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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book: Komatsu Mikako Ito interview

prad3 arcade game ito maidprad game prad3 ito tanned by PupilChihaya twitter

Pic of Ito wearing a maid outfit in the Pretty Rhythm arcade game. She’s really cute with long hair like that. 2nd pic is from the 3DS game.

Coincidentally, Komatsu Mikako voiced the main character in a lot of my favorite shows of these past years: Mouretsu Pirates, Pretty Rhythm, and Gundam Build Fighters. She was also shortly in Sengoku Collection as Ittousai and was really fun.

1: Let’s start by talking about the audition

I first took the audition to voice Naru chan. Then I was told to try doing the one for Ito chan too. At that time, they asked me if I ever had any complex. I told them that I used to hate my voice, but now it’s less and less like that because I could become a voice actor, and then I was asked to try voicing Ito in a gender neutral voice. Soon after that I was told that it was decided I’d voice her.

2: How does it feels voicing Ito?

She’s much more cool and taciturn than what I first imagined, but she’s actually a girl with a lot of passion. She was born in the Heisei era but her way of speaking is Showa era like, and she says things like “nanjyanaiyo!”, she has kind of a Kimottama Kaasan side to her lol. She’s got a gap personality. When the staff told me about how “she looses her cool easily, and then her feelings comes out without restriction”, was when I started feeling I could touch Ito chan.

(According to jp wikipedia, Kimottama Kaasan/肝っ玉母さん, meaning a mother with guts or something like that, is a very popular 117 ep drama that aired on TBS from 1968 to 1972. If I got it right, it’s about a fat looking mom owning a soba restaurant and the shenanigans around it. I don’t know much about dramas and haven’t see many. I remember watching stuff like the adaptations of GTO(the one from 98), You’re Under Arrest and Sailor Moon. They’re all pretty fun and good. The Hana Yori Dango live action is pretty funny as well though I think I didn’t watch it all. I heard the Ouran High School Host Club live action is really good too. The last adaptation I watched is El Palacio’s live action. I still haven’t finished it though. I think it aired like… 3 years ago? Adaptations aside, I watched Kekkon Dekinai Otoko, I really love that drama. Abe Hiroshi is my favorite Japanese actor(the only one I know) It’s been almost 9 years since it aired. Time goes so fast. There’s also an older drama I’m interested in, I remember seeing it in an episode of SmapxSmap, in the corner where they show kids things from older generations. It was about a teacher with long black hair who would put his students on the right path with slaps and stuff, and then they would cry together etc. By googling stuff like “GTO ancestor drama” I found this drama called “Yuhigaoka no Soridaijin”, but I don’t remember if it was that one or not. I think it could have been “Necchuu Jidai from 1978 too”. If someone knows about an old drama that sounds like this description and can tell me the name It’ll be cool. I really want to watch it)

3: Is it hard to voice a girl like that with so many mood changes?

There’s no problems for when I need to speak naturally, but for scenes where she suddenly loses her temper, sound director san told me “You need to sound more angry”. The level of anger I needed to sound like was about 2 steps above from what I imagined. She’s a girl who really uses a lot of energy when snapping. It’s the kind of anger where I also needed to make my own feelings explode or it wouldn’t come out. That was difficult.

4: So there’s different ways of voicing anger?

Ito chan grew up with her father and got influenced by him, so I was asked to act as much angry as how her father would be. That time when Ito chan’s father gets angry at her, I asked Kondo Takashi san if he could do it once before to show me, so I could use it for reference. That’s why it’s pretty scary when she snaps lol. I once heard that “men gets angry from their stomach while women gets angry from their head” and I thought “ah so that’s it”. Of course, Ito chan is a girl, but I think that because she lives with her father, her way of getting angry is masculine.

5: How about the acting you had to do in order to show Ito slowly falling in love with Kouji?

When the first dubbing session was over, I was told that Ito chan would end up going out with Kouji kun, but that Ito chan is a girl that rejects others, so she would try to ignore Kouji kun at first but get more and more interested in him, she’s like a tsundere lol. I wanted to accentuate the fact that she’s rejecting how the negative feelings she first felt for Kouji turned into love.

6: Like when she goes like « don’t touch my song you bastard ! »

She didn’t like how Kouji got more and more into her song, but she was also wondering why he’s doing it. That’s why even though she was rejecting him, she still got interested in him.

7: When speaking of Kouji, one of the most impressive scenes about him is definitely the kiss scene in front of the fountain. What did you think about it?

It was a really impressive scene. With the fireworks, it’s like those ideal situations I imagined when I was a child. But now that I’m an adult, it makes me laugh. There’s no way the fireworks would go doon! at that exact timing lol. Thanks to the very easy to understand direction, I was able to make Ito chan express feelings which she usually hides.

8: By the way did you know there would be a kiss scene ?

To think there was a kiss scene! I think it was my first time acting one. Such flirting at 10 in the morning. I’m envious!! lol. They were really cute when they went back to everyone and they asked them “did something happen?”.

(Not surprising it was her first since these days romantic comedies have no romance and aren’t funny, though I don’t think she played in some of those, that’s just a general comment. Though it’s not grim. There’s still shows like Pretty Rhythm, shoujos or other shows in general that still have actual romance. It’s just that most romantic comedies aren’t romantic comedies anymore. I think I like shoujo and fictional romance since it’s stuff I don’t do IRL. Dating irl, having a girlfirend etc, always found it stupid and only brings trouble )

9: What do you think of people like Kouji kun

Well… Kouji kun is especially sensitive, to me, it’s a little scary how it feels he might go away if something happens. He’s nice and always considers others’ feelings before his. But I’m not good at handling people like him who hide their true feelings and distance themselves like that.

