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PriPara – 36-38

prad5 3843prad5 3844


I’ll keep watching PriPara since I still like it enough. I’ll keep blogging it too until I get too busy IRL to do it. The last cour was much better than the rest, but season 2 will need a lot of work. Needs more character development, more screentime for the side characters, more worldbuilding, less Making Drama recycling, less catchphrases, less flashbacks and explaining taking the kids watching for idiots who need to see a scene 5 times to get it, quality over quantity for jokes. And the most important, it needs an actual story. Literally nothing happened in PriPara besides 1/Sophie joining 2/Leona’s reveal 3/Gloria and Laalamom making up 4/Cosmo 5/Faruru 6/Shion with her hair down.

It doesn’t really need drama or a main antagonist, Aurora Dream for example didn’t have a villain. It just need some more rivalry, some stakes at hand and some plot. Not sure if they’ll push up the rivalry though. Aikatsu doesn’t do that and I remember reading that the staff of Aikatsu likes it that way, and thinks it’s why it’s so popular. So PriPara will probably go this way as well. Maybe we’ll actually get one vs one though seeing how episode 38 ends but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Speaking of that I wonder how they’ll handle the passing of time in PriPara. In episode 38 it is the end of the school year so Laala will go up a grade,  Sophie will become a high school girl, and Mireille will go to middle school third year. Maybe Sophie will switch schools too since there’s no high school section in Paprika. Maybe they’ll retcon that though.

For now, PriPara copies Aikatsu which copied Pretty Rhythm, and Pretty Rhythm aside it’s not even better than Aikatsu Season1. “Season1” because if you’re new to this blog, I haven’t watched past it.

Starting 39, I’ll be posting about episodes even later than the usual, because ohys raws records from BS Japan, and PriPara will start airing on Wednesdays on BS Japan now, instead of Saturday 10am at the same time as TV Tokyo.
Nevermind about that they just released 39.

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PriPara – 24-32

prad5 cosmo artist irua

We are entering the age of onee san.
(Kinda long. I watched the episodes on friday saturday sunday and wrote about them as I watched, and wrote the news part on sunday too.)
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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book: Serizawa Yuu Ann interview

prad3 ann shopped 02

Another photoshop I found some time ago, forgot where.
It’s a bit interesting, but there’s also a lot of boring questions since she’s an idol and rookie seiyuu. Judging from the interviews all of the cast who worked on RL are nice people.

1: I think it’s your first time voicing a character for a year, what are your impressions?

Back at the audition they gave us each character’s description, it said Ann is a leader and always cheerful, a pop style girl. I thought she resembles me. They asked me if I’ve ever been an iinchou at school. In fact I have. So they told me I basically need to make Ann act like an inchouu, someone who’s aware she’s standing above the others. So then I tried doing it once, but in the end it was decided that I should do my usual voice instead of trying to do a iinchou voice. So that’s why I really feel like a real life Ann chan.

2: How did it feel hearing your own voice on TV when the show started airing?

I thought I sounded the same as usual, my family went “this isn’t Yuu chan’s voice!” though lol.

3: Are you having difficulties voicing Ann?

At first I had trouble expressing Ann’s emotions. Even for a simple “eh?” line I had to work overtime and redo it over and over. Even after sound director san gave me advice like “try not to think about Ann and just try to express the emotions from your heart” it was still difficult. It was also very difficult to to show some fighting spirit and shout the lines during Prism Lives. At the time of the audition there was a line for 100% Pure Pure Arrow, and I was already told back then that I have trouble for doing this. That’s why at home I practiced countless times SWIIIING HAAATO! RIZUMU! but in the end, the day of the recording, I still had to redo it around 5 times. I kept thinking “I have to put more fighting spirit when shouting jumps!” but it was still difficult. (I always thought Ann in episode 2 says SWIING HAATO RIZUMU in a kinda weird way compared to how the other girls shout their jumps so that explains it)

4: Did your senpai tachi encourage you at those times?

That’s right! I received lots of comfort for Gotou Saori san (Otoha). Kakihara Tetsuya san (Kouji) too, and he told me stuff like “I could help you more, but you’ll only improve if you find these things yourself.” If I didn’t feel well, Sakura Ayane san (Rinne) would give me medicine. I’m very grateful that everyone helped me. I love you all!

5: When did you start feeling that you improved?

When episode 2 aired on TV, I heard my speaking from then and was really happy, but at the same time really frustrated with all the things I couldn’t do back then. Sound director san told me he wants me to not forget this feeling of dissatisfaction in order to improve. So I kept going on with that frustration… until recording episode 12. I started feeling I improved around then. That’s when Ann chan and Wakana chan fight right.

6: About how the one who’d loose the match at Dreaming Session would stop Prism Shows right.

At the end, Ann cries. A little before that, sound director san told me “in around 2 episodes, there’s a scene with Ann crying”. I was wondering if I’ll be able to do it when the times come, and the day of the recording I got the advice that “when you hear everyone else saying their lines, I think you’ll be about to bring out the emotions”. I thought that if I keep that in mind, and go along well with the performance all the time, even if I can’t make up the feelings, when a crying scene happens I’ll be able to cry spontaneously. It’s at that time that I thought I’m improving.

7: What do you think of the relationship between Ann and Kazuki ?

Lol. When Kazuki senpai first appears, the director told me “I want you to act in a way that shows no romantic feelings at all, and only think of him as a good senpai” so I’ve been doing it like that, but after that I started feeling “Ann chan totally loves him”. So I asked the director “Is Ann chan in love with Kazuki senpai?” and he told me “that depends on you Serizawa san. It’s completely fine if Serizawa san makes it so Ann has feelings for Kazuki.” So, I started thinking  I should make it so she starts liking him a bit when doing the scenes. In episode 36 especially she starts to notice her feelings for him, as Wakana chan is getting closer and closer to Kazuki senpai.

