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Sengoku Collection is blowing my mind

sengoku collection

I picked this up randomly because I really like the character design and I’m really enjoying it. Somehow I have really good luck with picking up shows.

sengoku collection ep 4 eyecatch 1

You shouldn’t judge books by their covers. It’s not another sexual fanservice show with Sengoku Era generals portrayed as women. Besides some of the character’s designs themselves,  it barely has fanservice scenes. From what I’ve seen at least.  I’m currently on episode 6, and every episode so far has been great. Each episode introduces a new character along with a really good story, often using urban culture even I know of. I think this episodic format will continue until episode 11 or so when things will get serious. And it’s a 26 episodes show! I hope it gets even better and becomes another one of my favorite shows from 2012.

The show is also packed with currently famous female voice actors so if you’re a seiyuufag you’ll like it.

Maris The Choujo OVA

maris 01

Watched this the other day. It’s adapted from the 1st volume of Rumic World. It was forever since I saw something Takahashi Rumiko related. Maybe I’ll sound like a nostalgia drunk old man, but I miss the type of humor you can find in her works. I also miss that pretty boy with rose in mouth stereotype in anime. That student of Mister Satan during the Cell tournament sure was hilarious.

maris 02

Also I could swear I heard one of the songs in it in another show.

About Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future


Well first off, I won’t be doing summaries of the episodes anymore. I had a lot of fun doing it but I don’t have the time to do it anymore. Sorry to disappoint anyone who’s actually reading them. To be honest, I always disliked episodic blogging for various reasons, but I like Pretty Rhythm so much that I still did it. Check the wiki if you want more details on the plot, and wait until Kitesubs catch on with the subs someday if you don’t watch it raw…

I barely have the time to even watch the show. I just caught up to episode 26. The last episode is 31 as I’m writing this. I’m not doing summaries anymore, but this is my blog, and I just need to fanboy about Pretty Rhythm somewhere.

I have to admit, besides my studies, the reason I got so much behind on Dear My Future is because some episodes at the start of the show were pretty mediocre. Even Aurora Dream wasn’t that boring at the beginning. Or more like, it’s not that Dear My Future’s startwas boring, it was very uneven. Let me explain.

Since it’s a sequel, scenes featuring the older characters were very entertaining (like Aira x Shou scenes) while some others weren’t really interesting (the Korean girls centered episodes). In these episodes, they barely introduced the K girls, and made them interact with their Japanese/Prizzmy counterpart. I think the main reason these Koreans girls/PURETTY centered episodes of the beginning weren’t so good is because the scriptwriters were saving up material on their background to expose it later. And I think I’m right: During the summer festival arc (episodes 16-21) PURETTY finally got really interesting. Overall, the show only started really taking off at episode 14 with the new opening, and after that, the summer fes arc. I really love the Korean girls now, Shi Yoon first. After all she CARRIED A LION ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN.

In episode 24, the identity of the show’s mastermind is hinted at, and the whole story is revealed in episode 25 & 26, with Kyouko’s mother’s first appearance in Dear My Future. I don’t want to spoil anything because I want the people reading this post to start watching Pretty Rhythm. But Kyouko really is the true heroine of Pretty Rhythm. Who would’ve thought we still didn’t know the whole story behind her and Sonata’s rivalry, behind Prism Show and Prism Acts, and what’s the deal about the Greatful Symphonia. My mind was blown. My mind wasn’t blown that hard since playing Mugen Kouro/Infinite Space on DS this summer (haven’t wrote a post about it yet).

I had to rewatch episode 26 twice to fully understand everything. The whole plot twists kinda reminded me of the 7th Kara no Kyoukai movie when you think you already knew everything about what happened before Shiki’s incident while you see that there was actually still a lot more things hidden.

If the scenarist planned to do these plot twists right from the start, I have to admit he’s a genius, and if it continues like this, Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future is probably going to become my favorite anime of 2013, succeeding it’s prequel Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream that I consider as best of 2012.

Aikatsu! totally won me over


Episode 1 was mediocre, episode 2 was better, episode 3 & 4 were great. I was comparing it to Pretty Rhythm, but now, besides their background of both being adaptations of arcade games for little girls, Aikatsu! already detached itself from Pretty Rhythm. Pretty Rhythm is a Nekketsu sports show, Aikatsu! is a realistic idol show. Pretty Rhythm is Virtua Tennis, Aikatsu! is Top Spin ( I played Top Spin 4 at a friend’s place this weekend).

The plot is similar: the reveal in episode 2 about how the school’s director in Aikatsu! is a previous top idol, who used to be part of a duo until her partner mysteriously vanished, immediately made me think about Kyouko in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, the manager of the girls, who used to be a top idol, until her rival mysteriously disappeared. Seems like Aikatsu’s plot in the end will revolve around this just like Pretty Rhythm. I’ve even willing to bet the 3rd heroine who has yet to join Ichigo and Aoi will be the daughter of either the director or the vanished idol.