10: How about Hiro and the other guys?

Hiro san is a bit… lol.
I don’t know much about Coo san and his motives, he may be a good person but maybe he’ll become an enemy lol. Kazuki is honest and totally fine, but seems he has no interest in love or too thick headed to notice it lol. He’s not noticing that there’s so many girls interested in him. That’s why the one I’m attracted to is certainly Kouji kun. But he’d definitely turn me down lol.
(Hahaha that Hiro answer. That book was released after the FREEDOM, but he wasn’t completely good then so I guess she didn’t like him much. Didn’t think there was someone in the cast that didn’t like Hiro. Well he is an unlikable bastard for most of the show. That’s why I love him though. And at the end she probably liked him.
She called Kazuki just “Kazuki”. I think it’s the first time in the interviews a seiyuu doesn’t call a character with san or sama)

11: I think that because Ito’s situation is changing, the way you’re acting her is changing as well

That’s right. She doesn’t distance herself anymore when talking with someone. Until now she had a blunt way of speaking, but she’s nicer now. She gets into conversations too. That scene when Otoha chan asked her “how’s it going with Kouji san”?”and she was “eeeh stop that stop that” , it made me think “so she can do these kinds of faces too”.

12: How will you voice Ito in the future?

Ito chan is the kind of girl who can only see what’s in front of her, so I wonder… Recently I think there’s been a lots of parts where I felt linked with her, I think I’ll keep voicing her by feeling like that.

13: Is there any scene or line of dialogue that left a big impression on you?

I thought Ito chan looked super cute during the school trip, when she mailed the fountain’s picture to Kouji kun and said “it looks like you”. I was like “oh right Kouji kun’s hair does look like it” lol. I was narrow minded, while Ito chan could view her own scenery, something like that. I thought Ito chan’s maiden feelings were all condensed at that time.

14: I thought you’d mention a scene with more impact.

There’s a lot of shocking scenes in this anime lol. That’s why for Ito chan, I wish she has an happy romance, my feelings towards her are like how a parent would feel toward their child.

15: Do you think you share some personality traits with Ito?

Fundamentally I don’t think so. Maybe we share how we usually don’t act girly, and how there’s a gap when we do act girly from time to time? Usually I’m not good at “acting girly” and I’m often told “so that’s why you wear girly clothes to compensate”. Regarding love too, I was told by people around me that I’m “surprisingly unfriendly”, but surprisingly there’s times when I’m told “your appearance and personality are a bit different”. I think Ito and me have a similar gap in this sense. (As in she’s nicer than she looks/acts)

16: Did you have some resilience about singing?

Not at all. Rather, I wanted to sing. The way I voice Ito chan is very close to my natural voice, so just by thinking about her I think I can sing in a way that fits Ito chan. When I was first received the song and sang it, I was told by the staff they’re surprised since it really fits Ito chan. So I was at ease. I also had fun singing in Ito chan’s voice songs that aren’t hers in the show. This isn’t related to singing, but I myself have been playing the marinba for more than 10 years, so I was surprised when I first heard there would be marinba in this show. Plus, the person who composed the marinba for Ito chan’s performances is actually the person who taught me how to play! These kind of coincidences do happen too~, it was a shock.

17: Do you get along well with the rest of the cast?

We get along really well. I especially get along with Sakura Ayane chan(Rinne), Uchida Maaya chan(Wakana) and Yamamoto Nozomi chan (Ito and Bell’s penguins, also Cosmo) we eat lunch together every week. During work everyone is relaxed and gets along with each other, with some occasional tsukkomis lol. It’s really fun.
(Btw, I don’t write the character’s name after the seiyuu name each time because I think my readers are stupid. It’s just that it took myself more than a year to remember the seiyuu’s name in the show so I think it may be the case for others too. And even then I only know the seiyuus of the 8 main girls. I had to check who’s Yamamoto Nozomi.)

We talk about our jobs and stuff like how to take care of your throat, we also give each other advice about private things. I also talk about games with Kato Emiri san. Also, every time, I bring fried chicken, and like if she was influenced, Serizawa Yuu chan started doing it too lol.
(tfw you will never eat fried chicken with Pretty Rhythm characters. Actually if you go to paradise you could I guess. That’ s how I feel whenever I see people saying “you will never …”)

18: The show is approaching it’s end, does it makes you feel lonely?

There’s still some time left, but it’s true thinking about it is sad. But now there’s the xmas event with everyone soon and I’m excited about it, we’ll be able to sing our songs on stage for real, we were talking about what we’ll do since we can’t do Prism Jumps lol.
(book was released right before the 2013 xmas event)

19: A word to the readers to wrap things up ?

In these 3 cours all the characters have been growing, but there’s still one final stage of growth left. I’m interested as well about how each of the character’s stories will end, if it’ll end with leaps and bounds. The show had a lot of foreshadowing, and there’s things we won’t be able to be sure of until the end. Some characters had ordeals and painful times to pass, but their hearts didn’t break. It would be nice if everyone keeps rooting for them.

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book: Serizawa Yuu Ann interview

prad3 ann shopped 02

Another photoshop I found some time ago, forgot where.
It’s a bit interesting, but there’s also a lot of boring questions since she’s an idol and rookie seiyuu. Judging from the interviews all of the cast who worked on RL are nice people.

1: I think it’s your first time voicing a character for a year, what are your impressions?

Back at the audition they gave us each character’s description, it said Ann is a leader and always cheerful, a pop style girl. I thought she resembles me. They asked me if I’ve ever been an iinchou at school. In fact I have. So they told me I basically need to make Ann act like an inchouu, someone who’s aware she’s standing above the others. So then I tried doing it once, but in the end it was decided that I should do my usual voice instead of trying to do a iinchou voice. So that’s why I really feel like a real life Ann chan.

