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Finished watching Fate/Zero

fate zetto v max artist 剑皇


To be honest I just want a reason to post this pic. V-MAX!!!

I actually liked it at first, but watching it slowly turned into some kind of chore to me. Put it simply, I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t care much about the graphics in a video game. And yet, the main reason I started to watch Fate/Zero was because it looks cool. I even purposely didn’t watch it while it aired and waited until the bluray boxes are out so I could fully appreciate it (Though these days as I watch less and less shows while they air I tend to do that for every show). I soon regretted it as I remembered I wasn’t that kind of person, I’m into stories and characters. But almost all the characters in this show are unlikable, bastards, or just plain stupid. In the end except for Waver Rider duo and Natalia I didn’t really like anyone. So whenever someone died or something happened, I just didn’t care. As a prequel, I knew how it would end too so the story didn’t do it either.
This is the worst thing Urobuchi wrote for me.