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Pretty Rhythm news 27/08/2014 edition

Samples of the Boys Collection

They decided to do a Hiro x Kouji Pride CG prism show sequence for the DVD because the CG director said it’s a waste they made the Kouji CG model and only used it once in the anime. I’m looking forward to it.

prad3 otr cd special cover kouji

Kouji special cover they now revealed.

prad ookubo rumi talk show pretty rhythm visual book release commemoration

The 15th of September there’s going to be a talk show with Ookubo Rumi(Mia’s seiyuu) and some staff(probably director san and others) in Tokyo, to commemorate the release of the visual book(28th of August). apparently it’s limited to 100 people. If I find a summary of the event then I’ll try posting about it.

I like Ookubo Rumi her voice is so funny. She’s Mia, Mori in Chokkyuu Hyoudai Robot Anime: Straight Title, or Nobunaga in Sengoku Collection. They’re all so much fun.

Something PriPara related, putting it here since I haven’t posted about the new eps yet and it’s not something major anyway: Tetsuya Komuro will compose the third ED of PriPara.
(If anyone cares, I haven’t posted about PriPara 7&8 yet since I haven’t watched them yet. Can’t blog something you haven’t watched. And as of why, well the show is funny, but not really interesting. It’s just cute girls doing cute stuff with literally no overarching story, so I don’t really have any drive to watch the next episode to see what happens next, since nothing happens. It’s not like I’ll stop blogging it though. Right now it’s just not high in my priority list. Gonna sort my bookmarks and clean my room first. Maybe I’ll post about them before episode 9 airs.)

prad mia dj cool puriken by pagrin88 twitter

By this person

I wish they’d put Pretty Rhythm in SRW but this would be cool too.

Over The Rainbow performing Athletic Core: full version preview


This was posted on Avex’s official Youtube today. The footage you can see at the bottom at some point is from when they showed it at the After Party event. The thing I just posted about.
What I’m sure of: It’s on a separate DVD you get by preordering the 2nd DVD Box of Rainbow Live. It gets released the 20th of June. What I’m not sure of is whether episode 51 on DVD will have the full version or not.

If you’re not getting the 2nd DVDBOX and want to console yourself:

They announced the CD single: Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Prism Boys Collection for the 3rd of September. Pretty Rhythm’s over but merchandise is still coming. The CD will have Athletic Core, a new song by OTR not in the anime called Flavor, drama CDs like monologues of the boys like in the other CD singles, Boy Meets Girl, and the Hiro x Kouji version of Pride, not heard in the anime either.
The DVD will have Prism Show footage of Hiro (Pride), Kazuki(Freedom) and Pride -revolution ver.-
The Pride revolution thing is new CG Prism Show footage of Hiro and Kouji performing Pride. Note that the DVD doesn’t have the full Prism Show of Athletic Core in it, so this is still exclusive to the DVD box.
Also you get the DVD even if you don’t preorder.
If you do preorder, you get bonus covers illustrated by Mai Matsuura and a membership certificate for the Over The Rainbow fan club.

What if they continue to promote Over The Rainbow like that? What if we get a Over The Rainbow special OVA??? With Kouji making Hiro breakfast and then going to school together, meeting up with Kazuki at Edel Rose and go at a live or something.