2: How did it feel hearing your own voice on TV when the show started airing?

I thought I sounded the same as usual, my family went “this isn’t Yuu chan’s voice!” though lol.

3: Are you having difficulties voicing Ann?

At first I had trouble expressing Ann’s emotions. Even for a simple “eh?” line I had to work overtime and redo it over and over. Even after sound director san gave me advice like “try not to think about Ann and just try to express the emotions from your heart” it was still difficult. It was also very difficult to to show some fighting spirit and shout the lines during Prism Lives. At the time of the audition there was a line for 100% Pure Pure Arrow, and I was already told back then that I have trouble for doing this. That’s why at home I practiced countless times SWIIIING HAAATO! RIZUMU! but in the end, the day of the recording, I still had to redo it around 5 times. I kept thinking “I have to put more fighting spirit when shouting jumps!” but it was still difficult. (I always thought Ann in episode 2 says SWIING HAATO RIZUMU in a kinda weird way compared to how the other girls shout their jumps so that explains it)

4: Did your senpai tachi encourage you at those times?

That’s right! I received lots of comfort for Gotou Saori san (Otoha). Kakihara Tetsuya san (Kouji) too, and he told me stuff like “I could help you more, but you’ll only improve if you find these things yourself.” If I didn’t feel well, Sakura Ayane san (Rinne) would give me medicine. I’m very grateful that everyone helped me. I love you all!

5: When did you start feeling that you improved?

When episode 2 aired on TV, I heard my speaking from then and was really happy, but at the same time really frustrated with all the things I couldn’t do back then. Sound director san told me he wants me to not forget this feeling of dissatisfaction in order to improve. So I kept going on with that frustration… until recording episode 12. I started feeling I improved around then. That’s when Ann chan and Wakana chan fight right.

6: About how the one who’d loose the match at Dreaming Session would stop Prism Shows right.

At the end, Ann cries. A little before that, sound director san told me “in around 2 episodes, there’s a scene with Ann crying”. I was wondering if I’ll be able to do it when the times come, and the day of the recording I got the advice that “when you hear everyone else saying their lines, I think you’ll be about to bring out the emotions”. I thought that if I keep that in mind, and go along well with the performance all the time, even if I can’t make up the feelings, when a crying scene happens I’ll be able to cry spontaneously. It’s at that time that I thought I’m improving.

7: What do you think of the relationship between Ann and Kazuki ?

Lol. When Kazuki senpai first appears, the director told me “I want you to act in a way that shows no romantic feelings at all, and only think of him as a good senpai” so I’ve been doing it like that, but after that I started feeling “Ann chan totally loves him”. So I asked the director “Is Ann chan in love with Kazuki senpai?” and he told me “that depends on you Serizawa san. It’s completely fine if Serizawa san makes it so Ann has feelings for Kazuki.” So, I started thinking  I should make it so she starts liking him a bit when doing the scenes. In episode 36 especially she starts to notice her feelings for him, as Wakana chan is getting closer and closer to Kazuki senpai.

(I’m thinking multiple theories about this :
1: In the same way, there has been times when the director told the others to decide some things for their characters on their own and that they’ll adapt the story to it.
2: It’s part of the whole problem of Ann being underdeveloped and shows how they really didn’t have much planned for her, so they let Serizawa san decide if Ann will like Kazuki or not
3: Director san was planning to make Ann like Kazuki anyway, but they didn’t tell her that to encourage her, and try to make her think about her own character herself.
I don’t think it’s 1 since I’m sure they planned most of the show ahead, so they couldn’t have let the cast decide details. Even if I didn’t actually know it, I’d still feel that way since I don’t think you can’t do a masterpiece like that without carefully thinking it up slowly first. Maybe it was one of the details they didn’t plan in advance though.
Anyway I’ll probably know more when I read the director interview in the book once I’m done with the seiyuus one.)

8: How’s your relationship with Uchida Maaya san ?

Uchida san’s acting really draws you in. When I hear it I feel like I’m really hearing Wakana chan’s feelings. It makes my own acting easier to do to. Wakana chan really likes to tease people but she actually has a really profound side. I think it’s amazing how she can materialize this part of her. Her behaviors really draws you in.

9: What do you think about the love triangle with Kazuki ?

Well, I’ve never played a character involved in love before. I never confessed to anyone either, so I don’t know. (those typical lines of the idol industry. I kinda pity her)
In episode 36 which we dubbed today, Kazuki at the end is doing yoshi yoshi to Wakana, and then winks at Ann(she remembered it wrong, he only smiles at her, doesn’t wink), didn’t it make you feel” This guy, what is he doing!?” lol. Ann chan too was blushing at that time, making you go like “no way, is something gonna happen?!” or something…
If the scene continued that way, and he said something like “the truth is, about you Ann… ” Ann’s feeling would be reciprocated, and it would have been possible for Ann to be happy na~ru… I mean, she would have totally said “I totally like Kazuki senpai” lol.
I think if that kind of development happened, all the love Ann chan is keeping inside her would have exploded

10: Which boy you’d like to have as boyfriend? (Insert here the same comment I put in the Rinne interview about this question. I’d like the last volumes of Slayers to be adapted in a tv anime with as much or even more budget than UBW tv. And just like with Dragon Ball, I’d like a Saint Seiya Kai version. It would keep the Asgard arc though, as it’s the only filler arc in a shounen I know about that’s actually just as good as the manga material. And I’m not talking out of nostalgia. The last time I rewatched Saint Seiya was around 5 years ago and it’s still in my list of best shows ever. DB too.)

