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4 French journalists held in Syria freed

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It’s super cool and I’m happy for their families and co-workers. Now the reason I’m writing about this is because yet again I was astonished by the lack of professionalism of French news channels regarding the case.

First off, there’s the fact that these news channel tend to announce whatever they hear without confirming it first, (sometimes they report their own fantasies),  for the sake of being the first one to announce it. Like little kids.
When the liberation of the four journalists was announced by François Hollande, every news channel reported the fact that the journalists were brought to their liberation point blindfolded and with their hands cuffed. (They were released near the Turkish border or whatever, not giving details on this because that’s not my point)
However this was denied when one of the ex-hostages, Nicolas Hénin, in his first allocution to the media after his release, said that “we crossed the border with our heads uncovered and with our hands in our pockets”.
This is obvious, but I’m saying it just in case: I’m not trying to say that their detention conditions weren’t harsh or anything, that’s not my point. I’m talking about the media’s (intentional?) stupidity.

The second awe inducing thing is the fact that when the ex-hostages told the fact that some of their keepers spoke French, every French news channel interpreted this and reported this as the fact that some of their keepers were French citizens.
When I heard this I could literally hear Onsokumaru and his Wakamoto Norio voice saying “馬鹿かお前!?” in my head. I was like huh? Are they that stupid?
They never heard about Canada or Belgium? They never heard that France’s history is one of the bloodiest, with the modern consequence that more than half of Africa speaks French?

As far as I know the French government haven’t reported until now that there was indeed French citizens among the ones jailing the hostages. Laurent Fabius, the minister of Foreign Affairs, only said that “some of the jailers spoke French”.
I can’t believe the number of absurdities they say every day. Thankfully not all French journalists are stupid, as Europe1 (who is coincidentally where two of the ex-hostages journalists work) wrote an article about how it isn’t rare at all to find French speaking people among the various terrorists groups currently in Syria, and how it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re French citizens in any way.

Sadly, it’s true there’s kids getting brainwashed and going there to get killed. However I’m pretty sure it’s less than what the media tries to make us think. The government just announced a new plan against this. The French minister of internal affairs just got appointed and this is the first thing he announced… As always they’re getting their priorities backward and make a huge deal out of “Muslim kids getting radicalized”. They have tons of other problems to solve like unemployment, the country’s debt and whatever, but nope, they decide to put effort on this. Well it’s true, these kids are important for their families, and it’s sad for them, but it’s also their families themselves who should first look after them so they don’t become ignorant about their own religion and get brainwashed into stupid.

So Annan quit as UN’s Syria envoy


And all the journalists are like “He gave up”. Dudes, you should be rather praising him for not going crazy after all this crap. He keeps telling everyone something needs to be done about Syria and no ones gives a cent, he goes there himself and Assad receives him like if nothing wrong is happening in the country with with tea served with golden tableware.  Of course you’d quit after that.

Yeah it’s been 2 weeks but I only heard about it now.

Muammar Gaddafi killed as Sirte falls

I just hope those Libyans dudes know what they are doing, they were all screaming “Yeah freedom, democracy “etc some weeks ago when Gaddafi fled but there wasn’t actually a single word about elections for example.

Most French journalists still call National Transitional Council people “the rebels” while they’re are the legitimate ones in power now, they shouldn’t be rebels anymore…sigh. This reminds me of how they kept saying “the first plant of Fukushima daiichi” when there was the Tohoku earthquake. It took them weeks to realize “dai ichi” meant “the first one” and that they were being redundant. Frankly sometimes I wish I’d become a journalist just to do a better job than theirs.

Anyway,  while I’m on it, I’m still against other countries ‘s interventions in Libya. They went there to help armed people take power, while like I always say in Syria people are still demosntrating peacefully everyday and still get killed everyday and they don’t give a crap about it. Why don’t they go help the Syrian people too, who demonstrate peacefully, not taking arms?