I’ve read people mentioning something about 7 characters in total, the five on the key visual plus two mysterious silhouettes being either two new characters or returning characters. Haven’t managed to find more details. Not sure if it’s something they only showed at the live or something. I need to ask other fans like Sakuramochi san about it.

Edit: These are the two silhouettes. They must be new characters for PAF. I really hope they’re good characters. Wondering who will voice them too. Will be funny if one of them is voiced by M.A.O. They don’t wear skates either but still hoping for more Prism Shows and tournaments and romance and everything that made Pretty Rhythm such a masterpiece.

During the event, there was also a survey asking people which one they like the most between AD, DMF, RL, PPs1, s2, s3, Kinpri 1, Kinpri 2, and ITPP, so its possible they’re still deciding if PAF will be more like PR or more like PP.

A lot of fans said to trust the franchise and that they’ll definitely do something good, whatever it’ll be. Some people even think it might be a fighting game because of the name sounding like one. In my case, I hope we get a RPG with all of the Pretty series one day.

Pretty Rhythm/PriPara producer Ohba Shin on how Garuru was made

My comments are under parenthesis.

When working on PriPara’s arcade game and recalculating the budget, they realized it wasn’t enough for the number of characters they had to make. Especially, they would be one character short in comparison to their business rivals. (Aikatsu! etc)

So they decided to recycle Faaruru’s old model and palette swap it to make a new character, who would be either her clone or sister, they didn’t decide yet.

Faruru during PP s1, Garuru with Mikan and Aroma as Garomagedon, Faruru post S1.

In contrast to Faruru, they decided to make Garuru into a Vocal Doll born from negatives feelings like frustrations and complexes. They weren’t sure on how to introduce her, as just randomly bringing her in wouldn’t make her a sympathetic character. So they went with a bold move, temporarily removing Faruru from the anime and arcade game at the end of s1, and as it was around the time the summer vacation battles among PriPara and its competitors started, it was the perfect occasion to introduce the small and rampaging Garuru. (Is this part of the real reason why Faruru left the anime at the end of PP S1? Because she had no reason to leave after what happened in that episode and it was incredibly stupid. Though that was nothing compared to some of the things that happen in S2).

Starting with her live debut, Garuru would develop and slowly earn the audience and players’ affection. They wanted Garuru to be an idol who can only do one-tenth of another idol’s performance, and by trying ten times harder. That it’d be very difficult for her to keep up, but that she wouldn’t give up, and evolve at her own pace. They wanted to teach little girls to never give up, to always try their best even if they suck and to never forget having fun. Garuru’s introduced in s2 of the anime/game, because compared to Laala and co’s developments at that time, her perspectives are much smaller, making it easier for little girls to relate to her.  (This is ironic, as I consider S2’s part of the plot about these themes pretty badly handled.)

The fact that Garuru is rebellious, doesn’t say the truth, and bites people, is used as gags, but it’s also a way to demonstrate she yearns for attention and human contact.

The rest of the story is as you’ve seen in the anime and game, and they managed to trigger Garuru’s debut at the best possible moment, after 6 months of planning. The only error they did was actually caring so much about Garuru and her background, so in the end, they used more money than they saved. And then she joins Aroma and Mikan to make Garumaggedon. OhbaP said that similar to this Garuru story, he’ll try to write about how he thinks Garumagedon was made and his personal anecdotes about it some another time.

This is pretty interesting because while I haven’t caught up on Idol Time PriPara yet, I know about Farara and Garara, so maybe they were also made as palette swaps to save money.

Saints’ Mia to appear in Idol Time PriPara


It has been announced on August 19th that Mia, the legendary Kami idol and part of the group Saints, will appear at some point in Idol Time PriPara. Just like Mia in DMF, she will be voiced by Ookubo Rumi. I don’t know how her family name is read, but it’s 華園, different from Ageha.

They updated the official Idoltime PP anime site too with Mia. Her description doesn’t say anything different than above though.

Like the cool kids on the net say these days: ITS HAPPENING


So, I remember back when the first PP movie was released, the one with the Pretty Rhythm routes. Back then, PR Director Hishida Masakazu said in a very long interview I translated that the Pretty Rhythm characters who appear in the movie aren’t real, that they’re just data made from the matrix thing existing and accumulating data from both Pretty Rhythm universes and PriPara universe. And so, the Saints aren’t real too. But he added that it’s just his own explanation, and that one day they might use Saints in the PriPara TV anime and give another explanation or say something competently different about them.