I’m not very good at dealing with passionate characters. I really like Kazuki senpai. But I don’t think I could have him as my boyfriend. I think I have a rebellious side, so straightforward people are a bit… lol.

11: Then who else?

I’m having trouble deciding. Visually speaking, I like Kouji kun. I like Kouji kun’s appearance with how you can see his collarbones… I’m into collarbones lol. I also like his black hair. But if I had to choose a boyfriend… It’d be Hiro san.
When Bell sama was suffering and Hiro san told her “Bell, are you okay? Don’t make such a sad face, it makes it hard to just leave you like that”. He was concerned about her like that.

12: When Bell started being the manager of Prism Stone right.

I can’t help but be infatuated with that talk they had. The way Hiro san comforts Bell sama, he’s not using his made up persona , it made me really like him. When Bell tells him “I can’t do things properly” and he answers her “if the hurdle is too high, you just need to lend the customers a hand ” I went “Aaaah, yes Hiro san this is good!”. It would be totally okay if he had the same attitude toward Kouji kun.

13: Which character do you like besides Ann ?

I really like Sentaro san(Ann’s father) played by Miyake Kenta san. Right from episode 2, Ann fights with her father, but I actually got along with him, and when recording Miyake san would say stuff like” ah, so it goes on like this!” and it was really funny.
(Remember, Ann’s father has more development than Ann herself)
Also, Sentaro san is a really cute character. It was super cute how he cried when watching Ann dance. I love my father, so I could really relate to the scenes with Ann and her parents. She really is loved.

14: Serizawa san’s father’s personality resembles Sentaro?

No, he’s actually the calm type, but the way he loves his daughter is the exact same. He’s also checking out all of the anime. I love my father. (That’s nice.)

15: Did he tell you anything regarding the story ?

“Yuu chan you’re trying your best, you’re doing good” is what he’s always telling me. I’m not sure he understands everything but he always praises me like this lol.

16: This sounds like Naru’s house.

That’s right! I’m happy naru!

17: Do you have any last comments for the readers ?

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live shows the characters’ growth over a year, and I think everyone watching has their feelings changing, I think it would be nice if you can change yourself or find yourself while watching the characters do so. It’s a story that isn’t only about fun or cute things, there’s really a lot of different expressions. Everyone working on the show is trying really hard, even with small details like the characters’ facial expressions or the voices. I would be very happy if everyone can feel that.

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book: Sakura Ayane Rinne interview

prad3 31 rinne crabprad3 11 rinne COOLprad3 30 rinne blush gifprad3 42 39

Sakura Ayane started voicing at 16 years old and her first big role was in 2011 with one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen, Yumekui Merry (yes I know the manga is better etc). It was her birthday the 29th of January. She turned 21 now. She’s 2 years younger than me. Children seiyuus aside, it feels weird knowing there’s seiyuus younger than me now.
Because she was also voicing Ayami in DMF, and Rinne barely does anything in the first half of RL, they don’t talk much about Rinne herself and more about Pretty Rhythm in general. IMO The interview doesn’t have a lot of interesting points sadly. Mostly boring sugarcoated words.

1: With Dear My Future, this is the second time you’re voicing in Pretty Rhythm.

Yes, in Dear My Future I was playing Ayami, but I actually didn’t take the audition to voice her. I did the audition to voice Reina, and I was told to try doing the one for Mia, so I did it too, but in the end it was decided that I would voice Ayami. So at first I was a bit lost. During the audition, there was a self introduction, where I talked about the different qualifications I have. (What I translated as “self introduction” is the expression 自己PR she used. From what I googled it’s how they call in Japan when you’re at a job interview and need to introduce yourself in a way that makes the employer want you.)

2: What kind of capabilities did you mention ?

I have all of the of Microsoft Office Specialist certifications.

3: Eeeeeh!? You’re 19 years old now right? (This book was released when Rainbow Live was still airing, 21st December 2013, the day episode 39 aired.)

My parents told me “your profession isn’t stable right?” and were worrying, telling me you never know when it will be useful so you should do it. I always liked fooling around with computers after all. (I remember reading that too on Hashihime)
So then I voiced Ayami for a year, and then I started hearing rumors about how they’d change all the characters for the third season. Season 1 and 2 take place in the same world, and the heroines of the first season MARs also appear in the second one, so I thought it would be the same for me too, but then I heard how 3rd season will be a different world.
I was downhearted. But thankfully I could take the audition to voice Rinne. I was told to look at the other roles too, so I looked over all the characters, but in the end I only ended up taking the audition for Rinne. I went home thinking maybe they’ll go “Actually, it’s no good. We can’t let people who voiced in the second season be in the third one too” and I was getting downhearted. And then out of the blue the person in charge of the schedule came to see me, and I was like “areee? what?” and they told me “you haven’t heard? You’ve been selected”. I remember that when I was learned that I’ll be involved with Pretty Rhythm for another year, I was happy enough to cry.

4: This season feature characters playing instruments, do you play any?

I started the piano at 3 years old, I stopped when I was 13, the only thing I can play now is 猫踏んじゃった. I forgot everything lol. I was taught the basics as part of my childhood education but there’s nothing left. Right now I can’t even read scores.
I also learned to play the Koto, I only did it for a short while but it was fun.

5: Playing the piano wasn’t fun ?

I liked it, but I hated practice. It was “do this, now do that”, it too was strict. But now I think I’d like to try again. Only if I can practice at my own pace though lol.

6: Is there any difficulties with voicing Rinne ?

