About Nekketsu Nikki

I am a French male person. I’ve been using the name Rockmanshii for a few years now. One of the things that gave me the final push to start this blog is Omni’s departure from the anime blog Random Curiosity. This isn’t really an anime blog though. My main goal is to write about things you probably haven’t heard about. I want to write on things no one is already writing. It’s not fun to do something someone is already doing, and better than you at that.

The avatar and banner I’m using are from Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria, or Hakomari.

I got the blog’s name idea, Nekketsu Nikki, which means hot blooded diary, from Moero!! Justice Gakuen. There’s a game mode called Nekketsunikki in which you create your own character. The mode got removed from the non Japanese version of the game.

This is also to emphasize the fact that I love mecha anime. Super Robot Wars is one of my favorite video games series. I also love Bokujou Monogatari. I like a lot of different things. I don’t only watch mecha anime, and I don’t watch all of them either. The genre and target audience doesn’t really matter in the end.

I try to be the same person on the net as I am IRL, to not feel ashamed if I ever read my own posts years later. I also write about politics and issues in the world like racism. I’d feel guilty if I spent all the time writing about my hobbies. Or rather, this is also part of my hobbies. I am not the kind of person who thinks”there’s too much bad things happening in real life so I won’t talk about them online and just enjoy my chinese cartoons”.

Well, I hope you enjoy reading.

DISCLAIMER: All screenshots and images in general used on this blog are strictly copyrights of their owners. I try to always link the source of images I use, especially fanart. If I have offended anyone by posting any images on my blog, please contact me and I will remove them ASAP.

6 thoughts on “About Nekketsu Nikki

  1. LFaith

    Impressive Blog! Especially how much you have dedicated your effort to look through the producers’ and directors’ twitter account!


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