I’m extremely excited for this, but at the same time I’m not expecting anything, because PriPara already disappointed me so many times now. S1 was boring 90% of the time and felt like it was written on the clock(remember how Prism Voice was never ever mentioned again?) and S2 was much better but still had tons of wasted potential. So much that I still haven’t got around to watch season 3. (if you’re interested about what was wrong with S2 you can read my older posts like this one)
I don’t know what they’ll do with Mia, but I know it won’t be good enough. PriPara is wasted potential:the anime. At least I’m mature enough to not care, and won’t get angry or say stuff like they’re ruining the lore or retroactively ruining Mia if they write her in a real dumb way. I can expect this seeing what they already did for so many characters in PP so far.

IIRC in PP episode 1, they say Saints has been retired for 4 years. And IIRC at least two years have passed in PriPara since the beginning, which explains why she looks older. She slightly looks a bit like her future self shown at the end of Grateful Symphonia in DMF episode 50.

This probably means Saints version of Aira and Naru will appear soon as well. Now, I’m wondering if they’ll introduce more Pretty Rhythm characters or if it’ll only be those three. If they introduce more, it could be a good basis to make a full crossover. They already teased a tenth anniversary project for 2020 and 2021. 2020  will be the game’s 10th anniversary, and 2021 the anime’s( Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream to be exact). I wish they make a AD DMF RL Kinpri Idol Time PP all series crossover.

In any case, now I really need to watch PriPara season3 and catch up all the way to season 4/Idol Time.

Oh and they’re also adding a new girl called Shuuka.(probaly pun on shuukan/week and the characters all have time related names). And she has the same family name as Mia, 華園, so she’s probably her sister.

IRL Mia wonders if it’ll be the same Mia as in DMF or will she be different. (Laughed at the first reply saying”I stopped watching PP but now I’ll restart watching it”)

Speaking of Mia, I posted it on twitter but maybe you haven’t seen it: On August 20, 2000 JP time, there’s a show airing with Rizumu and So Min’s seiyuus, and the guests will be Mia and Karin’s seiyuus, and they’ll play the DMF board game.

Idol Time PriPara announced


You can read about it on ANN

As expected they’re only keeping Laala and removing the other characters, it was obvious since when they announced the new season on December that it would turn out this way. Not gonna translate other things that aren’t in the the ANN article because I’m not interested in this for now. Not that I won’t watch it when it’s out or that I think it’ll be bad, it’s just I still haven’t watched s3 anyway so It’s not in my priorities to use time to learn more about Idol Time PriPara/AiPara or translate stuff about it. I’m not in a hurry or hyped about it.


The reason why I made this post is because I saw something interesting, PR director tweeted a report about the press conference when the series was announced. Takara Tommy executive(or whatever his position is)Toshihiro Morioka said they’re planning to keep the franchise going for at least ten years, as it’s been 7 years since the Pretty Rhythm arcade launched, and 6 years since the anime launched.  So in 2020 it’s scheduled to be the arcade game 10th anniversary, and in 2021 the anime 10th anniversary.

So in my opinion this means:

AiPP is at least 3 years long like Pretty Rhythm and PP. Laala will probably stay all the seasons too. If they didn’t remove her it’s possible they won’t remove her when they possibly reboot AiPP as well in 2020-2021, and will keep Laala as long as PP is going.

If they ever do a ADMF x RLKinpri crossover or a ADMF + RLKinpri + PP + AiPP crossover, it’ll be then. I think Kinpri will be done by 2020. PR director said the storyboard for Kinpri 2 is three times bigger than the one for Kinpri 1, so it should finish Hijiri and Jin’s story. At most we’ll get the Kinpri TV anime they always wanted to do in 2018, but I don’t think they’ll milk Kinpri once the story is done.


aipp-salami-smile aipp-dressing-pafe

EDIT: On Jan 25th they revealed the Iris voiced characters are returning as well. Seems the PriParapocalypse din’t happen, I was wrong. I wonder if the others will return as well or will they be put on a boat.
Because they redesign the dresses every season, and the ones in S3 were particularly ugly with their yellow tones, I used to joke on how S4 would be a reset because they can’t make the dresses any uglier. Turns out I was wrong on even that. Oh God just what did they did to Shion.

PriPara Creamy Mami collaboration officialy announced, Status on PriPara anime blogging

prad5 creamy mami collab

I’m still planning to blog PriPara, It’s just not my priority these days. I also need to try to write a post to explain all the latest discriminatory stuff happening in France these days. well technically it’s been happening for decades but you know what I mean.

The Weekend of the 20th August at the Ciao Summer Festival 2016 they officially announced the Creamy Mami collaboration I mentioned some weeks ago.