She has memory loss and few lines, so I thought I must work twice as hard than the others so that the people watching notice her attractiveness, and understand what kind of girl she is. However, I wasn’t told much about what will happen to Rinne later.  It was just when I thought I got a bit more info on her too. It made me think “so that’s what will be difficult about her”. Until now, most characters I played were mood makers, who’d make the tension go up and make others go along with them saying « come with me ! » .
It’s the first time I’m playing a character like Rinne, who stays in the middle of others and simply observe their actions. Taking into consideration the cast, the story and the characters, which is the best course of action I should take…? How should I bring out Rinne’s own charm, as she will become the main pillar supporting the story? After thinking about it for a while, the conclusion I arrived at is that she’s “watching over things”.
Rinne’s position is always changing, sometimes she overlooks from afar, sometimes she watch over the characters right near them then suddenly disappears like air. I thought it was necessary to give her a feeling of transparency. Until then it wasn’t a concept that existed within myself. With Rinne’s character, it was the first time I touched this sensation.

7: Recently it seems Rinne is getting closer to us. Her emotions are more visible now too, like in episode 30 with the jingiskan. 

I think that around that time is finally the time when high tension Rinne appears. During the test recording, I tried singing the song. I was thinking I just had to sing it. And then someone told me “Sakura, you can’t do thaaaat!” lol. But then the next week at the actual dubbing I still went “Jingiskan♪” and they were like “Sakura we told you you can’t do thaaaat lol” and I was like “sooorryyy”.
In the end, I could sing it just a little little bit, that was the most I could do.

8: Among everything you’ve acted so far, is there any scene which left a big impression on you?

When Bell sama failed to do a Prism Live, it was heartrending and very painful. Also, when An lost to wakana and Rinne hugged her. It was rare for Rinne to come in contact with a human being, it felt like she became a bit more human herself and like she occupied the position of a mother for all of them. Also, when Ito and Kouji got together and Naru cried. How she didn’t realize her love for Kouji, and was feeling happy for them and started crying. (She already said those are her favorite scenes back at the 2013 xmas event)
She’s the one who talks the least, and looks younger than the other girls, but is the one the most wrapped around them. These scenes left an impression on me.

9: And in opposition to how she feels towards all of them, it seems Rinne holds different emotions toward Juné.

The “Is that your happiness?” line right. There, Rinne is asking Juné a question about the future she envisages for herself. Juné answering “Yes, it’s my happiness” means she wants to stay that way and go along with this fate. That’s what I was told. (Seems that at the time, the staff only told them the general idea and didn’t tell them everything, like how her “fate” means dying)
I mean, isn’t Juné san and Hijiri san’s relationship a bit… delicate for morning anime. Juné’s appearance is that of a 14, 15 years old, while Hijiri san is over 20. There’s quite a gap in their age. I was thinking about that. (According to the same book, four years before the start of the show when they met, Juné had the appearance of a 12 years old and Hijiri was 19. Since the series takes place over a year, at the time of the show Hijiri is 23-24 and Juné looks 16-17)

10: Eh, what? That’s what worries you the most?! (their age difference instead of how Juné was in trouble)

Everyone in the cast team were also excited about it and were going like “Is Hijiri san really attracted to Juné san?” lol. I’m having fun thinking that Rinne’s question implies this is forbidden love because of their age difference.

11: I didn’t think about this point of view.

I’m really excited watching those two. In a lot of ways. Because it feels like I’m observing something forbidden. It feels interesting and makes me restless. The atmosphere around it has a different feeling, something like that?
In addition, Shishido san’s voice has a mysterious feel to it, when I hear it, it makes me excited but also scared. Ah, she talks to Hijiri san with this voice… Whenever it was written on the script that Juné san speaks with a spoiled child like voice, Shishido san would do a spoiled child like voice and go “uwaaaa” lol (Come to think of it, it’s true Juné has a particular way of speaking to Hijiri compared to the other characters. It’s not often she talks to someone other than him though, and by the end while she appears and talks much more, she always talks in a decisive manner since her fate is at stake etc, so it’s not very noticeable)
When I think this is how she captured Hijiri’s heart…, I feel like I’m watching something wrong. I think a key of the story is hidden there. Plus Rinne is a little connected to Juné. It’s something noteworthy.

12: Which character would you like to go out with?

If I decide by looks alone, Hiro sama with glasses! Or, Kouji with glasses! I like glasses. 2D and 3d alike, glasses are good.

(Though it’s just a way of asking her which male character she likes, I’m not fond of how they formulated that. It’s a hidden suggestion to the otakus to make them think there’s a chance they could date her someday. Though she’s not an idol, it’s the same culture of “you may come across her in the street” crap thing. How seiyuus are seiiyus idols these days. I really don’t like it. I do particularly like Morning Musume even though I don’t listen to their songs though. I don’t hate idols themselves, they’re fellow human beings. Some of them are pretty much lost kids too. I pretty much pity them. And most wotas are also gullible themselves for buying 50 CDs of their favorite AKBs and encouraging all this crap. Anyway I hate consumerism and because of that there’s no Baccano! high budget movies or a s2 of Seto no Hanayome.)

13: A word to the readers to wrap things up?

I realize the people who bought this book must have a considerable amount of interest towards Pretty Rhythm, or even really into it. It shows there’s an interest toward it.
(It’s not often that I read in a japanese book a variant of “thank you for buying this book” and that I actually did buy the book)
I think it’ll be nice if everyone can keep being excited about Pretty Rhythm, get pulled into it’s world and look forward to more captivating developments.
If there’s people reading who randomly came across this book, I’d like it if they watched the show from the start. I think there’s a lot of foreshadowing, and all of the character’s small actions are all connected to the following events, so I’ll be very happy if they’d watch it from the beginning. Until now, a lot of characters had to face a lot of troubles, and have been hurt in a lot of ways, but they’ve all grown stronger. From there on it’s gonna be fun to receive all the emotions the characters will give us, how they grow, how will they continue growing depending on their fate. If everyone keeps watching over them until the end, I’ll be very happy. I also don’t know what will happen to Rinne from now on, she’s just a little bit away from getting back her feelings and her world, so please by all means give it your attention.