(I’m thinking multiple theories about this :
1: In the same way, there has been times when the director told the others to decide some things for their characters on their own and that they’ll adapt the story to it.
2: It’s part of the whole problem of Ann being underdeveloped and shows how they really didn’t have much planned for her, so they let Serizawa san decide if Ann will like Kazuki or not
3: Director san was planning to make Ann like Kazuki anyway, but they didn’t tell her that to encourage her, and try to make her think about her own character herself.
I don’t think it’s 1 since I’m sure they planned most of the show ahead, so they couldn’t have let the cast decide details. Even if I didn’t actually know it, I’d still feel that way since I don’t think you can’t do a masterpiece like that without carefully thinking it up slowly first. Maybe it was one of the details they didn’t plan in advance though.
Anyway I’ll probably know more when I read the director interview in the book once I’m done with the seiyuus one.)

8: How’s your relationship with Uchida Maaya san ?

Uchida san’s acting really draws you in. When I hear it I feel like I’m really hearing Wakana chan’s feelings. It makes my own acting easier to do to. Wakana chan really likes to tease people but she actually has a really profound side. I think it’s amazing how she can materialize this part of her. Her behaviors really draws you in.

9: What do you think about the love triangle with Kazuki ?

Well, I’ve never played a character involved in love before. I never confessed to anyone either, so I don’t know. (those typical lines of the idol industry. I kinda pity her)
In episode 36 which we dubbed today, Kazuki at the end is doing yoshi yoshi to Wakana, and then winks at Ann(she remembered it wrong, he only smiles at her, doesn’t wink), didn’t it make you feel” This guy, what is he doing!?” lol. Ann chan too was blushing at that time, making you go like “no way, is something gonna happen?!” or something…
If the scene continued that way, and he said something like “the truth is, about you Ann… ” Ann’s feeling would be reciprocated, and it would have been possible for Ann to be happy na~ru… I mean, she would have totally said “I totally like Kazuki senpai” lol.
I think if that kind of development happened, all the love Ann chan is keeping inside her would have exploded

10: Which boy you’d like to have as boyfriend? (Insert here the same comment I put in the Rinne interview about this question. I’d like the last volumes of Slayers to be adapted in a tv anime with as much or even more budget than UBW tv. And just like with Dragon Ball, I’d like a Saint Seiya Kai version. It would keep the Asgard arc though, as it’s the only filler arc in a shounen I know about that’s actually just as good as the manga material. And I’m not talking out of nostalgia. The last time I rewatched Saint Seiya was around 5 years ago and it’s still in my list of best shows ever. DB too.)

I’m not very good at dealing with passionate characters. I really like Kazuki senpai. But I don’t think I could have him as my boyfriend. I think I have a rebellious side, so straightforward people are a bit… lol.

11: Then who else?

I’m having trouble deciding. Visually speaking, I like Kouji kun. I like Kouji kun’s appearance with how you can see his collarbones… I’m into collarbones lol. I also like his black hair. But if I had to choose a boyfriend… It’d be Hiro san.
When Bell sama was suffering and Hiro san told her “Bell, are you okay? Don’t make such a sad face, it makes it hard to just leave you like that”. He was concerned about her like that.

12: When Bell started being the manager of Prism Stone right.

I can’t help but be infatuated with that talk they had. The way Hiro san comforts Bell sama, he’s not using his made up persona , it made me really like him. When Bell tells him “I can’t do things properly” and he answers her “if the hurdle is too high, you just need to lend the customers a hand ” I went “Aaaah, yes Hiro san this is good!”. It would be totally okay if he had the same attitude toward Kouji kun.

13: Which character do you like besides Ann ?

I really like Sentaro san(Ann’s father) played by Miyake Kenta san. Right from episode 2, Ann fights with her father, but I actually got along with him, and when recording Miyake san would say stuff like” ah, so it goes on like this!” and it was really funny.
(Remember, Ann’s father has more development than Ann herself)
Also, Sentaro san is a really cute character. It was super cute how he cried when watching Ann dance. I love my father, so I could really relate to the scenes with Ann and her parents. She really is loved.

14: Serizawa san’s father’s personality resembles Sentaro?

No, he’s actually the calm type, but the way he loves his daughter is the exact same. He’s also checking out all of the anime. I love my father. (That’s nice.)

15: Did he tell you anything regarding the story ?

“Yuu chan you’re trying your best, you’re doing good” is what he’s always telling me. I’m not sure he understands everything but he always praises me like this lol.

16: This sounds like Naru’s house.

That’s right! I’m happy naru!

17: Do you have any last comments for the readers ?

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live shows the characters’ growth over a year, and I think everyone watching has their feelings changing, I think it would be nice if you can change yourself or find yourself while watching the characters do so. It’s a story that isn’t only about fun or cute things, there’s really a lot of different expressions. Everyone working on the show is trying really hard, even with small details like the characters’ facial expressions or the voices. I would be very happy if everyone can feel that.

PriPara – 19-23

prad5 2278


PriPara has yet to grasp it’s pride and success. I’m watching episodes in batch so at least one episode out of them will be interesting. Though I didn’t watch them all in succession. It’s actually been around ten days since I watched and wrote about episode 19-20. I usually do that with 50eps shows at the beginning but stop once things gets interesting. In PriPara I still haven’t hit that point.
Also, I don’t wanna repeat the same things over and over. For example, it’s not because I  stop criticizing the show about how there’s no rating system or actual story that I don’t mind it anymore.

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