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Palestinian child deaths in Gaza since July 7th 2014

gazaDeaths 2014 from israel protective edge

Posted by The Telegraph today. The Telegraph is from UK. In France, the medias will never do this because they’re scared of being called Antisemitic. France is one of the few countries where the fake, old and busted argument that if you criticize what Israel is doing then you don’t like Jews is still used. Politicians, (both the right and left parties, except some of the communists and ecologists), counter racism organizations, the police, medias, everything, they all have this fake argument in the head. Because of it they auto censor themselves. That’s the main reason why stupid crazy kids like the LDJ/French JDL roam free and are even protected by the police.
LDJ are the one who instrumented the truth about the first pro Palestinian demonstration in Paris, leading to some of the protests getting prohibited. I gotta admit it was pretty well done of the LDJ. Ayato would be jealous of their tuning skills. Too bad they were stupid enough to actually boast about it on their website, Twitter, etc. The reason they actually come out in the open is because they aren’t scared of being found out. The truth is everywhere on the French side of the net, but not a single politician said anything about them. Last week, Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls have both hastily condemned the synagogue attacks which have never happened, but now that the truth is out they haven’t said anything about it or corrected themselves. They also don’t condemn the genocide the Israelian army is committing.
One thing true though, is how a protest in Sarcelles became a mob after it ended. Lots of stupid kids there broke down Jewish related shops etc. But then again, if the protests didn’t get prohibited in the first place it wouldn’t have happened.
Oh yeah and to get back to the pic above, remember that those kids were killed in purpose by the Israelian army.

The only reason behind the airstrikes on Gaza


The criminals leading the state of Israel aren’t attacking Gaza because of the rocket launches. The current airstrikes are just another part of their plan to occupy Palestine which has been going on for 70 years.

The Israeli government and their supporters always say that they just defend themselves and that Hamas want the destruction of Israel. Remember that this is just what Hamas wants, not what they do. They don’t have the means to and probably never will. The best weaponry they have are those QUALITY rockets they’ve been launching. Meanwhile, Israel really destroys Palestine everyday. The airstrikes this week already killed more than 150 people and wounded hundreds more, including children. Israel has reported no dead. It’s not an “escalation of violence from both sides” like most of the media says, it’s just a one sided genocide, occupation and destruction.