However, when you stop looking at the plot, then the similarities end. When I watched episode 3 of Aikatsu! I really felt like I was watching a documentary about an idol’s daily work routine in Japan. It was really amazing in a sense.

Aikatsu!, is a contraction of “Idol Katsudou” or idol activities.

Gisèle Alain Vol1 GET!!

Bought my french copy of volume 1. Reading it again made me remember how much the story is so well written and weaved together. This first volume introduces the main characters, introduce new characters in each chapter, and make all of them play a part in the last chapter… Each chapter may be standalone, but there’s a really good feeling of continuity, and I love continuity. I hope it won’t be too long until they release volume 2.

Go read it at Batoto, buy it if you’re in Japan, if you can import a Japanese copy or if it’s released in your country.

Gisèle is so cute. It would be nice to have an anime adaptation with Sakamoto Maaya voicing Gisèle,  I was actually reading everything Gisèle said with her voice in my head. And Hiyama Nobuyuki should voice Gisèle’s father just so I can hear him scream JIZEEERUUUUUUUUUU!!! when he gets mad at her.

Shine forevermore my beloved 2012 summer: Hakomari volume 5 TWISTER

After two years since volume four, the fifth volume of Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria finally got released this July. Eusth and Co from Baka Tsuki recently finished their translation of it. They did a great job like always. About the volume itself, it was worth the wait. It was so well written, so nerve racking, so crazy, so TWISTY. There’s plot twists literally around every ten sentences in this volume. I couldn’t believe it. Especially the last part. I think it has the highest “twist density concentration” among every media I ever enjoyed. It was really crazy. Hakomari is one of the reasons I started this blog, I loved the first four volumes so much I couldn’t help but talk about it, no matter how much I suck at it. And now it just renewed my love for it. It’s my favorite light novel ever after Baccano! and Slayers, and not even Baccano! ever had so many twists in such a short amount of time, in what I’ve read of it at least. Mikage Eiji san is a really good writer. This volume was awesome. Check it out at Baka Tsuki.

PRAD is ending soon

Pic by 佐奈丸

And it’s getting more and more awesome. I’m so happy I’m watching this. Since episode 39, the show went into it’s last phase, everything is coming together, the girls must each participate to various  prism show championships to be qualified for the Prism Queen Cup. I TOTALLY CRIED in ep 41 when Kyouko san broke into tears after telling her story. And then Aira hugged her, telling she will fulfill her dreams she couldn’t accomplish.  It was so DAAAAAAAAWW,  I haven’t felt so emotional since when I watched Tekkaman Blade last summer.
Now Aira is set, she has the eye of the tiger, she’s not the typical “everyone got their dreams and all, I still don’t know what to do in life, I’m so insecure” heroine anymore now. NOW SHE WILL FLY THE AURORA RISING FOR KYOUKO. YEEEEEEEEEEEES.

Pic by キクチ

And then that Valentines ep, Shou hugging aira KYAAAAAAAAA.
I like how Aira is surprised when Shou gave her chocos for valentines, he shatters one of the japanese beliefs and tell her that overseas, during Valentine’s day you can give gifts regardless of genders, as in it’s not only the girls giving choco.

Then there’s episode 45, Mion’s training in Brazil. Getting to see Mion’s parents was just icing on the cake. We got to see the parents of the three girls, they all have really good roles and character development. I hate to say things like this but: HOW MANY YEARS HAS IT BEEN SINCE I LAST SAW PARENTS DOING THEIR JOB IN ANIME??? I remember when at first it was Aira’s dad who wouldn’t let her do Prism Shows and was totally opposed to it, but now in ep 44 he’s the one who agreed to let her aim for the Prism Queen title and jump the Aurora Rising while her mom was strictly against it, after what happened to her friend Sona chan, who flew it too and lost her memories or something like that. That’s pretty much the only plot part left they have to explain now.

One more thing, they still pulled out new solo songs for Kanon, Serena and Chris when there was only 7 episode left!! They could have well just kept their money for the sequel. It’s really considerate of the staff. Now with this, every girl has her own song along their team songs. All of them along with the ops and eds will be released on a 3 CD compilation the 16th of March, there’s even a limited edition with a dvd containing the performances of each song. I’m actually thinking of buying a copy.

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream is ending soon, I’ll be so sad when it does, I’m actually planning to watch the sequel Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future if it turns out as great as this. PRAD definitely is one of my favorite sports anime now along with Captain Tsubasa and some others, I’m not even kidding. I’m eagerly waiting for the ending.