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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live: Live in Christmas event info

prad3 prr_music twitter live in christmas promotion

From blogs archiving 2ch threads, so maybe some stuff is made up. This and This. The two links have stuff from the same thread so there’s duplicate info. If you can read Japanese and think I missed something feel free to point it out.
As much as I like Pretty Rhythm, I’ve never been too much into seiyuu so I’m not gonna translate the stuff like “Komatsu-san wa sugoku kawaikatta desho DESHO”  Though I did end up including most of it. I tried to organize events in chronological order.

Edit from the future: at some point someone uploaded the seiyuu talk show and the livedubbing segment  on Youtube, so I could watch them, but it’s been removed now. I downloaded them before they were taken down though, so I can link them to you if you ask on the comments. I don’t want to leave a direct link here. While I’ve never hid that I pirate stuff,  as I think it’s fine as long as you buy some things one day to support and make up for it, I try to not do it too blatantly.  These videos were in the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Prism☆ Duo Collection ‘s DVD so please buy it to support the franchise.
I need to rewrite this post someday, comparing what I initially wrote from the tweets and 2ch reports with what actually happens on video.

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