Edit: On Aguust 22 they published a PV for the collab

They also showed a new character and the girl from the start of s3 who will join Non to make a new team. I still think they will reboot PriPara after s3, with new characters instead of Laala and co. They should announce the new season in late December or January like always.
And the reason why they’re doing the puzzle mobile game is so people who miss Laala and the first series characters will play it.

One of the reasons the franchise is called “PriPara” is to have a short name, compared to “Pretty Rhythm”, so when they reboot I don’t think they’ll add a word to it. Or it’ll be something short, like “PriPara Go”. In fact I think they may try to do something like Pokemon Go, using the smartphones they’re already selling.

Also, I found an old draft I wrote around 3 years ago, back when Rainbow Live was still airing and they had just announced Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection, and they showed Laala’s design for the first time. It’s really fun how right I was so I’m publishing it for fun. Just in case, I’m not disappointed about PriPara not being Pretty Rhythm anymore. I was never disappointed about that actually.
I criticized PriPara season 1 nonstop during it’s run because it was genuinely below average. S2 was much better, and a genuinely good show. However it still had tons of bad or weird plot choices, and unfunny jokes.

Anyway here’s the ~2014 old short post:

Since the new heroine is holding a mic, what if this new season focuses on singing and idoling, and removes all the sports anime elements? Will I be unable to say how Pretty Rhythm isn’t an idol show but a girls sports show anymore?
It’s not like I get mad when someone calls Pretty Rhythm an idol show, but I genuinely think it isn’t.

The other day I saw an interesting discussion on the 2ch Pretty Rhythm thread; It asked what would you classify Pretty Rhythm as. I already have my own opinion on it, but this made me learn a few things:

Seems like in Japan, kids’ ideas of “idol anime” is something cute, cool etc, because most little girls dream of becoming an idol. It’s pretty different to the representation that people make in their head of you say “idol anime” in English speaking communities/older people/otaku in general.

If you say “idol” to the anime english speaking communities/older people/otaku in general, they’ll have a completely different vision of it. The little girl vision is stuff like Pretty Rhythm, the otaku vision is stuff like Love Live. But these  have nothing in common besides CG singing.

Creamy Mami collab with PriPara arcade game in October 2016

prad5 arcade game creamy mami collab

(Making a post since this is pretty big but don’t expect me to cover every PriPara news. I already have my hands full with Pretty Rhythm and even then I’m not covering everything in my PR news post anymore, only the most imporatnt things. As the content quantity of manga, fun things, and other, exploded with King of Prism popularity)

They said in October the arcade game will have a collab with “legendaray anime idol” so it can only be Creamy Mami. And the silhouette is definitely her. The loop is getting looped. When PriPara got announced and I saw Laala’s design, the first thing I thought of is Creamy Mami.I think Laala’s design is heavily inspired from Creamy Mami, to not say ripped off. I should rewatch Creamy Mami, it’s one of the few shows I saw as a kid I never rewatched again and thus don’t remember it much. Patlabor too. I really hate it when people tell you only like a show because of nostalgia when you already rewatched it many times over your life and always liked it. Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Captain Tsubasa, Attacker You! etc are all great and I don’t like them because of nostalgia. Anyway.

prad5 102 storyboard cover

Also some days ago, the storyboard cover illustration of episode 102 posted by PP’s director on twitter had Laala dressed as Creamy Mami. Maybe the one who drew it had the idea for it because they were in the middle of negotiation talks about the collab. Also this drawing was probably the first time they officially admitted Laala and Creamy Mami designs are so similar. I wonder if they’ll actually add her a playable character in the arcade game, or if they’ll just put a coord of her clothes in.

Since 2013 Creamy Mami got more popular with english speakers, and japanese young people discovered it as well, as it has gotten a lot of collabs and goods etc, as it was the 30th anniversary of the series. It was also included in the now dead Anime Sols crowdfunding.

Also I restarted watching PP. I’m at episode 87. Didn’t watch the show for all these months because I didn’t have the time to, but also because I am displeased with all the bad choices of s2. It’s good but could have been so much better, it’s distressing. I’m tired of pointing out the flaws and how disappointing S2 is so I’m still writing impressions while watching, but they’re shorter.

PriPara – 84

prad5 8441

I feel horrible.
Laala is hugging me while she stole my role all this time.
I finally got to be the main character of my own arc, but it only lasted one episode.
The staff took 82 episodes to make me a song.
I hate this show so much.
I wish I was at home playing Gyakuten Saiban with my parents.

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