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book: Gotou Saori Otoha interview

prad3 otoha rock osstbi

(Photoshopped from ep 21. Forgot where I found it.)

1: How did you feel at the beginning about voicing Otoha ?

My first impressions of Otoha were “girly” and “docile”, but as the one voicing her I thought it would be bad if I got swayed by preconceptions. This isn’t limited to Otoha, when I play a role, I try to not anguish myself over and over thinking how I will voice them.

2: Were there parts difficult to act?

There’s how Otoha is part of the rival team but doesn’t gives off rival vibes lol. She’s always aaaalways obeying Bell san… It’s like if she’s scared of her. I didn’t know if it was the case or not at the beginning, so I was a bit troubled. I used to think that if it goes on like that, Otoha would be nothing more than a timid weak willed girl. I was really eager for her and Bell Rose to be under the spotlight, I wanted to know their real feelings. Now that we know a lot more about them, I’m now looking forward to what kind of expressions they’ll show us, I’m really enjoying the show each time.

3: People of the staff said that Gotou san may be the one who understands Otoha the most.

Thank you. I’m very happy to hear this.

4: Anything else was difficult?

Instructions-wise the thing that left me a big impression is the “はわわ/hawawa” thing. When Otoha panics or wonders about something, there was “hawawa” written on the script. At first I was instructed to clearly pronounce it “hawawa”. But I thought that didn’t make sense… I mean, when a real person panic they wouldn’t be able to say something clearly like that. I didn’t want to make Otoha’s speech and behavior too much anime like. But in the end I couldn’t manage to do it lol. I think Pretty (she calls Pretty Rhythm “プリティ—”) is a work that accurately depicts human drama, so making things as less “character like” as possible, so the show flows naturally, is the most important thing. I’m sure all the adults watching have realized our intention lol. Recently though, Otoha is trying to resist her blurting out “hawawa”. She’s doing it out of kindness and consideration though lol (because Ito kept telling her to stop apologizing etc) Once again it makes me feel that Otoha really has a gentle heart and is honest girl overflowing with love.

5: I heard there were changes in the story as the show went on, did it happen for Otoha?

Well, at first Otoha was supposed to have a split personality. At the audition there were lines related to it too, I was looking forward to the scenes with it but before I knew it the idea got abandoned lol. However, sometimes remains of it appear. For example when she did the rock “meruhien” under Ito’s instructions (episode 21). Or the “meru heeen!” when she hits Momo san with a frying pan. (Episode 29. Also she remembered that wrong, Otoha hits Momo with a serving plate. There’s also during her Hat Trick Star in episode 46 but that didn’t air yet when this book got out)
It doesn’t mean it’s her true nature at all; it’s that her emotions are big because they’re proportionate to her big wide heart. If everyone could accept and enjoy her straightforward behavior I’d be very happy.

6: Is there any scene or line till now that left a big impression on you?

When Bell was about to go to France, and Wakana was lying about her real feelings and Otoha called her a liar(episode 25). Of course it’s painful to be called a liar but the person calling is also in pain. It was very painful. I actually didn’t read much the script for episode 25. I rehearsed it only once and I was crying when checking it. I already said it before, but I think the most important when acting is to make the feelings flow naturally, so I think I shouldn’t read the script too much and practice too much or I’ll get accustomed to the emotions I must express.

7: Which character do you like besides Otoha?

Of course, Bell san. She’s full of confidence, works harder than anyone else, dignified and beautiful. She puts up a strong front, but she’s actually full of family-like feelings and has a very kind heart. When Bell san lost her confidence, saying things like she didn’t have any worth as she couldn’t stand at the top and didn’t have the right to stay, I was very frustrated at how she was deteriorating herself. That’s why in episode 25, the scene when Otoha and Wakana san confront Bell with all of their feelings… how to say it, I was very happy. Bell san staying the same Bell san is fine. This time we’ll be the one to support Bell san. I want to become the fragrance that will heal Bell san’s feelings! It was a confession of love. It was the precious story of the three of them rebuilding their bonds stronger than before. Since then, Bell san’s expressions became much more bright and she keeps getting cuter and cuter, my heart is in trouble lol. To think such days would come, I was very happy.
How Ito and Otoha formed a duo also piques my interest. Ito san taught Otoha the courage to tell others your feelings. I’m grateful.

8: When she watches Prism Shows or hear songs, Otoha remembers stories. Her imagination and sensitivity are very rich, how do you feel about that side of Otoha?

I think saying that her imagination and sensitivity are rich are amazing compliments. She’s always considerate as to not carelessly hurt others, and thinks about how she can make them happy or laugh, she always imagine the feelings of the persons she interacts with like that. I think it’s really wonderful that she’s able to be naturally considerate like that. I think that compassion also appears in the lyrics of the duo song with Ito san. (Inside the show Oto wrote the lyrics)
Humble, and always supporting people with her big love… I had that image in mind. Seeing her actions and words, and the image of the fairytales inside herself, you can feel that she’s actually a very positive thinking girl. I myself am often told that I am positive lol. Recently, I’m thinking about if I’m doing all I can in order for love to have a natural place in myself and my surroundings. Maybe I started to think like that because of Otoha’s influence. Otoha’s devoted appearance is the ideal I long for.

9: How do you think things will go for Otoha from now on ?

