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PriPara – 52

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Last week was Japan Expo. I haven’t gone to Japan Expo for like 3-4 years I think. Too pricey and too little to do. Sometimes there’s mangaka I like, like Ken Akamatsu this year, but for getting a sign it’s drawing lot first come first served. Sometimes just to get a chance at the drawing lots you need to buy stuff first. And premium tickets have much more tries than you, and enter the con before you. Most of the panels are boring too, sometimes the people who translate/MC the panel don’t do the job properly or talk too much. I’ll always remember that Haruhiko Mikimoto & Watanabe Takashi panel that was literally nothing.
Anyway Japan Expo isn’t worth it these days. I feel bad for the people coming all the way from other countries going there. Who don’t even know that the entrance fees used to be cheaper. It’s just like how I feel about people who only saw PriPara and think it’s a really great show. Or people who only saw Rainbow Live and think it’s the best, but RL is a masterpiece anyway so it’s ok. It’s just that there’s masterpieces more equal than others, like DMF.
I guess it’s still worth going to JE for the live concerts if you’re into that, I’m not anymore. But even then these days it’s mostly just random idol groups you never heard of before and will never hear of again.

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PriPara – 40-43

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I’m not the only one criticizing ANN about how sometimes their translation of interviews are wrong, how they sometimes post completely useless things as news, or how they never post stuff about less popular things like Pretty Rhythm/PriPara. Unless it’s to announce the next season, but even then they don’t even post the details you can easily find on Animate or other sites. Which is why I started doing it myself. But for the record, the editor in chief of ANN Christopher Macdonald is a pretty nice and cool guy.  Back in january, ANN bought back a french anime magazine called Animeland that was dying for a few years now, because ANN editor in chief is friends with Animeland boss among other reasons. And so Christopher McDonald was in France, and he went to Nolife. They made him MC their daily show on Friday like what they always do with their guests. And he was cool. Plus one of his favorite shows is Bubblegum Crisis.

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PriPara – 36-38

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I’ll keep watching PriPara since I still like it enough. I’ll keep blogging it too until I get too busy IRL to do it. The last cour was much better than the rest, but season 2 will need a lot of work. Needs more character development, more screentime for the side characters, more worldbuilding, less Making Drama recycling, less catchphrases, less flashbacks and explaining taking the kids watching for idiots who need to see a scene 5 times to get it, quality over quantity for jokes. And the most important, it needs an actual story. Literally nothing happened in PriPara besides 1/Sophie joining 2/Leona’s reveal 3/Gloria and Laalamom making up 4/Cosmo 5/Faruru 6/Shion with her hair down.

It doesn’t really need drama or a main antagonist, Aurora Dream for example didn’t have a villain. It just need some more rivalry, some stakes at hand and some plot. Not sure if they’ll push up the rivalry though. Aikatsu doesn’t do that and I remember reading that the staff of Aikatsu likes it that way, and thinks it’s why it’s so popular. So PriPara will probably go this way as well. Maybe we’ll actually get one vs one though seeing how episode 38 ends but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Speaking of that I wonder how they’ll handle the passing of time in PriPara. In episode 38 it is the end of the school year so Laala will go up a grade,  Sophie will become a high school girl, and Mireille will go to middle school third year. Maybe Sophie will switch schools too since there’s no high school section in Paprika. Maybe they’ll retcon that though.

For now, PriPara copies Aikatsu which copied Pretty Rhythm, and Pretty Rhythm aside it’s not even better than Aikatsu Season1. “Season1” because if you’re new to this blog, I haven’t watched past it.

Starting 39, I’ll be posting about episodes even later than the usual, because ohys raws records from BS Japan, and PriPara will start airing on Wednesdays on BS Japan now, instead of Saturday 10am at the same time as TV Tokyo.
Nevermind about that they just released 39.

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