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Muammar Gaddafi killed as Sirte falls

I just hope those Libyans dudes know what they are doing, they were all screaming “Yeah freedom, democracy “etc some weeks ago when Gaddafi fled but there wasn’t actually a single word about elections for example.

Most French journalists still call National Transitional Council people “the rebels” while they’re are the legitimate ones in power now, they shouldn’t be rebels anymore…sigh. This reminds me of how they kept saying “the first plant of Fukushima daiichi” when there was the Tohoku earthquake. It took them weeks to realize “dai ichi” meant “the first one” and that they were being redundant. Frankly sometimes I wish I’d become a journalist just to do a better job than theirs.

Anyway,  while I’m on it, I’m still against other countries ‘s interventions in Libya. They went there to help armed people take power, while like I always say in Syria people are still demosntrating peacefully everyday and still get killed everyday and they don’t give a crap about it. Why don’t they go help the Syrian people too, who demonstrate peacefully, not taking arms?