I think it would be perfect if Otoha stays the way she is right now. Otoha naturally thinks about her surroundings, she has the purity needed to express nice things beautifully and does everything possible using her love and “meruhen♪” to do it… I can’t say anything else lol. I think this is Otoha’s true nature. We grew together and a lot of things happened… I wish she treasures this true nature, and always keep acting this way no matter what happens. I wish from the bottom of my hear that Otoha’s world is always full of happiness.

10: Do you share Otoha’s fixation on pouring tea from high above like a waterfall? (Seriously what the hell is with this question, she’s been showering Otoha with praise for 30 minutes now and now this. It’s longer than Naru’s interview but they could have put more interesting stuff. 30 minutes because that’s around the time it took me to translate the two last questions)

I wouldn’t say I have an obsession over it. I like milk tea though. I drink some every morning. I’m often told that I should be careful and not eat too many sweet things, so I’m planning to reduce the number of sugars I put in lol… I thought about Otoha telling me “but then it isn’t’ milk tea ~” and it surprised me lol.

11: Speaking of which, in the solo collection CD’s extra DVD you prepared tea for Uchida Maaya san right?

That was just industrial straight tea put in a pot, I didn’t prepare it. It was that kind of act. I never intended to trick you into thinking that! Sorry if you had expectations about it lol.

12: Anything happened during dubbing sessions which left an impression on you?
(Random note: the other day I finally understood why in Japanese, anime dubbing is called afureko/after recording: since in anime you dub after making the animation it’s “after” recording.)

The first thing coming to mind is how everyone is getting along. There’s a lot of girls, so the mood is always gorgeous and cute. I’m part of it as well, I think there’s also a lot of people who’d simply observe the situation, I think that’s their nature lol. If there’s a girl a bit worried, I suddenly hug her and do this and that …(yes this sounds gay but some of the questions are so boring I dont’ have the energy left to try to rephrase it differently)
This would be accepted with a smile, and they’d tell me they’re happy etc. They’re all nice girls. We’re all happy spending time together. I don’t know if I can do it as well as Otoha, but I think I’d be nice if I could return the happy feelings everyone gives me.

13: A word to the readers to wrap things up ?

Every character have undergone a nice development. In order for everyone to be more and more “happy naru”, I think there’s still a little they need to overcome. I will be very happy if you root for us. I hope everyone and the readers feelings will become happy naru.


That was a bit longer than the Naru interview. I’m gonna do either Ito or Rinne next. Also I just noticed, but in all the seiyuu interviews, they call the other characters besides their own with “san” or “sama”. Japanese are so polite.

Oh and if Otoha is your favorite girl in the show, sit down and read for a minute about how my opinion is fact and how your tastes are horrible and how you’ve been wrong all this time and should feel ashamed.

I like everyone, but Otoha is the one I like the least along with Ann. At the beginning of the show, I used to hate her because of her horrible screeching voice. It’s one of the worst acute anime voices I’ve ever heard. Thankfully Gotou Saori changes that around the second cour and it isn’t as annoying as before. Her hawawa is really annoying as hell too, and she herself admits in this interview it’s too “anime like”.
In terms of character development, it’s not at the void levels of Ann, but her character development pretty much ends after the Bell Rose arc and she just becomes a support character for Ito. By then, she almost does nothing but write Oscar x Marie Antoinette fanfics in her head. And even then this actually rarely happens so she doesn’t even serve as good comic relief. Just like she also says in the interview, Otoha at that time was already perfect and didn’t need to change. But in a sense, “perfect” was her limit. She couldn’t attain the INFINITE POTENTIAL of Bell or the others.
In terms of looks, her clothing around the seasons isn’t bad. Her Prism Live dress is my favorite one after Juné/Rinne’s too. I’d totally make or buy one so my wife can wear it if I get married. Her clothes aside, what makes me rate her low is her hairstyle. The extremities look like haystacks. They’re definitely haystacks. What kind of girl would tie her hair into haystacks. It would be 1000 times better if she just let it down. Still not better than Wakana with hair down or Juné with hair down though.
Anyway, behold my flawless tastes:
In terms of looks,cuteness, clothes:
In terms of personality, story, character development:

Are you mad yet? If you disagree come at me.

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book: Kato Emiri Naru interview

prad3 38 naru savouring her food gif

Not gonna translate the entire book. Not gonna scan the entire book either.
This book was released when Rainbow Live was still airing, 21st December 2013, the day episode 39 aired.

Q: Naru is an unusual type of main character, how did you feel about voicing her?

When I took the audition, I thought she’s a girl that stand out because of her airheadness. After hearing more, I understood she’s a girl that leads to happiness. The difficulty is how to express that happiness. Even when bad things happen, Naru tries her best to make the people around her happy using her own happiness, so I was anxious about if I will be able to make the others seiyuus around me feel like how Naru would make them feel.

Q:The happy naru phrase was something there from the start ?

Yes. But it didn’t have any specifications set in stone. They told me “please say it the way you see fit”. When I asked them “What does happy naru means?” They said “It’s a catchphrase, so it would be good if it leaves an impression”. They’re the words that come out naturally when Naru feels happy, so they have to not feel weird and fit in with the lines said before and after. I also had to say it while thinking it. The sensation of believing the words you’re acting genuinely come from your consciousness. Doing this made me close to Naru I think. I’m actually the type of person that live by “nantoka na~ru” just like Naru. I live trying to be positive. I do feel depressed when bad things happen but at those times I try to get back on my feet as much as possible, and try my best to remain positive. My friends as well often tell me I get back up on my feet amazingly fast, so much that they want me to teach them how I do it. Learning from Naru, I’ve also been trying to be even more positive, both with work and private matters.

Q:Did you receive any particular instructions in addition to your acting ?

Most of the time I was told my acting alone is fine. But for gag scenes there were indications on the script telling me to go “fugya!” and I was told to do it exactly like that. For crying scenes too it was written to not do a normal crying sound but a “fueeen” like crying sound. There were a lot of times when I was asked to do momentarily reactions like these exactly as it said on the script.

Q:Speaking of crying scenes…

You mean the scene where she gets rejected by Kouji kun right. I had to redo the “fueen” crying of that scene countless times. I’d cry normally instead of the “fueen” sound Naru does. Also, conveying how “She doesn’t know why she’s crying, so it’s different from how she’d cry normally” was the most difficult part. I had to draw from within myself the sensation of being rejected, while not being fully aware of your own feelings.

Q :It was a very painful scene to watch.

Naru chan didn’t have the self awareness of getting rejected then. Even now. The fact that she could speak normally with Kouji kun and Ito chan right after was impressive. Kouji kun isn’t the type of boy to show his emotions. Was he interested in Naru chan? Is he interested in Ito chan? Areee? Suddenly Ito Chan? I was surprised by the sudden development. Certainly he wasn’t thinking of Naru in a romantic way, but more like a little sister, wanting to save her, do something for her… Kouji kun also has a timid side to him, so he needs someone strong to push him.

Q:How do you think the romance element will go from now on?

I don’t want Naru chan to get hurt, so I think it’d be best she doesn’t get involved in love for a bit. Couples are appearing one after another, but I think Naru chan and Otoha chan aren’t suited for love struggles like that. I’d like it if they lived their lives peacefully until they naturally find someone.

Q:Is there any line of dialogue or scene that left you a big impression?

The scene where Kouji sings to save Naru. How Naru trying her best to do her Prism Live feels the taste of failure for the first time. She’s usually so happy, but couldn’t bear it anymore, and started crying. It was the first time in the show she brought forth that sort of negative emotion. It was very surprising to see her like that compared to her usual self, I was wondering if she could overcome it. She couldn’t and started crying, that sort of thing is very girly and cute, but I wanted to comfort and help her.

Q:After that point in the show Naru definitely started growing. Is that change reflected in your acting?

The way I say the jumps’ names during Prism Live changes a bit. The most noticeable thing are the songs though. Naru’s my song was made before her development, but Happy Rain’s was made after and reflects how she settled her feelings, and tries to have fun with Prism Lives and make everyone enjoy it. The duo song too, as Naru evolved even more then. Being able to do a show with the person she admires Bell sama, I thought it surely must have been fun for Naru but also a challenge.

Q:Besides your own, which one is your favorite character ?

I think everyone likes Hiro sama. His lines are always super funny, and his gestures always makes you go “Why is he doing this?” lol. For example how he always bite his glasses, or how he was spying on Kouji during the Ito x Kouji kiss scene. Or his Prism Show with how he was on a bed and his ‘good morning” and “I belong to everyone” lines. That one was definitely the most intense. In a lot of ways, I went “Hiro sama kyaaaaaaa” lol. As for the girls, it’s difficult to choose, Wakana is fine, but I like Otoha the most. I think she’s girly, loves everyone in Bell Rose, and she’s genuinely thoughtful of the people around her. It feels like she can heal you with her overflowing love. She’s nice, but will scold you if there’s the need to. I really like her. After that, I’m interested if Hiro sama and Bell sama will end up together or not. Hiro sama likes Kouji but he likes Bell too, which will he pick. Bell also shows signs of caring about HIro, and gets worried about him, will they end up together, or will it stay like this.
(I like Otoha but clearly Wakana >Otoha)

Q:How do you think the story will go from now on?

Right now Rinne’s chan emotions are coming back bit by bit, how she will have to return to the Prism World is what piques my interest. When Rinne chan goes back to the Prism World, what will happen to the Pair Tomos? Naru and the others won’t be able to do Prism Lives anymore lol. Just like Hijiri san, I’m thinking a lot about the future of the Prism Show scene lol.

Q: A word to the readers to wrap things up ?

Contrary to the expectations you can have of a show aimed at children, there’s a lot of details adults can greatly enjoy too. Like dealing with frustration, discouragement, relationships between fiends, gloomy family environments… each character’s drama is expended upon, yet there’s not a character overshadowed by another, I think this is one of the nice things about this series.
I don’t know myself either how things will go from now on, so I look forward to discovering it together with everyone.

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live: Live in Christmas event info

prad3 prr_music twitter live in christmas promotion

From blogs archiving 2ch threads, so maybe some stuff is made up. This and This. The two links have stuff from the same thread so there’s duplicate info. If you can read Japanese and think I missed something feel free to point it out.
As much as I like Pretty Rhythm, I’ve never been too much into seiyuu so I’m not gonna translate the stuff like “Komatsu-san wa sugoku kawaikatta desho DESHO”  Though I did end up including most of it. I tried to organize events in chronological order.

Edit from the future: at some point someone uploaded the seiyuu talk show and the livedubbing segment  on Youtube, so I could watch them, but it’s been removed now. I downloaded them before they were taken down though, so I can link them to you if you ask on the comments. I don’t want to leave a direct link here. While I’ve never hid that I pirate stuff,  as I think it’s fine as long as you buy some things one day to support and make up for it, I try to not do it too blatantly.  These videos were in the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Prism☆ Duo Collection ‘s DVD so please buy it to support the franchise.
I need to rewrite this post someday, comparing what I initially wrote from the tweets and 2ch reports with what actually happens on video.

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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 38

prad3 37 jikai 01

Bell’s new harem.
Will write about stuff I found about the xmas live event/movie announcement in another post.

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